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Helena Tenar is a Huntress operating independently throughout the Four Kingdoms and the frontier.
Helena Tenar
Helena tenar cloak
Age 41
Status Active
Color Midnight Blue
Species Human
Complexion Dark skinned
Hair Platinum Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5"5
Weight 66Kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon academy
Occupation Huntress


Helena is a woman of average height with slim, wiry build, dark skin and platinum blonde hair. she is usually seen in her combat armour, a custom outfit based on riot police armour and classical warriors of Vacuo. She wears a tattered blue cloak draped over her left shoulder and over that an armoured pauldron that can fold out into a long blastshield that extends over her arm and covers most of her torso from flanking attacks when wielding her lances.


Ever since she was a child Helena has always been very helpful and putting others ahead of her. It was only natural to her to become a police officer and serve her community. She is also very modest when it comes to her skill and track record, brushing off any noteworthy feats she might have done as doing her duty or having good training to allow it. Once Helena was also quite social, making friends easy and having overall a warm demeanour. After she lost her family though, she became more withdrawn. Just focussing on her work or avoiding too much social interaction. She is still kind and helpful, but tends to avoid most social interaction, preferring the solitude of the wilderness over the crowded cities of Remnant. Despite all that she managed to make some lifelong friendships even after she cut ties with her past in Norema and setting out into the wide world.


Marcus & Ellen:

Helena's named her primary weapons after her deceased husband and daughter. Weapons of her own design and built with help of Nigel Toombs. They are a pair of custom Jagd Lanze with three weapon modes:

Rocket Lance:

A simple improvement of the knight's lance where the attack range and power have been increased thanks to a cluster of small dust powered boosters and fins to give it surprising good range and limited manoeuvrability in the air. using the boosters will allow Helena to deliver devastating attacks to most types of Grimm, in particular the larger armoured types where her weapon can do more damage than the typical melee weapon, penetrating deeper and hitting significantly harder.

Rotary Plasma Blaster:

This form resembles a man-portable rotary cannon but uses pure dust energy from a Powerpack to fire bursts of elemental plasma at variable rates of fire. The weapon charges shots while the barrels cycle so the faster they rotate the less charge can be built up and the lower the damage of the shot. At lower firing speeds the weapon trades rate of fire and handling for accuracy and more stopping power. Overall the weapon has a consistent damage per second regardless of the rate of fire.

The transformation consists of the main body of the lance splitting into three equal sized pieces where the three pairs of barrels fold out- and around the tip of the lance while the grip on the staff folds out to allow the weapon to be held like a chainsaw and fired from the hip.

The Rotary plasma blaster can use several types of Dust for its power supply, each giving different elemental effects to the plasma bolts, using the rotary cannon design to prevent overheating at high rates of fire and to significantly improve the rate of fire compared to other weapons of the level of output.

The main disadvantages of this mode are the high recoil and fast depletion of the power-packs, requiring Helena to use the weapon in short bursts to be effective or hooking it up on the main power source of her personal VTOL "Stormreader"

Harpoon launcher:

the final form of the weapons is the harpoon launcher mode, which follows a similar transformation as the Rotary Cannon but instead of the barrels of the rotary cannon deploying, the tip of the lance and its firing mechanism fold back into the weapon reducing the length for better aiming as the weapon can launch the harpoon tip of the lance. The harpoons have several different payloads which Helena can swap quickly (like loading an RPG-7) and the weapon can fire them with or without a cable which is stored near the base of the lance on a coil that can reel the harpoon back in at high speed.

Types of harpoon:

Javelin: a simple aerodynamic harpoon with a longer shaft and thinner head. could be thrown like a javelin but with lesser effectiveness. this is her best choice for long range aside from the Seeker type and by far the cheapest of her harpoons.

Missile: her usual choice of harpoon, equipped with an explosive dust charge in the head that gets triggered when the cable is disconnected with a 5 second delay. the type of dust charge can be swapped and the trigger can be set to a timer if not connected to the cable.

Caster: A special but heavy harpoon head that blasts open to fling a net at the target. The net is strong enough to contain an Ursa but larger Grimm can break through with ease.The net can be electrified to incapacitate the Grimm or use other Dust batteries to apply other elemental effects to the net.

Seeker: Helena's most advanced weapon, more a guided missile than a harpoon it can slightly adjust its course to impact with whatever the targeting laser built into the weapon marks. loaded with triple the charge of the Missile type the seeker is fired with wind dust before the rocket ignites and using the stabilizing fins it can slightly adjust its course, but this is hardly noticeable outside of long range combat due to the speed and limited manoeuvrability of the rocket. Helena hardly ever uses the seeker as she only has five of them.

Hunter Star: a simple but expensive harpoon that sends jets of burn dust energy from three rows of vents along the length of the harpoon head, shining brightly and burning with intense heat allowing it to melt through all but the hardest armour. due to the venting and weight it is less accurate that her other harpoons but it is exceptionally good against heavily armoured Grimm and even armoured vehicles.

