Certain people aren't meant to carry on their ancestors' legacies.
— Hunter Quinley VII
Hunter Quinley VII
Age 18
Title Persona
Alias Reggie, Lance, Quinn, Nigel, Agent #82114207
Nickname Taser, Joker, Brawl
Status Alive
Color Harlequin
Gender Male
Race Human
Born April 1
Handedness Left
Complexion Light Tan
Hair White
Eyes Neon Green
Height 6'0"
Weight 160 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy, Quinley Inc.
Occupation Huntsman
Job Types Siege, Assassination, Assault
Jobs Eliminate Grimm, Seize Enemy Operations, Stop In-Progress Crimes
Personal Status
Relatives Hunter Quinley VI - Father (missing), Meredith Quinley - Mother
Additional Info
Emblem Symbol3
Special Skills Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Bojutsu, Javelin, Long Jump, Pole Vault, Parkour
Character Theme

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Battle Theme

Skillet - Monster

Harvey is the most recent of four generations to be named after his father as part of a long line of revered huntsmen. He is the future of Quinn Corp. - a company dedicated to finding and executing major hunts to bring down evil corporations and iminent Grimm threats - as he is the heir to the family company, just one of the many pressures that caused Hunter to snap like he did.


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Hunter suffers from a severe case of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, also called Multpile Personality Disorder/MPD). The root cause of this disorder is traced back to the abusive training he had to go through as a child, something his father subjected him to personally. Hunter Sr. thought if he trained his son like his father trained him that Hunter would be just as good a huntsman. What he didn't take into account was that Hunter's mind was much more fragile than his own, and shattered under the pressure, splitting into five different identities. Each identity represents an emotion or concept associated with handling its respective burden: Freedom, Rage, Logic, and Conformity.

Harvey: Despite being called his "normal" identity, Hunter is still not the same Hunter he was before the split. This part of himself has resorted to embracing the full power of freedom. He chooses the who, what, when, where, and how in all of his actions despite anyone else. Be it authority, fighting, food, sleep, or opinion, he will make his decisions about it and nobody else can do anything to stop him without a fight. He also enjoys a good joke. This is usually the identity Hunter resets to after an episode.
LochKnown more infamously as being the identity with the most violent tendencies and the thick Scottish accent, Reggie is triggered by witnessing or being subjected to bullying or abuse of that nature. He will lash out aggressively and without a second thought, often seriously injuring his target(s) due to a lack of restraint. Reggie will go away once he is satisfied with his delivered beatings.
QuincyCreated to suffice for Hunter's lack of precision and perfection in the eyes of his father, Lance is the personification of the iceman. He is a cold, heartless, monotonous, calculating machine, whose objectives are to complete the mission and survive, and he will kill to do so. He is robotic in his combat methods and will always follow through with his objectives. This identity is usually triggered by the pressure of an extremely important mission given to him by Quinley Inc. It will typically go away once the misison is completed.
Nigel: This was the uptight passive-aggressive identity Hunter created in spite of his father's constant etiquette corrections. He speaks in a proper English accent and always corrects people on subjects like their grammar or posture. He is sophisticated in his vocabulary and has perfect posture and even walks proper. This identity usually comes out when Hunter feels an excess of passive-aggressiveness toward people who keep correcting him or others in anything they do. He usually goes away when he feels tired of the games.

Normally, Hunter wouldn't be able to function effectively as a huntsman, but his father's "sympathy" compelled Hunter Sr. to design a device that would serve as a sort of glue to hold these pieces of his mind together. It is successful about 90% of the time in preventing an episode, so this occurrence is rare compared to how it used to be. Hunter was originally extremely irritable with it on, as the white noise it produced kept him from focusing. However, he eventually got used to it and doesn't even notice it unless he thinks about it. Luckily if he does, he doesn't think about it for long because his mind will quickly jump to another topic.


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Weapons and Abilities


Hunter's aura has properties similar to plasma, a heated gas containing charged particles. As such, it can execute powers relative in nature to that of lightning and electric sparks, neon lights, and plasma globes. It's for this reason Hunter only uses his semblance in short bursts, as charged attacks equivalent to lightning strikes will often instantly drain him of all his aura.

Ionization: The natural state of plasma's charge is near zero, so Hunter uses Ionization to weaponize it. This works by positively or negatively charging ions to influence the particles to disharge at a high velocity and strike a designated target from a certain distance, ranging from point-blank range to about 100 ft away, decreasing in accuracy the father away the target is. Negatively charged ions are fired as bolts at targets, while positively charged ions actually propel Hunter in a desired direction up to about 10 ft nearly instantly.
Each use of Hunter's semblance takes fractions of a second and burn relatively little aura to discharge. This can also be fired off in rapid succession, almost equivalent to electrocution. This, however, only burns through his aura faster. Ionization works best against metal, as it becomes magnetized the more it influences particles, and has greatly increased accuracy and disorientation facing opponents with larger amounts of metal on their person. He can also tranfer his semblance into his weapon to turn its various forms into electrical weapons.


Hunter is incredibly athletic and is very diverse in fighting techniques, having exceptional skill in several martial arts as well as applying parkour with a few track and field sports. He is also an expert marksman, trained to handle many types of firearms. His style of combat mainly focuses on initially stunning the opponent, immediately following with one to three power strikes to take the opponent down, sometimes requiring a flurry of small strikes to wear the opponent down first. It's a persistent and brutal combat style that leaves opponents with multiple blunt-force traumas.

Judo: The art in which the user manipulates the weight and momentum of his opponent against him to injure or immobilize the opponent. This is a useful martial art facing larger enemies.
Taekwondo: The art of emphasizing kicks and punches from a mobile stance. It applies almost perfectly to any style of combat where the user is in constant motion.
Hapkido: The art of combining traditional Eastern weapons with a joint-locking technique to immobilize the opponent. This adds onto Bojutsu by increasing the range of uses for a bo staff.
Bojutsu: The art of wielding a bo staff in combat. This applies the range of a staff and the concentrated force it can bring on an opponent, as well as its sturdiness and length being able to disarm an opponent.
Javelin: The sport in which a player throws a long spear-like object long distances. This is applied in combat by throwing the staff at an opponent to stun and allow an opening for an attack.
Long Jump: The sport in which a player attempts to jump the farthest using a specific technique. This is usually applied in foot travel to cross large gaps.
Pole Vault: The sport in which a player uses a long pole to lunge over tall obstacles. This skill is adapted to fit a smaller staff and to clear distance rather than height.
Parkour: The street sport of advanced foot travel using complicated maneuvers to overcome most manmade obstacles. If executed properly, this skill can be effectively used as an offense against opponents.
Marksmanship: The practice of using high-velocity projectile weapons. While manual weapons like the bow and arrow are included here, firearms are the main focus of this practice.


Geartower: Hunter's weapon of choice, the standard form of this Multi-Weapon Incursion Staff (MWIS) is a silver gunmetal bo staff. Unlike many huntsman weapons, this weapon has more than just two standard forms, and each form is either a firearm or a non-lethal melee weapon. Every weapon form is tailored specifically to fire or generate Hunter's neo-plasma aura through channeling. The major upside of this weapon is that it has full-range coverage in combat, so each mod allows Hunter to attack from a different distance each time. The problematic downside to this is that the weapon is not designed to accept actual ammunition, so Hunter is unable to fire his weapon whenever he burns up his aura, shrinking his attack range by more than half.

Staff Mod: 
Baton Mod
Mace Mod: 
Gauntlet Mod: 
Sniper Mod: 
Rifle Mod:
Shotgun Mod: 
Flaregun Mod: 

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