Hero Hans

Hans Farro

"Iron may seem like it is tough, really it isn't, as far as metals go, but if you forge it right it can become stronger" 

Hans Farro  is a student at Becon Academy member of team (Not yet known). His weapon of choice is two short swords that are the shape of Kukri knives with a wire between them so that it may act as a bow when the handles are joined together. He prefers Dust-tipped arrows and ocassionally weilds one sword allowing the other to swing on the wire for mid-ranged combat. This weapon he has called Zwei Bründer .


Hans is a man of average height and appears to bear a soldier's physique until he removes the large fur and armor to reveal a more humble but toned build. He wears a grey bandana constantly, on his head to hide his golden-blond hair. His cyan eyes are very sharp when in battle, study, or training but for the most part remain soft and gentle, matching his dimpled boyish face well. A single gold ring on his index finger is the only useless accessory he seems to own. He can often be seen looking at it as though discomforted and sorrowful, remembering something painful. His hair does not match up with his eyebrows which are a harsh iron grey.


Hans was a delicate boy in his youth his parents decided not to let him try his hand at hunting despite being eager to become as strong as his hunter parents who he looks up to. When his father gave into the younger boy's determination Hans was shipped off to Sanctum. Men in the Farro line are unyeilding, and firm as Iron, Hans is no exeption to this lineage. He is the direct and to the point type normally but takes it even farther becoming resolute to the point of ruthless when people stand in the way of his goal, he is easy to carry on a conversation with and absolutely addicted to training and learning which he reffers to as "tempering""forging" or "Sharpening". He doesn't feel he is alive if he goes without improving himself too long, mostly because deep inside he fears ever returning to a state of weakness. Generally despite his fear of weakness he doesn't often feel the need for recognition from others, that said he finds himself to be irked whenever people mention things like surrender, defeat, or giving up. 

Abilities & Powers

While he is more than capable of using his weapons for close combat since he spends so much time training he actually prefers to snipe his enemies silently from afar wherever possible. His dust-tipped arrows are mostly tactical and intended to reduce his opponents mobility to give him the advantage, using lightning for paralysis or ice to freeze the opponent and fire only for heavy explosive damage when needed. In spite of his frailness in childhood his aura and body are both very strong now and with his added armor he has an above average level of durability. When Hans becomes tired from fighting he undergoes a burst of determination his gaze growing sharp and analytical. Upon entering this state he starts to fight with intense precision on all his strikes, targeting an enemy’s weak spots one after the other until they fall. Afterwords he has to withdraw to recover his stamina.

Backstory (In parts from the prospective of his mother, then his father, then him)

Hans won't be like his father... he is more like me, his hair and eyes are a total contrast to his father's iron greys, his skin pale and delicate. I don't want him to be hurt trying to follow in our footsteps... the Farro Lineage. Schmidt wants to have another son, insisting this boy just won't do, that a Farro boy has to be strong. I have convinced my husband that if Hans can at least take over the smithing bussiness when he is older, we can just have our second boy be the huntsmen in the family. Such a shame.... he wears a grey bandana to appear more like his father that he looks up to so much. It is beyond saddening to see our joyful and oblivious boy swing sticks in the yard pretending the battles he will never have, but this is better for him. We won't have to worry about losing him as a man or all the hardships he would go through as his heart breaks at a warrior's academy in his teens because of his poor health. In the mean time Shmidt will manage the buissiness and I will keep up the huntsmen work. I often find myself running off with another group of huntsmen on a mission, grim fighting or law enforcement... I am unafraid and have never failed. Hans always tells me when I leave that he loves me and to do my best. A more troubling promise is often said from the frail thin boy, that someday he will be like us... strong.

