Why do we have to carry the burden of those that came before us?

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Fan Fiction:
Ignis æterni
Author Maki Kuronami
Genre Fantasy, Action, Comedy
Perspective First
Narrator Various
Official Characters Ozpin,

Glynda Goodwitch,

Team RWBY (Mentioned),

Team JNPR (Mentioned)

Fan-made Characters See Cast

Description: Regarding Ignis æterni.

Ignis æterni

Ignis æterni is a fanfic made by Maki Kuronami, with permission from KuraiJack, CaptainRAZOR322 and The MB to use their characters. Due to boredom, it was on hiatus for a while, and will be re-written, thanks to newfound info within RWBY.


To be redone...


To be redone...


Beacon Academy

  • Ozpin
  • Glynda Goodwitch



# Chapter Name Summary
0 Prologue ???
1 The Initiation Details the formation of Team MAID, as well as introduces the main cast. Narrated by Maki Kuronami.
2 Duties in Beacon Details the daily lives of the MAIDs in Beacon. Narrated by Ivory Dietrich.
3 Bonds that Connect Details the MAIDs first meeting with Team SLMN and Team MANA. Narrated by Azalea Rappaccini.
4 Involvement Introduction of Astraea, Melira and Arya. Narrated by Margarethe Lorelei and Suika Natsuko.
5 Those Who Came Before Introduction of the rest of Team EHVA and Giovane Orfeo. Narrated by Elena Maxwell.
6 Supremacy Above All Details the first encounter of Team MANA with Arya. Narrated by Natalia Aurelius.
7 Revenge Details the first time Maki fights the leader of Astraea, Xanadu Kuroha. Narrated by Maki Kuronami.
8 A Swordmaster Introduction of Lune Rouge. Narrated by Lune Rouge.
9 End of the World Details Arya's goals. Introduction of Nyarlathotep. Narrated by Maki Kuronami.

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