Before Hisei lost his legs, he was a skilled swordsman who has decent speed and strength despite his heavy weapon. To this day, he still is, but his versatility is severely hindered by his lack of legs.

Combat Style

Tokuhana 7th Generation Fencing: The latest variant of the Tokuhana family's fighting style. Hisei incorporated some more pragmatic moves in this version.

"I'm gonna cut me up some bitches."
-Hisei Tokuhana

Hisei uses a highly modified zweihander fighting style. Unlike his predecessors, who were skilled in using longswords, he makes use of his left arm and legs to strike his opponents. His left arm is pretty strong, being able to punch through weak metal when enhanced with his Aura.

He prefers to handle things calmly but swiftly. He doesn't run headlong into battle without making sure he can win it. As such, he makes full use of his environment.


Hisei only needs four trademark moves. Their versatility is maximized by his fighting style. He has made many revisions of them, refining them to suit his current capabilities.

Buster Slash V3.R: A jumping reverse grip cut that holds a lot of strength that it can potentially break through defenses and even disarm a foe.

"Hope you're tough enough for this, ya bloke!"

Wave Blade V2.R: After enhancing his blade with fire Dust, he can use the fire in his blade to create a shockwave to hit distant foes.

"I'll cleave you down a notch, take this!"

Rising Dawn V2.R: A rising swing followed by Hisei jumping in the air, and using the cannon in his blade.

"Get outta the way!"

Blade Pulsar V1.R: A quick, dashing swing followed by three spinning cuts in the air. It was designed to be near-unguardable.

"Let's tango, prick!"

Aura Usage

Hisei's main use for his Aura is to enhance the impact of his attacks with either his sword or his left arm, depending on the circumstances.

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