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Prologue is the... prologue of Ignis æterni, detailing the past of the members of Team MAID. It's narrated by Melira "Goldstein".

We've got to Believe in Something


Let it be known that I have written this story based on my interpretation... Though they are the closest to the truth, far more so than what these four would have told you. Knowing this, read with a clear mind. Read with a thoughtful mind and know what binds them together to this day.

My Apologies. This is a story written for you... May we meet in another life with a stronger bond than this one. Farewell...

Act 1: The Descendant of Haruna

No matter how you look at it, history will repeat itself.

Born in the southern regions of Vytal, was a child descended from the cursed bloodline of the Kuronami.

In ages past, Haruna Kuronami, founder of the unofficial Grimm killer of their village was rumored to have consumed the Grimm she had killed, which may have contributed into her fall to madness. For the common man, it would be better to say that it was a state of bloodlust.

She had a son before insanity consumed her and she disappeared from the village. Likewise, he had demonstrated the same behavior once he started doing the same thing.

Three generations ago, this was stopped. Though the loss of humanity may have some beneficial effects, it is clear that they would eventually kill themselves if they persist in such troubling behavior.

With the birth of Natsuya Kuronami, this behavior within their family was stopped entirely. That does not mean, however, that their curse is over.

Shizune Kuronami, Natsuya's daughter, died giving birth to her own daughter, Maki Kuronami.

As such, she was raised by her father, who is among the few remaining Grimm killers in their village. At the age of five, when she had nothing to do at home, she decided to come with her father during his hunt.

It is safe to say that this is where her lust her battle will begin.

She saw her father kill a monster before her. Though it is an enemy of humanity, that does not invalidate that her father demonstrated the act of killing to her at such an early age. This is important, because breaking the shell of idealism is a common tradition among the Grimm killers.

To hunt the most dangerous creatures of Vytal, an aspiring Grimm killer must sacrifice their childhood innocence.

And thus, Maki Kuronami offered her own. She continued to come with her father and witness him kill Beowolf after Beowolf. A sight that may traumatize a young child.

Maki was not terrified. Subconsciously, she enjoyed this macabre scene. She did not realize this until her father commissioned her sword to be made.

The Lost Wing, named symbolically to the Maki's nature as birds who have no true goal. Perhaps.

It was when she received her weapon that her true prowess becomes prominent.

Killing Grimm.

In the age of 9, she began hunting in her father's stead. Using the knowledge she gained by observing her father in battle, she developed what would eventually be called the 2nd Generation Kuronami Fencing.

One time during her many hunts in the forest, she was stained with the blood of a Beowolf she gutted. Covered in Grimm blood, in the distance, she may look like a humanoid Grimm. This was the case when a recently graduated Huntsman encountered her during one of his escapades.

"Aren't you a little young to be fighting the Grimm?" he said, wiping her face which which was stained with her kill earlier.

Maki stepped back, pointing at her kill, which began to dissolve. "You can't be too young to do anything. I can handle myself just fine!" she replied.

The Huntsman recognized that she may be a great Huntress later on, as such "I think you have what it takes, then. Have you been to a combat school?" he asked, showing a map of Vale.

It was through him that Maki learned of Signal Academy in Vale. The location is quite distant from their home, so she had to save up.

And so she did. Using the money she earned from hunting Grimm as well as doing mundane jobs around the village, she gained enough money to send her to Vale and back.

And thus, she reached a dream that many would have wanted... and tossed it aside.

She arrived in Signal, but it less than two weeks, found the lessons not suited to her tastes. And she despised the idea that they need to create their own weapon. She dropped out and planned to return back to her village to continue what she is already great at.

That was her plan. But the universe is not known for complying to a single person.

When she had arrived home, her village was stained with blood. The blood of the Grimm, the blood of her fellow villagers and the blood of her father. Pity, is it not?

Standing in the center of the village was a woman wearing a Grimm mask. No doubt one of the culprits of this incident.

