Acronym: HCDL

Created by: The Dustman

Weapon Type: Ranged

Weapon Ammunition: HCD Cartidge

Shots per Magazine: 3


The HCDL is a weapon that fires a stream of highly explosive powdered Dust. Shortly after firing, the Dust is ignited, sending a stream of explosions shooting towards the target. The user is not harmed in the firing of the HCDL.


When blocked or deflected, the stream of HCD will remain around whatever deflected it, causing for a much larger explosion around it. This causes conventional shielding techniques to be all but useless against the HCDL.

Unlike many explosive-based weapons, the HCDL can fire three times from one magazine, and reloading is a fairly quick and simply process.


The HCD stream has no penetrative power whatsoever. This is not a weapon that can be used to attack an opponent who is, say on the other side of a wall.

Using this weapon in a close-quarters environment is highly inadvisable, as all of the HCD detonating close to the user would likely kill them.

If the HCD is ignited as it is leaving the barrel of the launcher, the remaining HCD within the launcher could detonate, blowing up the weapon and the wielder.

If the opponent has a powerful enough fan or, say, Wind Dust, there is a possibility of the HCD being blown back, destroying the HCDL and the user.

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