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The hell is a landing strategy?!
— Maki

The Initiation is the first chapter of Ignis æterni, detailing the future members of Team MAID's arrival to Beacon. It's told from the perspective of Maki Kuronami. This... makes it rather biased.


Fuck. Fuck! 

I scratched my head, thinking how I should start this.

It's just a few days after the Inititation and now I'm writing this crap. How am I gonna remember the best details? Screw it. I'm gonna write it as how I've remember it. It's gonna be biased but how would Professor Rudolf know that?

Fuck... I hate this...

Act 1: Maki Kills Stuff

[Heat Haze - Rengoku Teien]
H haze

Right. So what the hell am I doing? I thought to myself, as I leaned on the walls of the airship.

I'm a student heading for Beacon, but you should know that crap already. I'm Maki Kuronami. You can call me Maki-Maki. But I'll punch you in the jugular if you say that out loud for the world to hear.

A hologram of Glynda Goodwitch appeared, making a speech about how everything is all cute and rainbow and the like. Funny, just earlier there was a news report about White Fang wrecking the collective asses of a protest. To be honest, I really don't give a damn. All I need is to graduate, become a Huntress and skin me some Grim. It's not like we would need any teammates, right?

...Yeah, I pretty much jinxed myself saying that.

In a bit the airship lands, some red-hooded girl has a freak out over weapons and I get to the ampetheater, where Headmaster Jackass makes a speech about how we're all wasting energy or whatever. I didn't really care that much. Speeches like that are just shit they say to make you strive to do better. I'm already the best, what more do you need?

Later that night, I hit the sack, some idiots have an argument. This is the best sleepover ever. I want it to stay like this. Forever. Goddamnit.

So we get called into Beacon Cliffs. We have to retrieve some relic or some crap and whoever we make eye contact with after landing will become my teammate.

Wait, teammate? Landing? The hell is this? A comedy routine? I looked around for anyone I can recognize, and there was one. An older girl wearing a black hood. She made eye contact as well. I suppose that's a silent agreement that we can work together.

Soon enough, the student beside me gets launched. Ozpin mentions something about a landing strategy. Should I have one? Then I got launched as well.

"The hell is a landing strategy?!" I exclaimed, soaring through the air, trying to get my bearings. When I regained my balance, I scoured for the highest tree and aimed my sword towards it. I tossed so it pierces well enough for me to land on.

I made my way down the tree, using a little climbing technique I learned as a kid. When I landed, I was greeted by a goddamn Ursa.

[Liberated Liberator - zts - Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru]

I twirled my sword, so that the serrated edge is in the front instead. "Com'on, you furball of death." I said, baiting it into attacking me.

When it lunged, I made a spinning slash towards it's torso and slide underneath it. Though not a decisive blow, it would hurt as hell. I jumped up in the air and stabbed it right through it's skull. It died instantly. I tried pulling out my sword. It's stuck.

"Oh for the love of- Damnit!" I tried yanking it. Still no luck. I think I overdid it when I stabbed it through it's head. I place my left foot on it's face and attempted another pull, this time, managing to pull it out, but causing me to fall off the bear. "Sheesh, a pain in the ass, your friggin' face is." I remarked as I walked away.

After a few minutes, I began to hear gunshot. Pretty damn loud too. I tried following the sound, eventually reaching a clearing where the hooded girl from earlier is seen, kicking the collective asses of a bunch of Beowolves. Notably, there's an Alpha Beowolf. I grinned.

I leapt off the bushes I was hiding in, cutting a swath to three Beowolves as I reached her. "Yo, am I late?" I asked.

"Yeah. By three minutes." she replied. Her weapon is HUGE. It's a naginata with an anti-tank rifle above it. Furthermore, the blade is Dust-enhanced.

It's utterly ridiculous. How could she carry that block of metal without breaking her back?

[The Incomplete Stone - NieR]
The Incomplete Stone

A Beowolf lunged towards us, Azalea specifically, and she made a graceful sidestep move, followed by stabbing the Beowolf in the neck, and shooting it's head off.

I won't let her trump me. I slid underneath her, cutting the legs of a Beowolf that tried to sneak attack her. She repaid the favor by making a wide swing that cuts down four Beowolves at once.

There's only three more remaining, including the Alpha.

"By the way, what's your name?" she asked while reloading her rifle.

"Maki Kuronami. You'd best remember that awesome name." I answered. "How about you?"

"Azalea Rappaccini. I remember treating your back before." she replied.

She's referring to a silly incident where I was defending a small village when an Ursa managed to hit me in the back, leaving a bloody as hell gash. Luckily, she was passing by, so she managed to treat the injuries before they were fatal. I'm a bit thankful.

"Psch. I just got surprised. Is all. I won't let it happen again." I retorted.

