Hope Redmond is a wanted criminal along with her brother, Rainer, in league with Junior and his association.


Hope generally has a calm and joyful demeanor. However, this hides her true self: her emotional instability, and frequent bouts of madness. She believes that she is terribly lonely.




Delirium: Hope's weapon. It is a broadsword capable of shooting Dust projectiles. However, the weapon overheats and occasionally has to cool down by venting propellant gases.


  • Rainer Redmond: Rainer is Hope's older brother. The two of them have a dysfunctional relationship, but in combat, they excel together. Little does she know that she is being manipulated by the latter.


This character had a very interesting origin. I read the article on the removal of the Uri siblings from the wikia community. I found it quite fascinating, and quite pitied them, though I do not condone their actions. After gathering enough background information, I decided to manipulate that into writing material. I did this for another reason. I speculated that many of the people who had come into conflict with them would claim that they are better people. I designed this character as a test to see if they really are better than the Uri siblings and to see if they can truly overcome their baggage every time the Uri siblings are mentioned. I'm sorry if I've offended anybody, but I stand by this decision. Thankfully, you can be assured that I've villified them as antagonists.


  • Hope is actually based off of ousted Wikia user Hope "Hope16" Uri.
  • Her physical appearance is based off of Yuuki Asuna from Sword Art Online.
  • Her weapon, Delirium, takes cues from the brake sword used by Zangestsu, the mech in Code Geass.  
  • The surname Redmond comes from Todd Redmond, of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

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