Name: Ianus (pronounced "jan-os")

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weapon: Ap Paratus (Intuitive Systems Access Lance)

Semblance: Intuitive Comprehension

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 144 lbs

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Team: K I A N

Color: Red

Symbol: Red Door


Ianus is a pale young man in a burgundy suit.

His eye color shifts from blue to red in dark situations.


Ianus is very quiet and awkward. Unfamiliar people make him nervous so it takes him a long time to make friends. He prefers to study rather than to fight and his talents allow him to make use of technology around him, though this action takes some time to prepare.

In dark and disturbing situations, he begins to take on an alternate persona that "likes to watch."


Ianus was raised to be a leader. Cited as a prodigy, he was trained to fight and to coordinate large forces in times of war. Sadly, he lacked the constitution and mental fortitude for violence and was traumatized by his overly aggressive trainers.

Powers & Abilities

Ianus is a brilliant young man. Theoretically, he could lead a country if taking charge and dealing with people didn't frighten him so much.

His weapon is a spear which allows him to access computer systems as it doubles as a Dust-powered remote interface. His semblance allows him the innate understanding required to manipulate complex systems.


I originally created Ianus as the de facto leader of an alien planet for another RP, but the RP never got off the ground.

His weapon is a take I created on the Keyblade.

Ianus means "gateway".

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