The Alpha howled, making the two remaining Beowolves attack us. Unlike the rest, these two were a bit competent.

One performed a two hit swipe on me, forcing me to be on the defensive. The second one jumped above me, striking Azalea, and knocking her down her rear. Sheesh, I knew her weapon is ridiculous.

I did a rising slash on the Beowolf in front of me, kicking it's face to send me towards the Beowolf attacking Azalea. A did a spinning motion in the air, to increase the force of my strike, allowing me to cut the Beowolf in half.

At this point, Azalea managed to stand up again and sidestepped to avoid both me and the incoming Beowolf landing on the ground. As she regained her balance, she took aim and shot the Alpha Beowolf in the face, dealing a number on it's right eye. It howled with both pain and rage, causing the last surviving Beowolf to retreat alongside it.

In the aftermath, there was only me and Azalea.

"...Nice to meet you, Maki." she said, raising her hand for a handshake.

I walked away from her, "Whatever. Let's just get this shit over with." I answered.

Yep. I'm gonna enjoy my time here in Beacon. Goddamnit.

Act 2: Enter the Smart Ones

[CIRCLE - Rengoku Teien]

Yeah, sure. We have the first half of my team. What about the second half? This is their story.

One day, some smartass detective was sighted by Ozpin. Due to his above-average intellect, he was personally selected to enroll to Beacon. Who gives a shit about the reason? He's here, and now he needs to graduate.

Call him Ivory Dietrich, smartass extraordinaire. He's paired with a more likeable smartass.

One day, an amnesiac from the White Forest returned to Vale, saying shit along the lines of 'I must face my sin. This is my redemption.' Blah blah cry me a river. Ozpin actually gave her a gunblade too! What's up with that? To top, she's a goddamn scholar student. It's like she's a friggin' real life Mary Sue!

She's Dunkelblau Noname. Or so she says. That's not her real name, since she didn't know who the hell she was either.

Well, at least she's a badass compared to Ivory.

So the launch sequence. Like me and Az earlier, they had a silent agreement to become partners.

Later, they meet up at the forest after landing. Lucky bastards, I'd say.

"I see that you made it." Ivory said, smiling like a doofus.

Noname gave a nod. That's it.

[Fortune - Cyber-Rainforce]

However, they were suddenly attacked by a juvenile white King Taijitu. Noname took out her sword, not her gunblade, mind you, and began taking the fight to it's back.

Ivory takes out two yellow-tinted daggers from under his cape and tossed them at the snake, electrocuting it. Using this opportunity, Noname began to slash the snake to pieces. From tail to head. Holy shit she made sushi outta that snake.

Ivory gave her a thumbs up, thereby approving that she's just that good. "You're... quite skilled, I'd say." Ivory remarked.

"...Thanks." answered Noname. I forgot to mention. She barely talks. She might as well be mute and I won't notice the difference!

Their conversation is short lived, because the Taijitu's black brethren emerged, coming from above them, separating them both.

Ivory recalled the two daggers he used with his magic right hand brace or whatever. This time, he took out an orange-tinted black dagger.

"Can you keep it's mouth open?" He asked Noname.

Not even answering, Noname performed a somersault underneath the snake, causing it's head to go backwards, before leaping in the air and throwing her sword on it's lower jaw, forcing it's mouth open for a few seconds. Ivory tossed his dagger in it's mouth, causing an explosion that splatters it's head all over.

Noname retrieved her sword and in a quick motion, wiped her sword, before returning it to its sheath. Likewise, Ivory recalled the dagger he used back to him, wiping it with a piece of cloth before returning it underneath his cloak.

"Fancy moves there." Noname remarked, giving him a thumbs up.

Ivory shrugged "The flattery isn't necessary. You're far more skilled than me." he replied while tossing aside the piece of cloth he used.

Oh my God, just make out already!


[HANE - dai - Umineko no Naku Koro Ni]

I placed down my pen. One of my assignments is to write a summary of how the Initiation went for our team. I'm not even sure why I'm the one doing it. Ivory's the leader, not me!

I frowned. Ivory's the leader. How the hell did that even happen? He's a prick who's only good at bossing us around. I'm fine if it was Noname. But Ivory? Hell, that's not the dumbest thing Ozpin did. For the love of a Beowolf, he assigned that upstart kid as leader of Team RWBY.

Azalea entered the room, with a set of mugs. Stamped on them was Beacon Academy's symbol. She placed one mug on my table.

At least someone appreciates the shit I do... I thought as I looked at the mug.

It's not coffee.

I took hold of the mug and sniffed it... only to find out it's not any tea either. I stared at the 'thing' in my hand "What the hell is this?" I asked Azalea.