Maki's mind went blank. She had experienced the death of a thousand Grimm, but this is the first time she saw human death. The sight of human blood caused her mind to become unhinged.

Kill or be killed...

This is what raced through her mind the entire night. She ran through the forest, killing everything in her path. There was nothing more to lose. If she dies, no one will bat an eye. If everything dies, then she will have had her revenge.

A genocide of human life occurred in the village. A genocide of Grimm life occurred in the forest. That region was a whirlwind of death and despair. In the center of them, was an exhausted Maki, having tired herself out. There was no one left to kill. There only remained herself, near-death from fatigue. She collapsed on the spot.

The next day, her mind was clearer. She had indeed lost everything, she had to accept that. But what she did not lose was her life.

She still had a reason to live. Her revenge was not complete. But at the moment, her main goal was to bury the remains of every human who died that night.

Not quite an easy task, considering more than half of them were mutilated, barely resembling human corpses at that point. Perhaps what struck her the most was the headless corpse of her father near the bakery.

He was a skilled Grimm killer, yet he still perished. Such was the tragedy this child had to endure.

She returned home, finding a gift her father planned to give her on her 15th birthday, as well as the family heirloom. Her mother's glasses...

And Anastasia, Haruna Kuronami's flintlock pistol.

With these in hand she left her old life behind, becoming a wanderer who assisted villages from the Grimm.

But while her intentions were noble, her inner bloodlust has awakened. She wanted to become a Huntress in order to hunt the Grimm, but is that all in her mind?

No. She derived pleasure in killing Grimm. It was the vice she developed, the same that her ancestors had. This is the reason the Kuronami family is cursed.

Every sin must be payed for. Even those of your ancestors. You may run from them, but sooner or later, you will eventually confront them. It won't be easy, and you can definitely die. However, paying with your life is the easiest way to go... So why bother to run?

Eventually, she arrived in Vale, no doubt older and more experienced that she was years ago. By chance, she encounter a Dust Shop robbery, which was soundly handled by a professor from Beacon.

This professor, who happens to be the same Huntsman that Maki encountered many years ago.

Through the whims of fate, the two are reunited, with Maki considering enrollment to Beacon thanks to his recommendation.

This is where her story truly begins. Read on, for this was written especially for you. Do not take my apology for granted. Not at this time.

Act 2: The Travelling Doctor-in-Training

It's easy to say that medicines are double-edged swords. They will save a life... or end a life. None can truly say how useful they truly are.

One may not find a difference between a cure and a venom. That is the story of Azalea Giacomo Rappaccini.

Born in Mistral from the bonds of Dr. Rappaccini and Dr. Giacomo, Azalea was a child gifted with an overabundance of misfortune.

Her father died in a lab accident, for starters. Which caused her to be known as Azalea Giacomo.

When she reached age 5, she volunteered for a little experiment by her mother that gave her a strong immunity to poison.

When she reached age 13, she applied for a medical school, but was forced into Sanctum by her maternal grandfather, who commissioned a weapon for her.

The Heliotropium, a massive weapon of many functions. It can do many things, but be light enough to be carried.

She was bullied for her knowledge in the strange fields of botany. As a way to cope, she began smoking tobacco. This contributed into her further isolation from the students of Sanctum, who viewed her as a freak of nature.

It all culminated into her attempting to commit suicide. Despite her immunity to poison, her body cannot handle a strong dosage of such, but her immunity was strong enough that she merely fell into a comatose.

She eventually 'recovered', with the birth of an individual within her, metaphorically speaking.

This would be her second persona, known as Beatrice. She emerges on rare occasions, using the skills that Azalea has learned, but refused to acknowledge.

The result was further alienation, due to her surviving her own suicide, she was further deemed a freak of nature throughout all of Sanctum.

