This character is the property of KuraiJack.

Name: Hansel.

Rough line art of Hansel.

Species: A large custom built AK-130 android.


Hansel is a AK-130 android that is double the size of the normal model. His 'eye colour' is light blue and he is made out of reinforced spider droid armor. His appearence is rather bulky due to his wide shoulders and large limbs and trso. He also has two bright yellow 'eyes' that are used to help him display different emotions.


Hansel is a gentle giant in every sense. He is programed to be a kind individual. His program makes him very trusting and he is very loyal to Gretel. 

Weapons and abilities

Hansel has similar weapons to normal AK androids but he also has additional turrets and sensors that allow him to locate enemies more effectively. The weapons are more powerful than the ones found in the regular AK model and the turrets inside the outer armour on his arms are similar to the turret design for a spider droid, but fire blasts of energy. He has three energy cannons. One in both of his arms and one in his chest.

He has a large amount of strength but he is a bit slower than a spider droid so he uses his cannons to help him move around faster. He also has a jammer inbuilt into his main computer systems to prevent him from being hit by a EMP.

He has been programed to be a learning robot. In other words, the longer you fight him, the more likely it is for him to defeat you.


Hansel was created by Kurai and Gretel when they found the blueprints of a AK-130 android and based his design on the blueprints. He was originally made for training purposes only, but Gretel loved this creation of hers and treated him like a little brother.

When Gretel left Masters organization she brought Hansel with her. When she was allowed to join Beacon she hid Hansel in a small forest incase Ozpin wouldn't let her keep him. She goes to the forest at night to read bedtime stories to him.

He later becomes good friends with the members of team MAID.

Notes and trivia

  • Hansel is loosely based on Hansel from Hansel and Gretel.

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