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Free is a myth, yet lies a chain of the past
— Idina Caliber

Idina Caliber
Idina Caliber
Age 18
Status Active
Color Iris
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Purple
Eyes Red
Semblance Dancing In The Dark
Height 5'10
Weight 57kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team CIST
Partner Crystal Nelde
Occupation Student
Jobs Engineer
Additional Info
Emblem Idina Symbol
Likes Lollipop, clothes, cooking, weapon fixing, shopping.
Dislikes Sexist, cheater, anyone who make a move on her teammates.
Character Theme

Run Devil Run


Idina appears as a young woman with fair complexion, iris colored hair and blood red eyes. Her hair is pulled in a tall side ponytail on the right, which is iron curled. She is tall, slim with some muscles, but not too much.

Idina dressed mainly in white and purple, with some black, brown and gold. She wears a white bolero jacket over a black and light purple tank top with indigo stripes, and a brown strap to hold the end of the jacket to her form. The inside of the bolero is light purple, and there are yellow trim on the sides of her jacket. Along her sleeves are two zippers that are often zipped up to her elbows. Idina wears a pair of pants that is similar to her jacket, with a brown belt with several spikes across her waist. The sleeves of the pants are also zipped up like her jacket, revealed a pair of brown tights underneath. She wears high heeled boots with silver cuffs around her ankles and silver tips.

Idina wears a purple neck ribbon with a single amethyst at the end, a pair of black gloves with silver crest in the palm and a white wedge cap with gold lining on top.

Her clothes are made from insulate material.


Idina is an overly-confident and spoiled individual - being an heiress, who never seems to take almost anything around her serious enough and is always seen doing whatever she enjoys doing most. She is talkactive, casual and flirty person who enjoy doting on other people - especially her friends. While she rarely display it, Idina is actually very over-protective of her friends, to the point that she can come off treating them as her personal property.

However, underneath that, she is very sadistic and dominating. Idina looked down upon people who are from a lower rank compare to her (and the majority of Faunus) and if given the chance, she will make fun and mock of them. She isn't above using sex in order to get what she wants, but never display an interest in engaging in a romantic relationship: It was because of a past experience that leaves a scar in her heart, and Idina will be wary about it.

Her hobbies included weapon fixing and cooking. She is actually very generous when it comes to it, and will fix other people's weapon free of charge or plan menu for upcoming parties - sometimes she'd even cook them herself!


Idina was born at Mistral to a Huntress mother and scientist father. She spent her first few years there, before moved to Atlas to live with her dad while her mom starts returning to her Huntress career.

There, Idina is raised within the headquarter of the Caliber Industry - one of the largest weapon companies in Atlas specialized in home security system and self defense weapons. There, she was taught of the family's business, as well as given private tutor of weapon designing. Idina is also sometimes got featured on the monthly Caliber magazine.

Eventually, her dad introduced her to the underground city - Regne dels Dimonis and promised that one day she will be the next ruler of the city. Blissfully unaware of what it means, she accepted it and became the heiress of the Caliber indutry.

Not too long afterward, Idina was approached by Tristan Silas - the sole heir of the Silas company, and she fell in love for the first time. The two of them was inseparable to the point that everyone who knew them was sure that they would get married eventually. But all of it fell apart when Tristan took advantage of his position in order to get close to her father and severaly wounded him, before declared himself as the new ruler of the city and drove her out.

Left with no choice, Idina took her father to Mistral to seek for her mother with a broken heart. After telling her mother everything, Idina stayed there and attended to Sanctum Academy (subjected to change if the academy isn't in Mistral), as well as receiving intense training lesson from her mother. She even went so far as going on short, mercenary missions with her mother - her personality got rubbed on Idina since.

After Idina graduated from Sanctum, her mother sent her off with a piece of information on Tristan's whereabout, along with a transcription. She then managed to track down his airship, where a fierce battle took place and resulted into the entire airship crashed into the ocean near Vale.

Idina was last seen at the gate of Beacon the following day.

Weapon and ability:


Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

Idina's weapon of choice is a pair of High Voltage High-heels (HVHH) named Guilty Pleasure. They look just like an expensive pair of boots one can only find in the mall with highest price tag, and made from high quality insulating material with the heels crafted from pure silver, with a Dust slot in each heel. When it charges with Electric Dust, it can reach up 5,000V/10mA and can knock the living day lights out of anyone who is kicked by Idina, leaving them paralyzed. She can control the amount of energy unleashing from her heels, and direct it to where she wants it to land in form of whip.

Guilty Pleasure can be charged other types of Dust as well. But Idina prefers to use Lightning Dust.

In addition, she wears water-proof gloves with silver crest on the palm of her gloves. The crest can also absorb a small amount of lightning from her heels and then can be used to shock her enemies.


She has high pain endurance, able to fight long battles. An expert on medium range combat, with her weapons she can unleash lightning and control them in form of whips at a minimal range of 20 feet around her. She is also good at close combat, having excellent balance and hand/eye coordination. Since Idina is taught to dance when she was young, she applied her dancing skill in battle. Idina often leaps high up in the air every times she is about to unleash her lightning.

She is also good at information gathering, and is later revealed to have take several mercenary contracts 'for fun' - as she claimed. Idina is good at weaponry; in fact, most of team CIST's weapon is fixed and maintained by her.

Her Aura is a shade of light purple, and her particle is purple smoke.

Idina's Semblance is "Dancing In The Dark" - She is capable of hiding and travelling between shadows - as long as they are within her sight and are the same size or larger than herself. When in used, Idina's Aura will form a pair of bat wings and devil tail, as well as her sclera turning black.

In Battle:


  • While on her own, Idina fights as if she is dancing. Her fighting method is a bit different than other kick-base fighters: Instead of doing a solo dance-like set of moves, she grabs onto her enemies, paralyzes them one by one and uses them to support herself and attacks other in a tango-like combo - fully represents the phrase "It takes two to tango".

With Team:

  • Her fighting remains the same when fighting with her teammates - but as her Semblance comes in play, Idina becomes deadlier. She'd lure her enemy into her realm and attack them rapidly - without giving them a chance to react.


  • Idina Symbol

    Idina's Symbol

    Idina cares about Crystal a lot, and she won't let anyone hurt her feeling. She acts like a best friend/sister figure around her, and they do everything together. Crystal's gentleness keeps Idina calm whenever she is upset/angry, and she often teases her to see her 'cute' reactions (I.e: Kissing her on the nose/tickles).
  • She thinks Sirce needs to sociallize more, and will pull absolutely any pranks to get to hear her voice - she has heard Sirce's singing before, and she thinks her voice is amazing. Idina is willing to fix her weapon when she asks.
  • Tianee is adorable, but since she keeps trying to look mature in everyone's eyes, Idina often takes the opportunity to mess with her. Let's just say that it's very rare for her to not piss Tianee off when she has a conversation with her.


  • Idina is a shopaholic and she is in charge of team CIST's clothes.
  • Idina has a private airjet named "Poison Ivy".


  • Idina Caliber is created on july 28th, 2013.
  • Idina is alludes to the "succubus"
  • Idina is alludes to the Princess from "The Frog Prince".
  • Idina is the Scottish version of "Edina", which means "wealth" or "blessed" which related to the color "yellow" or "gold". Her full name means "Weapons of the Wealth"
  • Weapon reference sheet is done by Jo




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