Grimm register: Hans Raum 
Other people may use this Grimm for battle, but please consult with Shingeki no Kyojin about editing the page.

Grimm Classification:

Moth Grimm

Grimm Title:


Threat Ranking:



It has a thin, black body with notably huge wings. Red veins flow through the wings, which are coated with razor-sharp scales for launching at enemies. The only other notable trait it has of being Grimm is its head, which is outfitted with the usual bony armor of the Grimm. About the size of an average human (1.5 meters). Wingspan is 6 meters.


Launches small, deadly spinning scales at the enemy.

  • Strength: Annoyingly evasive, usually acting as a support unit rather than a direct fighter. Quite stealthy and can catch someone by surprise.
  • Weakness: Very fragile if hit by enough fire.

Additional Notes:

As stated above, prefers to support the attack from a distance, and is usually accompanied by other Grimm.

Overall Consensus:

Very annoying, but deadly if you pay no attention to it. Eliminating this Grimm should be a priority.

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