Blume, my dearest wife has gone missing in action on her latest job as a huntress. Her belly wasn't swollen yet so as to interfere with her work but nonetheless two lives were in her now. I know it is dangerous for me to go out and look for her when my skills are so rusty after managing the bussiness for years but I am sure I can do it. Even if I couldn't do it, I don't know that I could stop myself, that iron Farro will is pushing me forward. I'll go out and find her, that is the only thing on my mind. Hans may not be strong but he isn't a fool. He can make due with the money I have saved up even if I am gone for days. The young man Hans has plotting some mischeif in recent days, He has been going out more and voulenteering to help out in the forge and to go fetch the mail for us. He was paused there catching me in my sneaking out on my mission to give me this look of admiration. He hasn't looked at me that way in a long time... for years  he held an iron grudge because I told him he wasn't strong enough to be a warrior. His cyan eyes so like his mother's served only to strengthen my resolve towards my mission. My armor still fits, that is good. I just needed to do some weapon maintenence and I was out the door, his eyes on my back. I would return. To dissapoint him by not returning with his mother.... would be inexcusable. I was.... too late to do more than avenge her. When I told the boy he burst out in tears and left the house to beat his knuckles against a tree... I knew I should stop him... but I couldn't, for in that moment I saw it in him, he may not have realized it then but his body was ablaze with aura, finally unlocked, and strong as mine and his mothers. When his aura had run out... the light left his eyes but he still pounded at the tree til his fists bled. It was then I took hold of him. There was Iron in his voice as he told me what it was he wanted, an unconquerable conviction that made me so proud as a father, in his moment harshest devestation, even with his senses fled, he would still fight. With that... my will to refuse him had been shattered.

My Father had suddenly decided to step out of his retirement as a steel worker and go join mom in the feild as a huntsman. I was really excited and longed to see them in action but understood the work was too much the way I was then. But I found a solution. I could go to Sanctum, they train people to be warriors there. I could be just like them, then they wouldn't look at me and feel bad for not making me strong to begin with, they will smile, I thought. I had the paperwork set up and everything. The parents were always tired from work and I was able to fetch the mail, and learn to design a weapon by watching in the forge. All I needed to do was get my parents to sign. It was a few days before dad got home, I used this opprotunity to take care of the house and myself well to earn some points with them. When dad came home he had a large grey pelt over his shoulder. I exclaimed in amazement at his latest trophy, he must have spent forever skinning whatever beast the fur had come from. Before I could assail him with my compelling argument I had worked on to convince him to let me go I asked where mom was so she could be there too.... and he broke the news. I couldn't believe it. I clutched the papers for Sanctum in my hand behind my back knowing I could never have the chance to make my mother proud. Father kept composure, the determination of a man to keep his son from seeing him weep, to let his son weep in his arms instead. I'll admit it. I did cry. I knew they were going to give me a little brother soon and I would never meet him but more than that I was angry. I dropped the papers right there and went outside, and bloodied my knuckles on a tree in the yard, punching over and over until dad came out and held me. He told me it was all going to be okay, that he at least, would always take care of me. Facing away from him still held there I gathered my nerve and didn't ask him, but told him, "I am going to Sanctum". If I had asked I knew my father might have the chance to say no. I couldn't go without his permission. Something inexplicable now was driving me, I had to be stronger no matter what. If I were stronger.... things would be alright... just like they were back in my childhood. The following week was spent in the forge, creating my design Zwei Brüder, one blade for each of the Farro Brothers. Before I left my father gave me the pelt, and a set of red leather armor he had worked on in private. It wasn't heavy, I could walk in the armor and the pelt without wearing myself out. It wouldn't protect me like iron or steel but I accepted them greatfully. I could tell that now, for some reason, he had faith in me. The one thing he did give me that fit from the start was a gift from mother, the golden ring she so often wore.

The years flew by at Sanctum, this armor feels like a part of me. I wonder about it.... Beacon Academy. I could become stronger there. Right?


  • Hans is a German name taken out of the Grimm Tale "Iron Hans" this may also explain why his skin is like tough like Iron a reference to the wild man found in the forest.
  • Ferro is the Italian name for "Iron" and refers to both the Grimm reference and his Father's smithing work.
  • The Golden ring that is a discomfort to him is a reference to when the young man in the story dipped his finger in the well because it was in pain and it turned to gold
  • Zwei Brüder is german for "Two Brothers", this is almost definitely another reference to the Grimm tales.

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