Plan B: a simplistic but very effective modified revolver, the same model as she used during her time as a police officer and pilot in Norema. Although in her current line of work she hardly needs to use it thanks to her Jagd Lanze it has paid for itself numerous times back when she was travelling and in some more tricky situations. She typically loads it with frost Dust to add more punch to the shots and freeze any attacking Grimm in their place, buying her time to get her primary weapon ready.


Stormreader is a small freighter aircraft based on the Farsphex class of VTOL airships which served as the workhorse of the Vacuo airforce and army for the last three decades. The original Farsphex has been used as gunship, dropship and general cargo hauler. To Helena's surprise the Stormreader was one of the later military models converted for civilian use, only extensively modified by its previous owner. Most of the modifications were simple upgrades for the outdated systems and improvements necessary for loading freight (reinforced loading cables, standardized container clams, cargo netting, special cargo winch) along with some less legal upgrades like restoring the nose mounted autocannon turret as well as a surprisingly sophisticated remote control automated piloting system. During her time with the Tombstones and later at Mount Bastion Helena made some upgrades of her own to the weapon sytems, replacing the nose turret's guns with a special system that lets her mount her two Jagd Lanze on the turret through two special storage cradles in the sides of the accessway to the cockpit, allowing Helena to mount and remove the weapons from within the VTOL aircraft while the weapon system is not deployed. When the turret deploys both Lagd Lanze are used in their energy rotary cannon modes and hooked up to the ship's compact reactor allowing Helena to use the full power of the weapons without the frequent reloading of the batteries, making it a devastating weapon.


Semblance: "Tracker's sight"

Helena can place Marks on objects and creatures she wants to track up to a range of 100 meters. The Mark is placed with a set amount of energy from her aura and sends out a pulse of energy only Helena can pick up on at set intervals ranging from 4 times per second to once every minute. With each pulse Helena can sense the Mark's exact position relative to herself and even see it (but not the specific object marked) through any obstacles if in her field of view and close enough to actually be visible to the eye. Each pulse uses up some of the energy until the Mark has faded completely. the total amount of Marks she can place is strictly tied to her aura levels but she has found it impractical to use more than four simultaneously as at 4 it starts to become more distracting than helpful in combat.

Skills: Over the years Helena has picked up on some vital skills for a huntress, as well as some she learned when she was still in law enforcement. She knows how to fly medium sized airships, like the bullhead or her own Stormreader. She also learned how to survive on her own on the frontier or in the wilds not claimed by any human, knowing how to set up a decent camp, how to get food, etc. from the Bastion Clans she learned a thing or two about meditation and parkour, which have turned out to be rather useful when she became a huntress.


Helena grew up in Norema, a city not far from the capital of Vacuo. Norema was a relatively quiet town and had not seen much action since the Great War ended. Fort Norema on the outskirts of town had lost its strategic value with more cities out on the frontier protecting the approach to the capital and so it was ultimately closed down and left as a monument to a darker time. Growing up Helena was always one to help her community and eventually chose to make it her profession. So she enrolled in the Vacuo police academy to become a police officer and serve her community. Not long before graduating she started dating Marcus Mason, a charming young man her age. It didn't take long for them to decide to spend the rest of their lives together, and shortly after Helena graduated from the academy at age 20 she married Marcus. They moved to her home town of Norema where Helena became a police officer and Marcus got a job with the wall maintenance crews.

Two years later Helena had her first child Ellen, and although eventually she had to get back to her job Marcus had plenty of time to look after her as he was between jobs. Working as a cop was sometimes hard on Helena, but her husband and daughter were a good remedy for all the stress that work threw at her. Taking care of her family helped keep her mind on the goal of keeping her city safe for her family's sake.

Sadly, despite her training, she could not save her family.

Thirdteen years ago there were rumours going around the city about extremist faunus banding together to try and ignite a new human faunus war. After a while they had discovered that a group of faunus terrorists had set up inside the old fortress and had brought a lot of dangerous weapons in with them. A team of Huntsmen along with the special police unit from Vacuo were brought in to deal with the faunus terrorists, but something went wrong and what was supposed to be a sneak attack was turned into a bloody war of attrition within the tunnels of the old bunkers. Helena was out on patrol when the fighting started, first just muffled echoes of gunfire and explosions from the distant fort. But later it reached the city.

Apparently the Faunus terrorists had managed to clear several of the old tunnels that connected the city to the fortress, these had been once made to allow the civilian population to evacuate safely and to let the soldiers emerge almost anywhere in the city. Now instead of soldiers Grimm that had been captured by the Faunus and set loose against the hunters began to emerge from the tunnels and rampaged through the city. Due to the tunnels connecting almost all over the city a lot of Grimm managed to bypass all the defences of the wall. Several neighbourhoods were hit bad. When the fighting was finally over Helena found her home a pile of rubble along with half the block. That scene pretty much reflected her life after she found her husband's mauled body. She never found her daughter's body in the rubble, she likely would not have survived finding her like that anyway. At that point she pretty much considered her life to be over.

