I don't see what is so threatening. It's only thirty or fourty times our size. Let's kill it
— Heicui Jadian


Heicui Jadian
Age 19
Title Student
Alias Fearless
Nickname Dumbass
Status alive
Color Jade
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion green
Hair blonde with green
Eyes Blue
Semblance Solar Wrath
Height 6'4
Weight 155
Professional Status
Affiliation Shade
Partner Cappollo
Occupation Student, Gunmaker
Additional Info
Heicui was a simple boy living with his father and mother in a small house near the center of Vacuo. His father is a smith, and Heicui has two younger twin brothers, Rachyte and Junior. At the age of seven, a man came into his father's shop to steal his dust supplies.

Heicui kicked him in the balls hard enough to wake his father and both brothers. While the brothers screamed, his father proceeded to keep the lone attacker engaged until the police arrived. Feicui tried to join the fight, but was brushed aside. Then he tried to calm his brothers down, but was baffled by their behavior.

Heicui's Father tried to teach Heicui about metalworking after that, and the boy took to it very well. But inside, he was disappointed. He asked his brothers what they had been making that loud noise for, but they would whimper or cry whenever he asked.

Eventually Heicui asked his father about that night, and why his brothers had been crying. His father explained to him that they were afraid, to which the young Heicui was confused.

Throughout his childhood, after that moment, Heicui desperately searched for fear in his spare time. He went to every scary movie, picked the occasional fight or two at school, and burned himself once or twice in the shop, all in the name of learning what fear is.

Heicui decided to enroll in a combat school after hearing that a Hunter's job is to combat the most fearsome creatures of all: Grimm. He threw himself into his training, using his speed and reach to overwhelm his opponents. At school, he did well, but was no superstar. Despite this, he trained and trained until he unlocked his Semblance. Shortly after, he was accepted into Shade. On his first day, he was ecstatic, waiting to fight his first Grimm, the harbingers of fear.

So far, he's unimpressed.


Heicui is a scrawny guy and stands at 6'4. He weighs in at 155 pounds.

Heicui has a roundish head and round blue eyes. His hair sweeps down in the back, and he tucks his bangs behind his ears. His hair parts in the middle. Although his hair is naturally blonde, the ends of his hair have always been light green, as long as Heicui can remember. If he gets his hair cut, the next day the ends of his hair is jade green again.

Heicui wears a long sleeved white shirt under a short sleeved leather jacket. The shirt's sleeves are enhanced with fire and wind dust, which allows Heicui to throw out a smokescreen or an aura of fire. Heicui wears jeans with padded knees, and leather boots with steel on the toe,heel and small spikes on the bottom for extra grip.

Heicui wears his favorite pair of sunglasses, which Talis modified to have filtering technology built in. He also wears a belt with his wallet in a pouch, as well as a bandoleer over his jacket that contains ammo for his weapons.
Heicui Jadian's Stats :

Primary Role Light Skirmesher
Secondary Role Dust Mage
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo



Twin twelve shot revolvers with dust cartridges. Blades are mounted on them like bayonets. They don’t have the rapid shooting of Eclisses’ HMG or the sheer velocity of Talis’ laser, but it fires like a high power magnum, and can be further enhanced by dust-strewn barrel attachments.

Dust Usage

Heicui is the closest thing that team TECH has to a mage, and he uses dust in his gun to produce various effects.


Fire dust gives the bullets incendiary properties, setting their targets on fire and burning through particularly flammable objects.


Overcharging fire dust into the bullet makes a fireball that grows up to a fifteen foot sphere, exploding on impact.


adds a significant weight to the bullet, causing more drain on opponent's aura.


Overcharging water dust makes the bullet a torrent of water, up to five times as strong as a riot hose


Freezes the target if hit. Using a water bullet before this can freeze the water on the target, giving a much wider area of effect.


Overcharging an ice bullet makes the freeze spread much bigger.


Numbs Target's area hit, makes bullet travel faster.


Overcharging an electric bullet can electrocute a target. Often used to assist Talis if he's struggling.


The gun is on the reverse side of the long knife, acting as pommel and gun alike. Heicui can use this to gain speed or shoot and slash in close combat.

Aura Strength

Medium. Heicui uses his aura to enhance his strikes, reserving only a bit for defense. He prefers to cut his opponents down quickly, using his agility to dodge attacks and hit his enemy where they're weakest.


A lack of fear makes it difficult for him to understand why the rest of his team is running from an army of Grimm, or retreating in a losing situation. In addition, his less than stellar endurance can really hurt him when fighting more than one person at a time. He overextends frequently in combat, something that Talis constantly reprimands him for.


despite his lack of fear, he's not a stoic, preferring to socialize with friends. Sometimes says something particularly blunt or hard hearted, but realizes it afterwards. He likes sparring, as he feels a rush when fighting, a rush that he doesn't get anywhere else.

He appreciates Talis's intellect, but knows that Talis overthinks things. When Talis hesitates or freezes during a combat scenario or during a team fight, Hans is the one to say "Overthinking!", which usually snaps Talis out of it. He's not the brightest guy, but his heart is usually in the right place.

Character Attributes
Alignment: Neutral
Strength: 6/10 Aura: 7/10
Defense: 4/10 Agility: 9/10
Endurance: 6/10 Technique: 8/10
Intelligence: 5/10 Leadership: 6/10
Experience: N/A Semblance: N/A
  Ammunition crafting 7/10
  bowling 5/10
  Weapons manufacturing 7/10
  woodworking 6.5/10


Type: Aural

Purpose: Utility


The more energy stored, the greener his skin becomes. When he's at his maximum, his skin is a dark green.

Passive effect:

A portion of all light (Solar) energy within 15 feet of him is stored within his body.

Active effect:

Heicui can unleash his stored light from any part of his body.


Heicui can only store so much energy, Hecui can only effect areas he can see or touch.



Dust Interaction:


Using wind dust, Heicui can increase his speed, but only for a limited time.


Using fire dust, Heicui creates an aura of fire around him or a stronger one around his weapons. He can also attach fire to his light attacks.


Using earth dust, Heicui creates a barrier between himself and the enemy, that when broken lets out a barrage of light towards the direction it was broken from.


Friends with Talis, even though Talis puts a fair bit of stress on him.

Confused by Cappollo

good friends with Enyasi

Comic relief

Being completely devoid of fear, Heicui has gotten a well deserved reputation as a crazy guy, which he'll sometimes ham up just for fun. Talis calls him a dumbass because of his seeming unwillingness to run, even when several death stalkers are staring him in the face.


Inspired by the German Folktale "The Boy who had no fear". His passion for bowling and his otherwise normal(ish) personality are also derived from the fairy tale

Feicui Jade is a very vivid green

Heicui has brain damage on a specific part of the brain, known as the Amygdala. Biologically, unless he gets it fixed, he cannot feel fear.

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