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Hirsch Levin
Age 18
Status Active
Color Saddle Brown
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Where: ???

When: ???

Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Amber-Gold
Height 5'8"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team NTHK
Partner Nile Alcor
Occupation 2nd-year Huntsman-in-Training
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Additional Info
Likes Reading, books. Researching.
Dislikes Adventures, Grimm. Kaili's pranks and teasing.
Special Skills Anything to do with technology.
Weaknesses Easily startled/scared.

Hirsch Levin is a second-year student at Beacon Academy, as part of Team NTHK. His partner is the leader of the team, Nile Alcor.


Despite a height of 5'8", Hirsch looks younger than he really is, with a youthful, fair-skinned face sprinkled with freckles across the nose. His hair is brown, with bangs covering his forehead and going to just above his intelligent amber-gold eyes.

Hirsch usually wears a long-sleeved, button-up light-blue dress shirt with a turned-down collar and cuffs, the former hiding a black choker around Hirsch's neck.

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Hirsch is a polite but introverted young man. You can expect him to greet you like a gentlemen and be cordial, but don't expect him to be very talkative or actually start a conversation.

A bookworm, Hirsch spends a lot of his time in the library or in the team's dorm reading books. He gets deeply involved in them and everything else he does, resulting in being easily startled when someone addresses him - especially when it's out of the blue.

Weirdly enough, despite being a Huntsman, Hirsch hates the sight of blood. It's why he likes being on the back lines, staying away from the real action.

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  • Hirsch greatly respects Nile, his leader and partner, looking up to the former desert nomad, having taken him as a role model. Hirsch likes the fact that Nile is comfortable around him, and they get along well. Since asking Nile for shooting lessons, the two train together a lot, and Hirsch was - and is - very grateful for the help.
  • Tsubaki, in Hirsch's eyes, just has that aura of "respect-me-or-be-punished". As such, he's a bit in awe of her, and is quite thankful to the sixth sense that alerts her to Kaili's antics, though Tsu's sudden comments startle him anyway.
  • Truth be told, Kaili scares Hirsch. He's always on high-alert because of her. Though that doesn't stop him from being startled by the prankster. He's also in awe of her combat skills, as well as frightened by them. It's the reason he's glad Kaili's not an enemy.



- Crossbow

- Dust arrows

- Transforming?

Semblance & Abilities




Hirsch is a pretty good long-ranged fighter and Dust user.

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Trivia/Author's Notes

  • Hirsch is my twist of Hirsh, which is a variant of Hersh, meaning "deer" in Yiddish.


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