War of the Fittest

Man was created in 500 B.V. (Before Victory). In 239 B.V. the forces of Grim declared war on humanity, creating a path of destruction through-out Human land, killing all in its path. In the year 35 B.V. the world of Man was reduced into a dead ash of a planet with small kingdoms scattered.

In this dark world, came a small time farmer turned warrior named Wulf Schnee. Wulf was a cunning intellectual, but depressed and scarred since his farm was destroyed by a large Grim monster, killing his wife. Wandering the wastes, he stumbled apon a cave system and was awed at what he found, a cave with entire walls coated with Dust mineral. Just then the monster that destroyed his farm came and quickly disarmed him. Putting up his hands for protection, he shot out raw energy from his hands, giving his hands 2nd degree burns, however he completly vaporized the creature. Amased, he chipped some off the wall. Presenting his new power and crystal, he gained the respect of humanity's last bastions and was elected the new ruler.

It was then the war turned, and in 30 years the Grim were all but defeated. In recognition for his contribution to the war's end, he was crowned Emperor Wulf Schnee, starting a dynasty to reign over Vale for years to come.

The Empire

The following years were prosperous, and thanks to the Schnee Dust Company (est. 29 A.W. [After War]), the Grim was kept at bay, becoming a distant memory. By this time, an attack on a farm was rare, and deemed the fault of wild animals that evolved from the older Grim strains. Emperor Warheit Schnee, despite the peace, wanted to make sure the peace was secured, established Beacon Academy in 45 A.W. to create elite warriors to protect their world (Signal was already established after the war for occupations and as a defense against Grim). Soon the reign of the Schnee came to an end, when after protests by Workers and the animal/human hybrid race known as the Fauna, rebels stormed White Castle in 100 A.W. and almost killed the imperial family until Hunters and Huntresses stopped them, in exchange for them acknowlaging their rule was over, forever.


While their political rule over Vale was ended, they still controlled the Schnee Dust Company and were still respected among the populous. It reached it's Zenith in 153 A.W. when Wilhelm Schnee and his wife Annastasia ascended to the mantle. Under the SDC, several inventions and creations were made possible. By 170 A.W. the first Airships were flying in the skyline of Vale, the materials supplied by the Schnee Dust Company. Breakthroughs in automobile technology created a clean engine type that ran on Dust rather than conventional fossil fuel, creating income for the SDC. Within a few short years, the Schnee Dust Company had all but wiped out any corporate opposition. During the year 204 A.W, Wilhelm Schnee had died and the company was left to his son Walter.

Winds of Change

Walter Schnee (b. 163 A.W.)  became CEO of the SDC and began several reforms to modernize and streamline the Dust manufacturing. He also began several tight plans to increase production and get them to their customers as soon as possible at great quality. However soon along the line Walter met a white haired woman named Rebecca and immediatly (and uncharacteristically) in love. After they were married, he loosened his grip on the company and began better reforms to achieve the same goals. For this reason and due to his earlier promise to modernize the SDC, he began placing automated machinery to process his goods (though he still needed people to mine it). On the year 212 A.W. their child, Weiss Schnee, was born. About 14 years later, her mother Rebecca died due to health problems. The incident crushed Walter and in grief he gave overall control of the company to the board and reclused to their anscestral home of White Castle. 2 years later he remarried for a political deal, alienating and disappointing his daughter, they have not been on good terms since. In a final act of defiance, Weiss aranged to go to Beacon Academy, in order to go, Walter had her daughter complete a test, after passing she recieved his blessing to go.

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