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Hans Vortigern

The Immortal




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Hans Vortigern, known as The Immortal, is Estelle Vortigern's elder son and the brother of Smith Vortigern, as well as a senior member of the Manxome Family and the Vortigern Clan.


Due to Hans' body-switching power, his appearance is never consistent, with the only trademark being that during his casual times, his hair will be styled in a ridiculous mohawk that is just as tall as his face.

His true body is that of a sickly old man, bound to a wheelchair with a life support machine. He has deathly pale and flakey skin, a bald dome with many ugly age spots and a very dreary face that almost seems like it is melting as the muscles have atrophied due to the fact that he has not used them for months at a time due to his power. His entire body has also atrophied as well, making him look skeletal under his hospital clothes and even visually older than his mother Estelle. The only thing that is visually sharp about him is his gray eyes, which, despite the surrounding eye muscles being softened by wrinkles and disuse, can look threatening when he actually scowls, as expected from his assassin background.


Hans's archetype is that of a simply brutal killer. He is completely self-interested, bar the direct orders from his mother, and does whatever he likes as long as he is pleased by it in some way. Cruel and arrogant, Hans derives huge amounts of pleasure from evoking any negative reaction from his targets, such as pain, shock, anger and so on. In short, he never hesitates to manipulate his targets, both in and out of his job, and is absolutely remorseless in doing so, instead getting excited by it. His obsession with pushing a person's buttons means that when he gets in a fight for some other reason, if the fighter excites him enough, Hans will have already completely forgotten about the reason they were fighting in the first place. At that point, diplomatic methods no longer work on him and he becomes nearly unstoppable, for he does not care for the consequences due to his pseudo-immortality.

His ability to disguise himself also allows him to disappear from the radar of the Vortigern Clan from time to time and hence he is considered as the most chaotic family member as no one, not even his mother Estelle, knows where he is or what he is up to. When disguised for a job, he will be serious but particularly moody and bad-tempered because he cannot do what he wants, but he is also looking forward to the moment when he gets to dramatically peel off his disguise, especially in the full view of people he has tricked, to bask in the shock, fear and hatred that it breeds. Outside of disguises, his personality results in him being externally portrayed as a fun-loving and jovial person, whose happy-go-lucky and seemingly careless actions make him an unpredictable storm and his disregard for the opinions of everyone around him portrays him as a fool who cannot be easily put down or restrained. Most experienced Hunters and assassins, let alone other Vortigern Clan members, can immediately tell that he is extremely dangerous on sight of his persona.

There is one thing that Hans does fear and that is what he boasts he will not succumb to: death. The premature death of his only son revealed to Hans drastically his own mortality and he responded with a refusal to die, as he has so much more that he wants to do and so many people that still need his 'entertainment'. The resultant evolution of his Aura and his resultant immortality only served to make his callous and schadenfreude all the more extreme.


Character Attributes
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Strength: A Aura: B
Defense: B Agility: A+
Endurance: Infinite Technique: A
Intelligence: B+ Leadership: C
Experience: N/A Semblance: N/A


Known as the Immortal, Hans' power is derived from, just like many of the members of the Vortigern Clan, his Aura, which possesses the semblance of Ashes. While it has generally allowed him to manipulate any ash in his vicinity in offensive and defensive capabilities, Hans' obsessional focus on the retaining of his appearance and his fear of death has prompted his Aura to evolve to meet his demands and as a result, a huge part of it leapt from his body and into the ashes of his dead son, revealing his ability to reconstruct the cremated bodies of people perfectly from their ashes and in turn controlling them. This piece of his Aura in the body is so large that it is self-sufficient and is essentially Hans himself, just in a different ashen body that will never age or die, effectively making him immortal, thus his epithat.

Because they are made out of ash and not flesh, Hans' Ashen Body is not limited by bones, muscles and nerves, only by his Aura. He can thus apply a huge amount of strength, enough to completely match Nora's full-force hammer blow with a 'light knudge', without worrying of backlash, absolutely feels no pain and can be completely obliterated to pieces, but can reform in heartbeats. The Ashen Body can also manipulate its parts to form sharp blades or blunt implements to weaponize itself and disintegrate itself to allow it to almost 'teleport', further increasing its combat effectiveness. As ash, the Ashen Body is also immune to fire, which cannot sustain itself due to the lack of fuel, while generous amounts of water is one way to prompt the body to disintegrate, but even this is only a temporary reprieve worth a few minutes. Even killing Hans' original body will not destroy the Ashen Body, only causing him immense pain, but he will eventually adapt and become a truly independent entity of his own. The only true counter against the Ashen Body is an attack that directly attacks Aura, a very rare technique, while a technique that negates the effects of Aura also results in the Body falling apart, but in this case it is not permanent.

Finally, the most valued aspect of the Ashen Body for the Vortigern Clan is that it can take the appearance of others. After the first version of the Ashen Body from his son, Hans has been able to develop a more efficient way of creating a new version. When he has set his sights on a target, Hans will then thrust his hand into the person's stomach or mouth, sending his old Ashen Body straight inside the poor victim. The ash molecules, once inside, promptly vibrate to create heat, cremating the person from the inside, while leaving the exterior skin intact. Once completed, the ash fully fills up the body, putting on the skin and the process is done. Hence, Hans usually avoids combat to prevent damage to the skin, but if pressured or he no longer needs to continue imitating his target, the Ashen Body will bulge in musculature, cracking the now useless skin as ash streams out. Also, as imitating the appearance of the person does not come with their memories, Hans has to interrogate the target through hypnotic suggestion or kidnapping and interrogation through torture, the latter of which has been frequently exploited by Hans to pretend as if he is the now deceased kidnappee when people come to rescue him.


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