I have no idea what my grandfather was thinking when he had this forged. It's unwieldy, unbalanced and generally a pain in the back to carry around.
— Azalea Rappaccini, describing how heavy Heliotropium is.

Heliotropium is Azalea's weapon of choice.


Azalea Rappaccini


Dust-Charged Gun Spear (DCGS)


Melee, Ranged, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Naginata, Anti-tank Rifle

This weapon is property of the Intellectual Rapist and Azalea Rappaccini. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
Any clarifications can be posted in the comment section.

Weapon Description

"It's modeled after a Naginata, with an additional set of mechanics above the blade to create the "gun" aspect of the weapon. It's rather heavy, requiring quite some strength to lift. "

Heliotropium is based on the High-Caliber Sniper Scythe in design, but was made with heavier materials as well as a mechanism to allow it's blade to be enhanced by Dust.

It was designed to be used against slow-moving targets, using it's own weight to increase the power of it's own swing. It can also use the recoil of the gun for a temporary boost of speed, though due to the complicated mechanics, it can only hold ten shots at a time before requiring reload.

In a distance, it is a powerful weapon in it's own right, being able to plow through most armor easily. It's usage in long-range training has been banned due to it's ammo being powerful enough to damage the equipment used in training.

Furthermore, it had an additional Dust implementation mechanic that allows it to use a single Dust Crystal to enhance the blade.

Combining all three aspects together, it's powerful and fast enough to cut a boulder in half.

History and Construction

Azalea's maternal grandfather commissioned it to a graduate of Beacon and Signal academy, being mostly based on the High Caliber Sniper Scythe in design.

The general mechanism of the weapon is quite similar, but modified in ways that Azalea's grandfather deems more practical.

The blade was replaced with a naginata blade, which was forged from a metal that allowed Dust to be implemented on the blade with the usage of a single Dust Crystal. The end result was a slightly heavier, but more effective blade.

The sniper rifle aspect was turned into a far more powerful anti-tank rifle, which is the direct cause as to why the weapon is heavy. Due to it's weight, it can only carry ten shots per clip.

Another flaw it had was that it lacks a compact form that the HCSS had, making it quite a pain to carry around.

Ironically, Heliotropium became more impractical than the HCSS thanks it's weight, and size, preventing Azalea from using it for extended periods of time.

It costs 22,000 Lien to forge it.


  • Heliotropium comes from the name heliotrope, which originates from Greek, being a combination of Ἥλιος (helios), meaning "sun" and τροπείν (tropein) meaning "to turn"
  • Heliotropium is named after Heliotropium, which are known to be hepatoxic if eaten in large quantities and the causes of canine deaths due to over-ingestion. It's also used for food coloring and perfume.

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