Glynda Goodwitch learned about her easily as result when she came to visit Mistral at that time. She offered Azalea a quick way into Beacon Academy in a few years due to her skills with medicine.

"I know that you feel rather oppressed here in Sanctum. Which is why I'm offering you a quick pass to Beacon." she said, showing a letter to her.

Azalea stared at the letter presented to her. Tempting. However... "I must refuse. I don't think I'm cut out for a Huntress... Not yet." she replied, gently pushing back the letter to Glynda.

She tilted her glasses. This was a rare event that someone would refuse invitation to Beacon. However, this can be justified that the girl was no ready for the life of a Huntress yet. She stood up, saying "It is a surprise that someone would refuse invitation to Beacon... I will respect your decision, Ms. Giacomo. Perhaps the life of a Huntress isn't for you yet."

This resulted in the final straw on her life of misfortune. Her grandparents where furious of her refusal to enter Beacon Academy, forming a rift between her and her mother's relationship. This culminated into her running away from home, now calling herself Azalea Rappaccini.

She traveled across Vytal, calling herself a Doctor-in-Training. At day she settles in a village and treats anyone who may have a disease or so. At night, she hunts Grimm, usually as Beatrice.

Time passes, and she eventually reached Vale, encountering a few Hunters that she had helped in the past. Through their recommendation, she was enrolled to Beacon.

This is where her story truly begins. Read on, for this was written especially for you. Do not take my apology for granted. Not at this time.

Act 3: The White Detective

Knowledge is the ultimate weapon in this universe. There are many who crave it like it is a vice.

However, there are very few on this world who can use knowledge for the right thing.

A select few are known as Detectives. Ivory Dietrich is the son of one suc detective in Vale.

Detective Jet Dietrich was an infamous detective known for avoiding Faunus-related cases. He was skilled, but too old for his work.

He brooded Ivory as his successor, thinking he would have appreciated it.

Ivory did not. He had the dream of becoming a Huntsman. He applied to Signal Academy but was discharged after an accident when he was forging his weapon occurred. Fate has a way of things and this was the case here.

Ivory reconsidered his father's teachings, now gaining curiosity for solving crimes alongside him.

Her mother, noticing this growing interest with solving crimes, bought him peculiar books that are associated with the mystery genre. This helped him immensely, granting him knowledge on par with his own father, and a sense of justice.

When he reached age 15, he was now a full-fledged detective almost on the same level as his father.

But he lacked one aspect that his father was a skilled master at.

He can discover who the culprit is, and how they performed the crime. However, he has trouble deciphering why they can perform the crime, often leaving it to the police to handle the rest.

At age 17, the streets of Vale became rather dangerous, making him consider learning how to fight. Due to how late he decided to prepare for combat, his skills ended up lacking.

Her mother sent him to his grandfather's home, a retired Huntsman. There, he created his own weapon, based on the weapons is grandfather used.

The White Darkness, an ironic name referring to the white glint it shows and it's stealthy capabilities.

In a span of several weeks, he mastered the basics. However, he didn't learn any further skills, due to his grandfather's deteriorating health.

Returning to Vale, he discovered that Headmaster Ozpin had noticed his father and his skills.

Ozpin sat down, drinking a coffee offered to him by Ivory's mother. "So, you are Ivory Dietrich. Son of Jet Dietrich. I've heard of the many cases you've solved wit your father." he remarked.

"Yes, I've resolved quite a dozen with my dad. Though he's a little old to do solve anymore crimes. It hurts his head you see." Ivory replied "Which is why I mostly do all of them alone now."

"At such a young age? Impressive. You do take after your father... Tell me do you happen to have any skills in combat?" Ozpin said, taking another sip from his mug.

Ivory hesitated, before taking out his weapons "Yes, though I've only mastered the basics that my grandfather thought me." he replied.

Not wanting him to waste away as a detective forever, Ozpin offered him a chance to come to Beacon, making his story come full circle.

