Icarus Chibi
Age 19
Color Yellow
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Slightly pale.
Hair Blonde
Eyes Orange
Height 6'0"
Weight 180
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon 3rd year
Additional Info
Emblem 50px
Weaknesses sudden bright light

"There are times you don't ask, you just shoot." -Icarus

This character is the property of CeroWest


Icarus is fairly headstrong and prone to violence. He'd rather shoot his way out of a situation than talk because it's easier. This often leads to tension between his allies in battle. He does know when to stay quiet and to let others take over, but it doesn't stop him from making a sarcastic remark before he does. Despite his lack of patience, he loves to read.

Weapons and Abilities

His weapon is a shifting revolver named Ninvolver. In it's dormant form, it looks like an average revolver with a dust chamber. There is a small button on the grip below the trigger. When the button is pressed the revolver transforms into a ninjato version of Myrtenaster, but the holder for the chamber and the chamber itself are smaller. He only has two Dusts in it and both are kinetic energy dusts.


Icarus grew up in Vale. His parents are employed by the Schnee Dust Company, and as a result, he was alone a lot of the time. His parents made up for this by bringing him books about the myths and lore of different civilizations. Due to reading the books over and over he can recite them all on cue. He attends beacon to be on the team with his friends.


He does not use a clip, he has to reload each bullet by hand.

He is also highly affected by sudden flashes. Whether it's a camera flash or a flash bang.

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