You can't kill what's already dead.
— Ian

Ian Harbinger
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team DISC
Occupation Hunter


Ian is a very tall and bulky male with short black hair and piercing red eyes. His build is incredibly muscular, with absolutly no fat whatsoever. Both his face and body are heavily scarred from hundreds of fights with Grimms. There is a single, very obvious scar that runs the entire length of his body, perfectly bisecting him in half. 

Ian's clothing is rather simple, consisting of a pair of combat fatigues and a grey tank top. His weapons take the form of a pair of grey gloves with large steel bracers attached.


Serious to the core, Ian was the level headed one out of the original Team DISC. At the same time, he tended to get the menial jobs, often being used as bait or as a distraction during mission. Despite the obvious mistreatment from his team mates, Ian continues to view them in a good light, not hesitating to help them whenever they ask.

After a certain event however, Ian's personality took a turn for the worst. He is now a silent individual who exists solely to eradicate his enemies, regardless of the cost. He often uses borderline suicidal methods to complete missions, only surviving due to his immense experience and skill. His moral sense is also gone, with Ian not hesitating to kill innocents in order to complete a mission. 

Nessus Lament

Weapon: Zero Range Augumentation Gauntlets (ZRAG)

Type: Melee

Weapon Deriviation: Boxing gloves, Battering ram.

Ian's weapon of choice is a pair of gauntlets known as Zero Range Augumentation Gauntlets (ZRAG). The weapons work by augumenting the power of the user's punches through the use of explosives. Upon contact with the opponent, an explosion launches a minature battering ram into the opponent, dealing heavy damage to the bones and internal organs.


Ian relies on power and reslience to defeat his opponents. Thanks to his weapon, Ian doesn't need to unleash barrages of punches in order to take them down. One or two clean blows from Nessus Lament can take down most Grimms. Regardless of the opponent however, Ian does not step backwards, instead choosing to rush blindly at the opponent in order to score a clean hit. This suicide rush type tactic is the origin of Ian's scars.

Combat Style

Ian relies on pure tenacity during his fights. Instead of calmly fighting and adapting to the situation, Ian rushes forwards and fires off punches at the chinks and openings within his opponent's defences. The phrase "An eye for an eye." is probably the best way to describe Ian's combat style. It's ultimatly an endurance test, with Ian and his opponent trading blows until one of them falls. 


  • Ian is based upon Hercules of Greek Mythology.
  • The name Ian means "God is Forgiving." This is a reference to the 12 Trials of Hercules that Hercules undertook in order to earn forgiveness from the Olympians.
  • Harbinger means One who indicates or foreshadows. This is a reference to the prophecy stating that Hercules' birth meant that the war against the Giants would soon be upon the Olympians, a war that only could only be won with Hercule's help.  
  • Nessus is the name of the centaur that Hercules kills. Nessus' blood had acidic qualities, and was responsible for Hercules' eventaul death.
  • Lament is a word used to describe a mournful song, generally heard at funerals. 
  • Ian recieved his scar during Cassian's betrayal.

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