"Tell me, do you have a dream to become a Huntsman? I can say that an intellectual such as yourself may prove useful for other future Hunters." Ozpin said, before standing up and offering his hand. "This is to prepare you for the real world. You know it too don't you? The Grimm..."

A dream may be shattered early in life, but it is never too late to reach it.

"It would be an honor, Headmaster." Ivory replied.

This is where his story truly begins. Read on, for this was written especially for you. Do not take my apology for granted. Not at this time.

Act 4: The Nameless Huntress

One's identity is the greatest treasure that the gods will ever give. If you will ever lose it, then you may as well have died.

Such is the case of one nameless child, who was found in the ruins of Emerald Forest many years ago. She held a broken weapon, an incredibly advanced one to note.

Headmaster Ozpin kept the weapon she held, having it repaired.

She was placed in the care of a retired swordmaster huntsman. Strict and stern but caring and loving, he trained her in the way of the sword and often took her to Vale in order to buy her treats and the like.

She began calling herself Vita Esmeralda, named such after her location of origins.

At age 10, she came face to face with the weapon she clutched years ago, now repaired and ready for use.

The Celestial Reaper, fittingly named due to it's destructive potential.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there is a time for everything. And her reunion with the accursed weapon was years early.

For she did not have the knowledge to use it just yet.

She claimed it was due to her losing control of her weapon. This is false. She made a false assumption due to how young she was.

The truth? It was her aura that she lost control.

She knew at heart how to use the weapon, after all, it was made for her. However, an aspect of her memory is tied there. When she remembered, her aura activated by instinct, which overcharged her weapon, causing it to have the same effect when it is overflowing with Dust.

An explosion. One that killed her mentor. Her father figure.

In her panic, she tossed aside her weapon, retreating from the gruesome scene. Ozpin later arrived, taking back her weapon, which was now inactive after the brief outburst.

Esmeralda developed a fear of swords after that incident. She fled to a snowy forest, where she found an abandoned cottage to rest in. She remained there for quite some time, dropping contact from humanity... with the exception of one.

A little red riding hooded girl who was a regular in that area. Esmeralda only watched her from a distance, afraid she may make the same mistake. She watched from far-out how the hooded girl eviscerates Beowolves after Beowolves with skill and finesse.

Perhaps it was due to the child's confidence in battle that Esmeralda was inspired to confront her own trauma and forge herself a weapon.

Not an easy task, I would personally say. She needed to find the materials to forge her weapon. To say it took almost a year is not an understatement.

But, through sheer perseverance, she succeeded. A weapon simple in design was born.

It was Freyja. Named after the mother of the Valkyries of Odin. Fitting, considering who Esmeralda truly is in another life...

She stood resolute, now having overcome her trauma, she was ready to return to civilization. She now calls herself Dunkelblau Noname.

At age 18, she arrived back to Vale, where she was later found by a Huntress, who recognized her from many years ago.

In a matter of hours, she was face to face with Ozpin, giving her back the Celestial Reaper.

"I'm afraid you left this." he said.

Noname looked at the accursed weapon for a while, considering whether to take it or not.

"...Right." she answered, clutching the Celestial Reaper. "If I wanna repent, then I shall do so by learning how to use this weapon. I thank you, Headmaster Ozpin, for keeping it intact." she gave a bow of respect.

Ozpin stood up, before saying "I would like to offer you a scholarship to Beacon. You are welcome to stay here, as long as you comply by the standards of the academy."

"It would be an honor, Headmaster." Noname replied.

This is where her story truly begins. Read on, for this was written especially for you. Do not take my apology for granted. Not at this time.


The four stood in the edge of Beacon Cliffs, alongside many others. This is the day they've waited for. Though now they do not know each other.

In the future... they will be witnesses to a story that will never be told. A tale that I, personally will write. A story that you will read.

Do this, in memory of me. Once again, I asked for your forgiveness.

-Melira "Goldstein"

Chapter End

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