Helena grieved, fought a depression for five months and all the while tried to keep up her job as the final piece of who she was. Eventually she could not take it any longer, could not stand to be in Norema and be constantly reminded of what she had lost. So one day she just left, set out into the world to find something, anything to build up a new life. For a couple years Helena would live on the move as a drifter. Hitching rides, doing odd-jobs in small frontier communities or sometimes visiting one of the kingdom's capitals and generally just living without much direction. During her travels she met several people who managed to leave an impression on her, teaching her about the world and eventually inspiring her to take up her craft as Huntress.

The first of these was an arms merchant by the name of Burgundy who had hired her as gunner for his armoured truck while crossing the wilderness between frontier towns. Burgundy managed to teach Helena a thing or two about living out in the Frontier during their travels. He was surprisingly kind to her in a fatherly manner, explaining to her how life on the frontier was a far greater struggle than most of the city would ever realize. Despite some initial arguments about the legality of his merchandise Helena and Burgundy departed on good terms and occasionally their paths had crossed again in the later years.

Then there was the mercenary pilot called Ash Gaved. Ash had hired Helena on as a co-pilot for his small transport when he needed to make an urgent delivery to his home town on the other side of the continent, although she flew his aircraft whenever he needed to sleep and vice versa the two did manage to establish a budding friendship over journey north towards the kingdom of Vale and when they managed to make the delivery of urgently needed medical supplies they agreed to continue the partnership. It was odd for Helena to have some routine back into her life now, but she loved flying and the nimble little ship made many more trips hopping over from Vale to Atlas to Mistral and back for the next few months.

However nothing seems to last forever and one day when they were resupplying in a small mining city on the Vacuo frontier there was a large Grimm breach near the airfield. While they were both armed and capable enough to defend themselves, Ash and Helena were quickly overwhelmed by the Grimm and Ash got hit bad by one. Fortunately for Helena by that time a team of Hunters managed to save them from the Grimm and clear the Grimm out. sadly Ash succumbed to his wound the next day but before he passed away he entrusted his ship to Helena. Due to her training kicking in when faced with the Grimm she managed to actually impress the Hunters who came to her rescue. They called themselves Tombstones after their founder, Nigel Toombs and it was actually a part of a larger community of Hunters clans independent from the Kingdoms. They allowed Helena to accompany them on their journey for a while and she learned a great deal from them about Hunters and the Grimmslayers of Bastion. Around this time Helena decided she wanted to become a Huntress, she wanted to help people again and prevent tragedies like the one that had struck her.

After a year of training and preparation with the Tombstones and the other people at Bastion Helena headed for Vale to get certified as a true huntress. Although not many people chose the profession at her age there are systems in place for people to obtain official certification and bypass the normal four year schooling at Beacon. it still took her a few months to get through all the tests and examinations, and in that time she made a few new friends in the city. Among them was a man named Egil Crucible, who had taken up teaching at the hunter school of Signal. They had met by chance at a bar one night and the night went on they learned they had almost mirrored lives by now. Both struck by tragedy they had seen their lives turned upside down, with her losing her comfortable, routine family life and trading it in now for the adventure of being a huntress, and him having to give up that same career to raise a child not even his own. It was one of the rare moments where Helena found herself bonding with someone. It wasn't like the professional bond she had with Ash Gaved, a bond of explicit trust in one's ability and skill that made them almost think in synch. This time she actually started wondering if there would be a chance for her to move on from Marcus. It all went rather smoothly, even his daughter started to like the idea of Helena spending time with him. However fate again conspired against her and what should have been a pleasant evening turned out into a nightmare.

Helena and Egil had a date again, it was becoming a regular thing by now and why they both avoided bringing up the topic of the tragedy that had struck them, that night was different. Helena gladly had accepted the date as a distraction of the 6th anniversary of the Norema Breach, however as it turned out this was the same reason Egil had planned it. It turned out Egil was part of the Hunter team sent in to deal with the Faunus terrorists in the fortress. he went on to tell her that this was why he was Merel's guardian, that her parents died on that mission and that everything went wrong on those tunnels. but she didn't want to hear it, as all she could think of was that it was his failure that took her family away. She accused him of this and he tried to deny it, that someone had betrayed them or that it was the fault of the terrorists, it didn't matter really. Whether he was responsible or not she could not look at him and not see the ruin of her home and the faces of Marcus and Ellen. She never spoke with him again after that night.

After she got her certificate as a true huntress she just packed her things and left Vale. She threw herself into the world of Hunters and did not look back, only returning to the city for new assignments. 7 years later she has managed to build a reputation of skill and reliability, especially with her preference in hunting down the larger and older types of Grimm that stalk the outer borderlands, but always working alone.


  • Names: Helena: form of the Greek ‘Ελενη (Helene "torch" or "corposant", or possibly related to σεληνη (selene) "moon"
    • Ellen: same origin as Helena.
  • Although Helena does not know this her daughter Ellen survived the Grimm Breach and grew up to become Alice Jager. This was a collaborative effort with Kouryuu524.
  • Connections with Bastion Grimmslayers and Nigel Toombs in agreement with author Kyran Kandosa2.
  • Artwork provided by Rainshadowed.
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