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This world was made for humans. Faunus have no place.
— Ho Chorong
Ho Chorong
Ho Chorong

Fake (by Perry)


Mi-ho emblem




Nine Tails


FemaleIcon Female




White, Silver


Pale white



Hair Color

White with orange highlights

Eye Color


Professional Status

Hominid Circle


Terrorist leader

Personal Status



Ignis Ho (Uncle)

Ho Chorong (호초롱) is an original character created by Hyper Zergling for the RWBY universe.



Chorong is a young woman with long, straight white hair. She wears a white skin-tight bodysuit and a pair of white boots. Chorong is a fox-based faunus, but has had her fox ears surgically removed.


Chorong is cruel and manipulative, characteristics of which are often highlighted by her seductive traits. She enjoys intimidating those who are significantly inferior to her in fighting prowess, and taunting opponents who are closer to her in combat skill level. Chorong's sadism is only exceeded by that of her bodyguard, Iris, whom she often tasks with torturing and then killing prisoners.

Possessing remarkable physical capabilities as well as being the leader of a terrorist organization, Chorong is very used to having others at her feet either through surrender or defeat. Because of this, when events do not go quite the way she plans, Chorong becomes very angry, often resulting in her deterioration of common sense and logical reason. In this state, she degenerates to something more of an angry child instead of her usual femme-fatale persona.

Abilities & Powers

Like much of the RWBY cast, Chorong possesses superhuman strength and speed. Her weapon, Nine Tails, consists of a nine-tailed metallic whip, with each of the tails tipped with hooks used to slash her opponents. As a long-ranged melee weapon, Nine Tails is often used to keep Chorong's opponents at a distance where they cannot strike her in close quarters, whereas she can. Like Lie Ren, Chorong is capable of using her aura to project energy shields around her body to block impacts from most objects.


As a faunus, Chorong suffered a childhood of discrimination. As a child, she befriended a fellow faunus by the name of Perry Tuono, and the two supported each other in overcoming the discrimination around them. Unlike Perry, who was proud of his family's bloodline, however, Chorong despised being a faunus, and wished only to become human. Being a few years older than Perry, Chorong attended Beacon Academy long before he did and no longer kept in touch with him.

During her first two years at Beacon, her desire to be human strengthened significantly, and she had her fox ears and tail surgically removed. When her wishes prompted her to take another step, she quit Beacon and joined an organization called the Hominid Circle. The organization consisted of both humans and faunus-with-surgically-removed-appendages alike, with the goal of eliminating all faunus presence in the world. The Hominid Circle forces any faunus it comes across to remove his/her physical animal traits or face brutal violence and/or termination. Through her dedication, Chorong soon became the leader of the organization. The Hominid Circle inevitably struck at the hometown of Chorong and Perry, and beat Perry's parents to near-death for refusing to cooperate with their intentions. Since the incident, Perry has sworn vengeance upon Chorong and her organization, wanting nothing more than to see their demise.



White Fang

Beacon Academy

Hominid Circle


Perry Tuono

Ignis Ho

Aoi Kawasaki

Iris Spark

Chloe Bowman

Garnet Gallagher

Battles and Events


  • Chorong's weapon, Nine Tails, is a reference to the nine-tailed fox.
  • Chorong's surname, Ho (), is Korean for "fox," and her given name means "glittering."


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