terrible rough draft of hoojoow

“touch me there again and you die”  -hoojoow to linda


name: Hoojoow, the names origin is unknown

age: unknown

gender: male

race: human

hieght: 5'7"

weight: 102 lbs

hair colour: dark blonde (dirty blonde if thats what you prefer)

eyes: red, when angered they look "blank"

team: HAIL


he wears a white tank top covered by a grey t-shirt with a red coat. his pants are navy blue jeans and he wears simple skate shows (similar to the converse brand of shoe) a slab of steel is bolted across a side of his head, a bandanna covers his mouth and chin. an almost quiver looking item holds his halberd.


hoojoow is impatient and easly angered person and will easly put you in a wall if provoked. he prefers bieng alone rather then going with a team. hoojoow is normaly seen as an out going, simple person which is just a "disgiuse" to him. he doesn't care much for the law he often says "it isn't illegal unless your caught" he hates fish. he was raised from birth by the harin family nobody knows his age compared to their daughter (it is assumed at times he is older) all we know is they were sort of friends a long time ago but hoojoow started to drift from the harins after he was told something shocking about himself by a running mine worker and afterwards was soon forgotten by the harins daughter. he ran and was taken in by an orphanage were he then was sent to signal were he met cari but once again he went through a tough time at the orphanage and was forgotten by cari too. he started to take up mercenary jobs to get money and a better place to stay.he then dissapeared and reappeared at becon acadamy.

weapons & abilites

"a halberd at first sight...oh what a mistake" hoojoow wields a huge halberd that is black with white edges (it is named luner grip ) that splits off into a training sword/scimtar and the top becomes a battle axe. the end of the shaft on the halberd is a spike that will fire at  its target with high speed and a chainto keep it attached.the axe can also transform into a rifle. along with all this he can tip any of the blades including the bullets with dust. hoojoow is skilled in weapon use so in the evnt he loses his luner grip he can pick up any other weapon and know how to use at least on functionality i.e. crimson rose's sythe form.


hoojoow was raised by the harin family and at a young age carried out small tasks for them. also while under the care of the harins he was taken to a lab for 2 days every weak. no one can confirm nor deny him bieng older then their daughter although he was friends with her. one day he was walking around the mine that he was taken to by mr.harin. as he was looking down the mine a man came running up and grabbed him and sat down behind a minecart and when the man calmed down he told hoojoow something shocking, something angering, something he couldn't look back on. he stood up and walked over to mr.harin and asked him why all the scientists at the lab called him "project gray" after a moment or two of silence hoojoow said calmly to his care taker "im walking home and asking your wife the same question or better yet i'll tell your daughter and leave forever" after saying this he immediately left with no hesitation. after walking all the way home and to mrs.harin's grave and asked the same question then left to tell the girl and pack up.

years later he resurfaced attending signal and living in an orphanage. hoojoow made friends with a girl named cari while attending signal after she accidently hit him in the head with her staff they talked and had fun till the orphanage switched owners. the new owner was an evil wicked witch who would never let hoojoow go to signal (although that didn't stop him) she abused the children her name was olendra. after months of this he was fed up and dissapeared from the orphanage, from the orphane's memorys and worst of all he took olendra's life with him.

soon afterwards a few small killings were popping up and they found the people connected to each one but they all said they hired a man to do it for them and each the same description of the man. years pass and team rwby goes to becon and at that same time many others also go including are friend hoojoow. "and so are story begins"


  • if you feel the need fix my grammer/spelling go ahead
  • use this character if you want just dont change what i have on him
  • if you want you can make a picture on him and if you comment it i will look at it (i cant draw worth anything)
  • i am WORKING on a story once i have every character done
  • please if you something that dosen't make sense bring it up to me and i'll fix it
  • the name has nothing to do with a color and that is ok

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