Well that can't be efficient...
— Hitomi
Hitomi Cyclonis
Age 17
Status Active
Color Orange
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Tanned
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Height 5'3"
Weight 126 Lbs
Professional Status
Partner Ravess Cyclonis



Hitomi is a young girl,who's height reaches just less than the average height for someone her age.Another distinctive factor in her appearance is her hair,at a young age her hair was dyed light red,similar to her sister's,just a lighter shade.Her hair is unusually long too,reach down towards her lower areas in most places.Her eyes a nice light blue,a somewhat reflection of her personality.She is very rarely seen without her working goggles,which she utilizes when constructing one of her designs.

Often she wears a generic orange hoodie,but it is unique in the fact that she has put some of her own designs onto it. Accompanied by her grey cargo shorts and high-tops,her outfit has a casual feel,but among many other things,she has tweaked it to be able to withstand the blaze of battle.

Finally something that stands out about her the most is her,right arm.After losing it in the accident that killed her father she constructed her own prosthetic arm,which originally was very skinny and open,due to her tools being shorthanded at the time.However throughout her years at signal,she soon 'perfected' her arm,among most standards,but is always tweaking it,trying to make it the best it can be.

Later when her eyesight issues were discovered,she redesigned her VISR for everyday use,as well as to enhance her sight,meaning she would constantly have to wear it.


Generally Hitomi is a lively young girl to most,but those who have known her long enough,know that theres more depth to her than meets the eye.At a young age she took a liking towards technical work and mechanics,and at signal she was known within her class as an egghead,but also someone who took technological work a tad overboard.

Among many other things Hitomi is a perfectionist,often meaning that most of her many designs,dont leave the drawing board.

Within the heat of battle however,she takes her knowledge and applies it to tactics,making her the team leader of team HTMR.During battle Hitomi will tend to overthink things,and during CQC fights,while most may lash out,she will take time to plot out her plan of action,usually resulting in her defeat before she can formulate a plan.


Hitomi along with her sister(Ravess) both grew up on a farm,owned by her parents.Her father was a humble farmer,whilst her mother was a trained huntress.She adapted well to the farm life and at first she didnt want to be a huntress,unlike her sister.Her first signs of her technical ability showed when she helped fix up the gear around the farm,but alas she still wanted to farm.

However during a fight in a not-so-far-away town,a team of hunters had been sent to kill or contain a death stalker.One of the hunters attacks was deflected off the stinger of the beast,and zoomed across the sky,eventually hitting the barn and setting it alight.Fortunately Hitomi,Ravess and their mother escaped,but their father was lost in the flames.

Initially her mother told her that huntsmen and huntresses were trained to stop things like this,in a last ditch attempt to get her to follow in her footsteps.Soon after this Hitomi began training,and started to attend Signal.As she went through the years there,she realized her mother had lied to them,setting them further apart,however her time at the school had coaxed her into wanting to become a huntress.Soon after leaving signal,along with her sister she then attended Beacon.A month before this however, Hitomi went to Torrent and asked about training in Grimm chance.

A few months in to beacon life,Hitomi changed a bit,and went from Long-range work to CQC,It was during this time she discovered Ultasmic dust,a chemical fusion of various forms of Dust,and created many of her tools and gear based around this.

Later however,she started having eye problems,and was revealed to be colourblind(A rare thing for a girl) as well as a few more problems revolving around her eye.This was a shock to her system and she wasnt seen for at least a week,either out of shyness and embarassment or that she was working on redesigning her VISR module.

Abilities and Weaponry


As with most Hunters,Hitomi deisgned her own weapons,during her time at signal.Whilst she was there,she created many concepts for weapons,but the only ones she could 'perfect' in her eyes were her book and pen.These two objects are something she values with her life,and if she were to lose them she believes her life my as well be over.Within the book are many of her designs,which she keeps close to her.However in battle she has designed these to become a sniper and shield respectively.Despite how cliche it may seem,Hitomi has deemed them fit for their jobs.


Hitomi is an adept strategic fighter,often staying behind in battles to lead,or taking a sniper role.At long range is where Hitomi works best,in relation to her thinking/fighting style.However if forced to she will attempt CQC,something she needs to greatly improve.

Complementing her build,is her athletic ability,she is capable of long distance runs and simple flips,but anything else will strain her greatly.However during her training with Torrent her stamina improved and she could perform greater athletic feats.

Grimm Chance

During her time at Beacon Hitomi visited Torrent and took up Grimm chance.She asked him to teach her the Beowolf and Ursa styles.

Ultasmic Dust

During her time at Beacon, Hitomi ended up messing around with dust alot.Eventually however she managed to fuse all the forms of dust into one,via dust glyphs,the end result was Ultasmic dust.Ultasmic dust was similar to normal dust,but different in one major way. Instead of using one of the previous powers of dust it had it's own,matter transmutation.She exploited this and used it in combination with her Grimm chance training,culminating in a variety of new weapons...

Axeault Scythe and Heartbeat Violent

Similar to Crescent Rose,the Axeault Scythe is a combination of an axe,a scythe and a heavy firepower assault rifle.Often she paired the weapon with Heartbeat Violent,a high impact shotgun.Often used in CQC it was also used for vehicular fights.


The Ultasma is a violet and yellow suit of skin-tight armor with various pieces of weaponry on it.One of these are the EPICs(Energized Parasitic Impaler Clamps),foot mounted devices designed to hold herself or something else in place.It also has curved fore-arm mounted blades/MCABs(Multi-use Curved Arm Blades) which can be used for melee combat,holding something in place or linking to a weapon.Her ranged weapons are Heartbeat violent,the Axeault scythe and the MVGC(Magnetic Vortex Gauss Cannon) a fusion between a shotgun and a railgun.It fires a payload which can be anything ranging from a stone to the head of an ursa(She's done it once).It can be used as a STS(Surface to Surface) or STA(Surface to Air) via two small removable trackers.To top it off it comes with triangular discs with a ribbon on the end of it.

The armor itself can be formed using the discs by slowly disentigrating it's targets into petal-like pieces.These can then seal together and form the suit.Another way is her motorbike due to having large Ultasmic capsules stored on it.


Like everyone else,Hitomi has her own semblance.This manifests itself as the ability to phase objects via giving molecules more heat,making them vibrate faster giving the ability of intangibility.

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