I've always felt as if there was something more to life than learning and friends...
— Hans Raum
Hans Raum
Age 17
Alias Driller
Status Active
Color Black
Gender Male
Race English
Species Human
Born January 21st
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Pale tan
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Semblance Selfless
Height 5'11"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Father, Mother, 2 sisters
Additional Info
Likes Music
Special Skills Bass Guitarist
Character Theme

Linked Horizon - If Everything Within These Walls Were Just One House
Battle Theme

ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall
Hans Raum and Void Arc are the property of Shingeki no Kyojin. Please don't use my stuff without permission.


Hans wears a polo shirt, denim jeans, and a leather belt. He also has a phone and earbuds always ready, in case there's some time to kill with music. A symbol depicting a spiral in white can be seen on the back of his shirt. His weapons, the Void Arc, can be seen on his wrists as rigid wristbands in their inactive mode, blue lines criss-crossing the circlets.


Hans Raum was born as the eldest child of a normal family in Vale City. They had a good wage from their job, and were able to support him easily, as well as his siblings.

At the age of 5, he started a regular education, but he showed an interest in watching the Hunters fight instead. His parents, understandably, were worried by this. An occupation that puts your child at risk is indeed something to consider. In the end, they agreed it was best to let him follow the path of the Hunter rather than keep him shackled to a regular life. Thanking his parents, Hans started training, and at the age of 13, enrolled in Signal. There, he forged his two drills, Void Arc.

During his time at Signal, though, he 

After finishing his education at Signal Academy, Hans applied at Beacon and found himself received very well. Hans had been diligent in his studies at Signal, and as a result, had gotten top marks. Sam now eagerly awaits his arrival at Beacon.


Hans' weapon of choice, Void Arc, are Single Axis Impact Drills (SAID). They can rotate at a maximum speed of 250 mph, allowing for easy piercing. The rotation also allows Hans to propel himself forward at speeds of 150 mph. Thin barrels at the tips of each of the drills can open up to form miniature cannons that can shoot an enormous amount of Dust at the adversary. However, the rate of fire is significantly slow enough so that Hans doesn't rely on it as much; about .5 rounds per second. In addition, the drills need a thrust to activate the Dust that launches the Dust rounds, which requires punches from Hans. However, the recoil is enough to provide Hans with an alternate form of propulsion, similar to what Yang does.

Hans' style of fighting starts with a quick charge forward to surprise the enemy, then punch his way through to ensure a quick victory. Using brawling techniques, he can do major damage with a single strike if the drills are rotating fast enough. He also incorporates martial arts techniques to get an advantage over enemies.

Hans doesn't usually use Dust, but when he does, he uses it in the form of pure impact. This includes shockwaves on the ground and increased damage with impacts, to name a few techniques. He is actually quite skilled in using his Dust, and is accurate and effective when casting it.

Hans' semblance, Automotion, allows him to build up heat energy from friction created inside his body and convert it into kinetic energy, creating a dash that can be used in any environment, even in mid-air. Depending on how long he charges up the semblance, he can accelerate himself in any direction at any magnitude. The weakest the dash can be hardly nudges Hans' body at all, while if he charges it up for 3 minutes, he can rush at 250 mph in an instant at his enemies, the strongest the semblance can be. He can also convert the heat energy he receives from red Dust and the environment around him, and convert that into kinetic energy as well, so he copes very well with hot or volcanic environments.


Hans' personality is aloof, but he's actually very sociable when talking to people, making quirky, yet witty comments to amuse people. He takes a passive perspective in life, wanting to live like a normal person after living a good life as a Huntsman. He doesn't feel like he's fit for leadership and would rather pass responsibility on to someone else.

Although, he can be a bit of a flirt whenever one of his jokes goes too far.

In battle, however, he is a completely different person. He takes no qualms in drilling holes in the enemy, be it criminals or Grimm. He likes to be perfect in combat, killing them outright, leaving no survivors. He doesn't enjoy slaughter, but sees it as a means to an end.


  • Hans' last name, Raum, means "space" in German.
  • Hans' character theme is from the Attack on Titan album, "Jiyuu e no Shingeki".

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