Funny....I didn't feel anything.
— Hitori Kazami after kicking a Racist in the balls.

Hitori Kazami is a first-year Beacon student. He is the first OC of Maelstrom14.

Hitori Kazami
Age 16
Title The Chained Psycho
Alias Hitman
Nickname Tori
Status Alive
Color Black
Gender Male
Race Human
Born June-26
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Chocolate Brown
Hair Dark Blue (Dyed)

Original: Black

Eyes Dark Blue
Semblance Makihige
Height 5'8
Weight 136 Pounds
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy (Formerly)
Partner Maur Krieger
Occupation Hunter in Training


Music Maker


Personal Status
Relatives Link Kazami- Father (Deceased)

Rojo Borgino- Adoptive Father

Additional Info
Likes Blasting his Music

His Headphones

The Color Black


The Drums


Talking Long Walks


His Team

Dislikes Distracting Noises

Faunus Discrimination


Bright Colors

Spoiled People

Music Parodies

Special Skills Supernatural Agility

Rhythmic Fighting

Skilled Stealth User

Skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat

Immensely Experienced in Combat

Above-Average Arm-Strength

Weaknesses Strong Aura and Dust users

Limited Long Range attacks

Underestimates the opponents he has beaten

Low Aura Capacity

Somewhat Mentally Unstable

Character Theme

Niju - Shagabond
Battle Theme

China Vox (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike China Stage Theme)


Kazami is a regular sized teenager, with an average weight. His build is lean but has muscle due his training and missions. His hair is dyed a deep ocean blue, originally black, as his eyes are the same color. His skin color is a dark brown, similar to that of a chocolate bar.

Hitori's casual attire consists of a pure black hoodie and jeans, which he wears with black combat boots. The sleeves of the hoodie stretch outward over his hands, covering his black finger-less gloves and his dual chain weapon, Taka, which are set on his wrists. Under the hoodie is a black shirt which holds a face mask, covering up to his nose. The mask is there to cover up two cross-shaped scars, one on each of his cheeks, also because he thought the mask looked cool. In the center of the shirt, there is a small green version of his emblem. On his neck, he carries his dark green and black wireless headphones, given to him by his father. He almost never takes them off. On each side of his pants, there is a small canister where Hitori keeps his Shiv, throwing knives.

In the time-skip between Volumes 2 and 3, Hitori's appearance dramatically changes. His hoodie is now no-sleeved and open. Underneath it is a dark blue long-sleeved gi, with the sleeves hanging over his hands. The ends of the sleeves are slightly torn up, revealing small portions of his fingers. His bottom attire consists of baggy black pants and opened-toed boots. Hitori still keeps his headphones, finger-less gloves, and face mask, but the mask and gloves are colored dark blue. In the time-skip between Volumes 3 and 4, Hitori discards his throwing knives for his new Dust gloves, named Kazekiri. The Dust gloves are simply his regular gloves with Dust markings engraved inside.

When he's in his pajamas, he wears his mask/shirt along with black sweatpants. He also wears a night-mask to keep the lights out of his eyes. He still has his headphones around his neck, and occasionally plays them before he sleeps. When he attended Beacon, he wore his headphones and face-mask along with the school uniform.

His Aura color is a dark gray and manifests itself as smokey covering around him.


Despite his loner appearance, Hitori is quite sociable and friendly, even a bit of jokester. Quite energetic, even for someone of his age, he often looks at the world with optimism and a smile. Kazami is easygoing, loves to dance, and gets positive attitude whenever he's listening to his favorite music, which is one of the reasons he keeps his headphones on his neck all the time. Albeit, he comes off with a dark sense of humor and likes to crack blood-thirsty jokes. Whenever he gets angry, he starts to curse excessively and violently.

Another notable trait that contrasts with his appearance is Tori's love of battle. He's battle-crazed, hopelessly addicted to the thrill of the fight from many years of experiencing it. In battle, Hitori is excited, blood-thirsty, and a bit reckless, liking to taunt his opponents and constantly be moving. In order to stay focused, he often puts his headphones on and likes to fight with the rhythm of the music. This, however, makes him oblivious the world around, blocks out others' voices, and has gotten him hurt more than once. He also underestimates people he has defeated in the past. Sometimes, when he's dodging an opponent's attacks, he starts to laugh and infuriate them.

He is especially protective of his headphones, as they were the last thing his dad gave to him after he was killed. Whenever he feels stressed out, he puts them on and blasts them at full volume, occasionally annoying those around him. He almost always keeps them around his neck or on his ears, even when he's sleeping. Tori also keeps the headphones to not lose himself to his own sort of madness.