Azalea smiled as she answered "It's a herbal drink. My mom's specialty... though I think I may have used a wrong ingredient..." she laughed weakly as she stated the last sentence.

Goddamn doctor. She's feeding me either a panacea or a goddamn death juice. Not the classiest death, but it'll definitely make the headlines...

Yep. I'm gonna enjoy my time here in Beacon. Goddamnit.

Act 3: Grimm Genocide

[Liberated Liberator - zts - Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru]

So me and Azalea reached the abandoned temple. The relics I was expecting were gemstones or at least statues. Instead we get shitty chess pieces. Oh well, for all I know the relic we get is irrelevant.

By the time we reached the temple, almost every white chess pieces were taken already. There's also a few black pieces remaining. Eh, we went ahead and just took the Black Rook.

Just as we did, the goddamn smartass duo shows up to snag their relic.

We barely even made eye contact. I just went up and ignored them until I noticed they took the Black Rook as well. Noname noticed first though.

"...You two also took the Black Rook, didn't you?" Noname asked.

Azalea nodded replying "Yep. Wonder what it means if we get the same piece..."

I shrugged, turning to face all of them "Who gives a shit? Let's get outta here and head back to present the shit we grabbed."

Ivory looked at me after said statement "Quite excited, are you? We have much time in our hands, don't worry about it." he said, as if to reassure me.

I glared at him in return "Mind your own business, bastard." I answered.

Yes, I was picking a fight. The entire Initiation is dumb. I just wanna get this crap over with so I can take a nap.

Too bad the Grimm had other plans...

We ran across the forest, seeing several Deathstalker tracks along the way. I guess someone was being chased earlier or something.

I'd like to point out I'm taking lead, because none of them were catching up. Azalea had it worst, she was falling behind. What the hell? These schmucks got accepted to Beacon and can't even run fast enough? Standards must've fallen if the best of the best accepts slow-ass pricks.

I was looking at them as I thought that, then Ivory shouted "Miss, watch out!" I looked to see what he was bitching about.

It was a Boarbatusk, and it was charging towards us. I skid to a stop, but velocity was being a bitch. So a placed my right hand on the ground to use my previous momentum to flip over the Grimm. I slashed it's back several times, scratching it's exoskeleton. I learned that was stupid, because it's exoskeleton is durable as hell. It kept running, until a sniper shot rang out, causing it to squeal.

It was Azalea, panting. She shot one of it's eyes off. "You guys flip it over. It's underbelly is exposed and has no armor." she ordered.

Noname nodded, taking out her sword. She slammed her sword into one of it's eyes, causing it to get stuck. She looked at Ivory. "Use your exploding daggers, it'll flip it!" she ordered. Then she looked at me. "You prepare to stab it when it flips over! Use me as leverage!"

Ivory nodded, taking out two daggers with Red Dust Crystal on them. He tossed two underneath the Boarbatusk, causing it to flip backwards... unto me.

As it was vertically aligned, I ran up it's back, caught Noname's hand for a leap boost as the Boarbatusk flipped completely, and as I reach maximum height, I thrust my blade all the way on the Grimm's underbelly. It squirmed for a bit before falling limp. Dead.

I took out the blade from it's corpse. "I'll admit, you bastards are actually pretty smart. Maybe we'll get along." I remarked to the three, smiling. "Name's Maki Kuronami."

Noname gave a nod, sheathed her sword and introduced herself "Dunkelblau Noname. But I prefer Noname. It's less of a mouthful."

The daggers from the Boarbatusk started floating, returning underneath Ivory's cloak. "I'm Ivory Dietrich. Detective Extraordinaire. Nice to meet you." he introduced himself.

Azalea, who was a fair distance away catched up, gasping for breath. "A...Azalea Giacomo... Rappaccini!" she gave a quick bow. "It's nice to see... how you guys fight!"

This would be the first time that the MAIDs fought together, I'd guess. We killed a boar, big whoop.

We reached the bottom of Beacon Cliffs. All we need now was to climb up. Something's stopping us though.

A pair of fully-grown King Tajitus and a Grimm I've never seen before. It looked like a black tiger with spiky bone coming outta it's back. I would later read in Grimm Studies that this is a Byakko.

The Taijitus where slithering in some of the ridges halfway through the cliff. At one ridge, the Byakko stood defiantly, looking down on us.

Personally, I think it was just provoking me, as if saying 'Com'on, you little bitch. You killed my bros. Now I'm gonna wreck your face.'

[White Tiger ~West Shichiyado~ - Sengoku Gensoukyoku]
White Tiger West Shichiyado

The Taijitus slithered towards us, baring their fangs, then white one got a bullet on it's head. Then more. Two sets of gunshots rang out on both sides of me.

Noname and Azalea were taking shots at them. I think now would be a good time. I took out my pistol, my family heirloom, Anastasia, and shot once.