While he constantly shows a joyful attitude, Hitori does have a dark side to himself. For he's incredibly sadistic. Though he tries to hide it until humor and his optimistic persona, the deaths in the missions he's gone on with his mentors left him with mental scars. He loves to see his opponents in pain, and won't hesitate to kill. However, he tries to restrain himself to those that deserve his wrath, but can snap into a mindless killer when he's pushed hard enough. Though, this sometimes happens when his friends or teammates are being made of, as he will usually be the first to use 'physical' methods, as shown in his quote.

After the incident of the Fall, Hitori dramatically cooled down. Feeling he could've helped more or even saved more lives had it not been for his mental instability, Hitori became disheartened, thinking of himself as a monster. Only through his teammates was he able to gradually get himself out of his slump. At that, Hitori tries to turn over a new leaf, establishing a much calmer side of him. Becoming extremely protective of the team that helped him, he maintains his dark sense of humor, while he tries to not lose his temper as easily, as before. In battle, he tries to remain calm and not succumb to his sadistic urges, at the same time still trying to enjoy the fight. 


When Hitori was three years old, his mother died from a Grimm attack. This led him and his father to fend for themselves. But through five years of determination and effort, his father, Link, had become a scientist at the Schnee Dust Company. Everything was in place and they were surviving. But, one day masked gangsters invaded and kept the worker's hostage, wanting a large sum of money and Dust.

At the same time in Hitori's house, one of the gangsters invaded and held him hostage, threatening to shoot and kill him. Before they could receive their payments, a group of six Hunters arrived and easily defeated gang members at the laboratory. But, they were too late to save one of the hostages from being killed, which was Hitori's father. With his comrades arrested, the gangster pulled his gun on Hitori. The frightened child stayed in the position, waiting for his death. But nothing happened. Looking up, he saw the blade of an inflamed sickle pierce his attacker's heart, killing him. As the body fell to the ground, a green and red haired individual stood over to look at him. However, the eight-year-old couldn't handle what had happened done and fainted.

When he awoke, the Hunters, revealing themselves to be old friends of his father, explained what had happened in the hostage situation. Hitori cried and cried, his only family was gone. He had nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. Comforting him, the leader of the group and the one who saved the boy, Rojo, gave the weeping child a small wrapped box, saying his father was going to give him this for the birthday. Opening it, Hitori found the most beautiful black and green headphones. Wanting to help control his powers for the good of the city, the group of Hunters asked Hitori if he wanted to make sure this wouldn't happen to anything. Accepting their offer in a heartbeat, Hitori was adopted and trained to control his powers, and find justice against the violence that had plagued the city.

Throughout time, Hitori trained and fought with his new-found family, doing whatever it took to help others. By the time he had turned sixteen, the Hunters recommended him to the prestigious Beacon Academy and he was accepted there, a year early from regular students.


The Fall of Beacon took a hard toll on Hitori. He fought the Grimm with his team, killing a large portion of the monsters that entered his sight. While he survived without much physical damage, his mental stability was the greatly affected. Seeing all that death, from Grimm to the White Fang, and to the innocent students left a mark on him. By the time the Wyvern Grimm had awakened, Kazami had succumbed to his urges and had to be knocked out to keep from hurting the others. When he awoke, the damage was already done. Beacon was overrun by Grimm, and several were dead, including the famous Pyrrha Nikos.

He didn't know how proper to take this. He had lost control over himself and had become mentally and morally beaten down. Deciding to stay in Vale, him and his team resided at a warehouse that was owned by his guardians. There they would stay until the Hunters would arrive and take them to Mistral to uncover the threat behind the Beacon attack. During this time of waiting, Hitori steadily recovers, his teammates helping him tremendously. When his parents arrived, the assassin was better than previously, though not completely healed.


Hitori is a very skilled combatant, having been directly trained by Hunters in the field. He's experienced in battles with Grimm and humans and has seen many fighting styles. Kazami is very agile, easily dodging most strikes, and is able to run on walls at high speeds. In addition to his agility, Hitori is skilled in stealth tactics, being able to subdue a single person in a crowd with zero sound. He's also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, should his chains and throwing knives not able to be used, using a fast-paced offensive martial art that consists of acrobatics, hard punches, and quick kicks. While his Aura amount is low, he has a high pain threshold, from the many fights over the years. Being that his main weapon in weighted and is often seen on his arms, he shows a higher strength in his arms compared to others.


Hitori Kazami




Melee; Ranged; Dust

Left Chain: Wind Dust and Ice Dust

Right Chain: Shock Dust and Fire Dust

Weapon Derivation

Chain Form; Channeling Form


Hitori's weapon Taka is a dual set of weighted chains, each set on one of Hitori's arms. Each chain held a vial of Dust, either Green Wind Dust or Blue Shock Dust. He attacks with them by spinning and infusing them with either type of Dust, depending which chain, before hitting them with impressive power. By the end of Volume 2, Kazami later learns how to activate the Dust, simply through Aura activation.

The left chain holds Green Dust, which sharpens it with Wind energy and covers it like a sword-whip. The right chain contains Yellow Dust, though he later switches to the blue Shock Dust, which electrifies the chain, paralyzing and shocking anything it touches. In the time-skip between Volumes 2 and 3, he adds Fire Dust, which engulfs Taka in a fire, to his right chain, and Ice Dust, which covers his weapon in frost and straightens it out like a sword. The Dust quantity in the chains is large, being able to last in a long fight. He can also use them without infusing them, resulting in rapid chain strikes. Hitori can spin them at high speeds, blocking most projectiles, like bullets and energy waves. At mid-range, he can send a wave of concussive Dust energy or Aura from Taka.

Shiv (Discarded)


Shiv, Hitori's throwing knives.

Shiv are Hitori's secondary weapon in the form of pure black throwing knives. When Hitori wants to try a stealth approach, he relies on his Shiv throwing knives. The sharp edges can cut flesh and light armor easily just by a glancing slice. The knives have immense killing potential, depending on the body location where they have hit. Hitori also infused some of his knives with Green Dust to increase their piercing potential. If the opponent dodges the daggers, they have a chance to ricochet and hit again. While they are very useful at mid-range, Hitori occasionally uses them for a stealth attack at close range. After leaving Vale for Mistral, Hitori discards these weapons for something his Dust-infused gloves.


Hitori's new secondary weapon in the form of Wind and Lightning Dust gloves. With these, Hitori gains the ability to manipulate wind and electricity and infuse his melee attacks with Dust. With his left Wind Dust glove, Kazami can create and manipulate the wind and the air to attack his enemies or defend his allies. His right glove holds Lightning Dust, allowing him to generate and control electric currents. While he's proficient in elemental attacks, he struggles in elemental construct creation, such as making weapons or walls. Unlike Taka, the Dust amount is moderate, since he lacks proper control with such a large amount of Dust and a small conduit.


Through lots of training with his guardians, Hitori revealed his Semblance as energy weapon creation. By generating a black energy field, he can manifest tendrils to gut his enemies, or defend himself using the weapons as a wall, in front of him. The field's appearance is simply an area surrounded by a wispy black barrier. Kazami has the ability to create three Makihige fields at a time. The size of the tendril can be a single giant spike that takes all the space or a whole lot of them on the selected area. He can also change the size of the conjured Makihige field depending on his preference.

He can also use Dust crystals to increase their range and add elemental effects. A drawback to his ability is that the longer he uses them, the more it drains from his Aura. In order to place a field, Hitori has to have a clear view of its destination, not being able to activate his Semblance in the dark or if he's blinded, and he is restricted to solid places for his fields. Hitori is also unable to use items like binoculars to increase his range of field placing. The size of the energy field also uses up a certain amount of his Aura. The spikes are also grounded to the selected area, and disperse when they reach a certain height, but that can be dealt with by infusing them with Dust. The energy field will perish when Hitori has lost enough of his Aura or if he dismisses them.

Makihige Constructs

  • Tendril- Tendrils appear from the energy field, with their placement and timing being controlled by Hitori's thoughts. They arise quickly, but can be dodged by those with sharp reflexes. Ends have extremely sharp points meant for piercing flesh and body armor. The tendrils can go ten meters outside high before stopping and dispersing, but is increased to twenty meters when Dust-infused.

Dust Effects

All give elemental effects and increase the tendril's range

  • Red Dust (Fire)- Sets the weapons on fire; Energy Field turns Red
  • Green Dust (Wind)- Sharpens the weapons and gives them greater rising speed; Energy Field and Spikes turn Green
  • Yellow Dust (Lightning)- Electrifies the weapons, painfully shocking anything it touches; Energy Field turns Yellow
  • White Dust (Impact)- Metal is stronger; Energy Field turns White
  • Purple Dust (Gravity)- Energy Field slow down an enemies' movement; Energy Field and Tendrils turn Purple
  • Cyan Dust (Ice)- Tendrils are extremely cold to touch and give a sharp pain to its victims; Energy Field and Spikes turn Blue


While Hitori lacks in Aura quantity, he makes up for it in skill and Aura potency. Specializing in offensive Aura usage, he can infuse his attacks with Aura very easily, whether with his weapons or in hand-to-hand combat. In defensive uses, he is able to manifest a shield, albeit not as strong as other Aura users, such as Lie Ren, and can take hits, though his Aura doesn't last long against hard-hitting attacks.


Hitori is weak against those who make strong use of Aura. He has low resistance against Dust attacks and other spiritual weaponry. He also has limited long ranged attacks and his tendrils can only reach a certain height, before dispersing. Its energy field origin also allows people to anticipate where the spikes will appear, and dodge the assaulting spike. With his Semblance, Hitori has to keep his enemies either in the direction or on the field for his spikes to hit, as they only go straight. But, his biggest physical weakness is his below-average Aura capacity, which makes him like a glass-cannon. This forces him to rely on his speed and evasion abilities to quickly dispatch his enemies.

Fighting Style

Hitori's fighting style can be called unpredictable and predictable at the same time. His use of fighting to the rhythm of his music poses an advantage, as the different music allows him to use different combos with his chains, knives, and Semblance. The disadvantage to this is that he occasionally uses them in a pattern, making those who are observant be able to anticipate his attacks. His choice of weaponry consists of a high-hit and high-damage combat style. Taka deals high damage at a high speed all over the body, while Kazekiri is quick, precise, and deadly to both a small and large area. Makihige allows him to achieve a multitude of hits on his enemies' body with tendrils, arising from his energy fields. He can move when using his Semblance, allowing for the assassin to attack from multiple angles at once.

In combat, Hitori takes the role of a close and mid-range attacker. Taka and Kazekiri are able to hit from a distance, while he can fight in close quarters with any of his weapons or in hand-to-hand. Kazami's agility allows him to keep up with his adversaries, as well as evade their attacks. His manner of fighting can be described as wild, energetic, aggressive, and violent. True to his personality, Hitori likes to keep moving and throw plenty of hits at his opponents, while at the same time liking to taunt them. His use of rhythmic fighting in combat gives him a sense of flow and benefits from his slender build and acrobatic prowess.
Hitori Kazami's Stats :

Primary Role Assassin
Secondary Role Berserker
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo



  • Arden Forsenthe- Arden and Hitori's relationship is built on mutual respect. Hitori's close range expertise balances out with Arden's superiority in long-range combat. Arden's mellow nature also leveled out Hitori's hyperactive and violent nature. Kazami sees Forsenthe as a good friend and trusts him immensely. 
  • Roux Tierra- Hitori's relationship with Roux is somewhat complicated. The two are opposites in many ways, such as personality, fighting styles, and levels of self-restraint. Roux is often the one to tell Hitori to calm down and be the voice of reason, whenever he gets mad, while Hitori likes to poke fun at Roux, to get a reaction from her. When dealing with his violent tendencies, she knows when to restrain him and when it's fine to let him be. By the time of the Fall, when Hitori more-or-less broke, Roux was there to take to help him.
  • Maur Krieger-


  • Rojo Borgino- As his adoptive father and one of his mentors, Hitori looks up to Rojo immensely. Rojo's the best at calming him down, whenever he breaks down and helps him keep a cool head. Due to their closeness over eight years, Rojo can read Hitori very easily and knows what he's thinking and how he's doing. By the time of the Fall, Rojo and the rest of his team are there to comfort the demoralized student.


  • Iris Phlox- Hitori's best friend who he's known for several years. The two have a platonic relationship and act like brother and sister. While their appearances and personalities differ, the mechanic and assassin hold a protective nature over each other. Hitori often takes care of Iris physically, beating down any people who dare try to hurt her, while Iris watches over Kazami's mentality, keeping him calm in tough situations. The two also love to spar with one another, and Hitori occasionally asks Iris fix his headphones, whenever they're acting up.


  • Kazami means "Watching the wind" implying the use of Green Dust.
  • The word Taka means "Hawk".
  • The word Shiv is a slang term for bladed weapons, such as knives and daggers.
  • The word Kazekiri is Japanese for "Wind Cutter".
  • Makihige is Japanese for "Tendril".
  • Hitori means "Alone" or "One Person", referencing the saying "Black is the Color of Loneliness", which is ironic, because of his friendly and social nature.


  • Hitori's character theme, Niju, is meant to emphasize the darker feelings he tries to keep hidden. His battle theme, China Vox, displays his energetic combat style and manner.
  • Hitori has been involved with the Satan's Legion gang on multiple occasions. Their newly elected leader, Lucifer Iplitan, was the one who gave Hitori the scars on his cheeks when the assassin lost a fight with the mobster. The gang was also the one who killed Hitori's father.
  • His treasured headphones are one of the last products of a once highly successful, now dismantled audio company named "Vintage Sound". While most people wouldn't know about it, the headphones are extremely valuable and are one of the few surviving models.
  • Kazami is the only member of his Team that doesn't use guns.
  • Hitori likes to listen to instrumentals when he's battling, in order to prevent the lyrics from distracting him.
  • Kazami's favorite genres of music to listen to are indie, electronic, and alternative.
  • Hitori actually has a very bad singing voice but makes up for it with his skilled dancing and drumming. He's also known to be able to decently rap.
  • Hitori's base design is inspired by ninjas, shown by his Japanese name, use of stealth and speed, face-mask, weaponry, and dark colored attire.

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