It blew up the ridge they were in, causing them to fall down at the bottom of the cliff.

Our chance was upon us.

I yelled a battle cry as I ran towards the Black Taijitu. "Break their bone armor to leave them defenseless!" Ivory advised, taking out all ten of his daggers at once. He jumped from tree to tree, hitting the Black Taijitu a couple of times.

Azalea provided support fire, preventing both snakes from recovering. "I'll stop them as much as I can! But I'll need cover if I need to reload!" she said, requesting cover fire.

Noname obliged, shooting the White Taijitu as she ran closer. She swapped blades and started breaking it's exposed fangs, preventing it from attacking later. She then turned her attention to it's head.

I used the serrated part of my blade to try to break the bone armor on the Black Taijitu's face, I managed to expose a small hole on it's head before it knocked me aside after a few swings, recovering from the fall. It hissed at me and lunged to devour me.

Electricity ran across it's body and it collapsed on the ground. Ivory was above it, with one of his daggers embedded on the hole I exposed. "A little reckless, Miss Maki. Try to be more careful."

I was just about to thank him. Then he goes with that silly bullshit. I stood up, ignoring his 'advice'. Just in case, I reloaded my pistol in a quick motion. If someone else did, they would've jammed the bullet. It took me years to practice this reloading motion.

Azalea, constantly shot the white one, giving Noname as much opening as possible to keep hitting the Taijitu's head. Then, a crack was heard. Then more followed. Noname yelled as she smashed her sword onto it's head one last time, breaking it's bone armor apart. She leapt backwards, as Azalea's final bullet hits the exposed head of the Taijitu, killing it. She smiled as she nailed it. "Checkmate."

There's still the Byakko to handle. It looked down on the Taijitus we just fucked up, then growled, running directly down the cliffs to attack us.

It was aiming for Azalea.

"Miss Azalea! Watch out!" Ivory exclaimed, tossing his Red Dust Crystals as the tiger reached the ground. It tanked the explosion.

An expression of fear emerged on Azalea's face. A tiger the size of a car was running towards her, and she needs to reload.

Noname tried to distract it by shooting it from the back. Likewise, the Byakko didn't give a fuck. I wanted to fit in the crowd and shot it with my pistol. It broke a few spikes on it's back, but otherwise, nothing.

"Miss Azalea!" Noname shouted, running towards her.

Then Azalea twirled her weapon, catching it with her left hand as she does so.

[Paramet - Chaos Code]

As the Byakko lunged, it was knocked aside. Azalea can be seen, standing defiantly, grinning.

"I'm not entirely a fan of getting mauled... you piece of crap." Azalea growled, in a deeper voice.

Yes, totally. I'm not making this up. She just pulled a Deus ex Machina outta her ass and suddenly became a badass.

She held her naginata in one hand, pushing back the Byakko, who blocked her strikes, with each swing.

"What in the actual fuck..." I muttered. You rarely ever see everyday when a meek girl becomes a badass.

Noname, who just shrugged, ran towards the Byakko, cutting one of it's front legs as Azalea pushes it back, causing it to leapt backwards above in a ridge. It growled at us. Yep, that pissed it off. It jumped off the cliff, spinning backwards so that it's spiky back lands on us.

Azalea twirled her blade, pressing a handle to cause the blade to glow red with Dust. Then, with full force, she swung, releasing a crimson shockwave to engulf the Byakko. It fell to the ground, burning. But it wasn't quite done.

It stood up, still burning. Then it ran towards Azalea again. Once again, she twirled her blade, before throwing it at the Grimm's mouth. It did not fucking stop.

Ivory leapt in front of Azalea, tossing daggers in front of the Byakko, causing it to stagger a bit. "Miss Maki, Miss Noname! Break it's legs!" he ordered.

We nodded in agreement, slashing both of it's hind legs, successfully cutting it. Azalea ran under it and punched it upwards, forcing it to fly in the air. Holy shit.

"Let's finish this." Noname said, looking at me. We knew what we need to do.

We leapt on a tree opposite of each other, quickly climbing it just in time before gravity does it's job on the Grimm.

Suddenly, Noname spoke. "Celestial Line, Exceed Limits."

She swapped for her gunblade, with it's blade shrouded in a blue streak of light. She shot once, using the recoil boost to hit the Byakko. I followed her lead and struck the Byakko with all my might using the serrated part of my blade.

Our united efforts cut the Byakko by it's torso in half. We gracefully landed, posing dramatically as the Grimm fell behind us. 

""Checkmate."" we said in unison. I like this girl. She should've been my partner.

Azalea's no slouch either. She caught her weapon as it fell from the air. The she slumped on the ground. A few minutes later, she woked up, disoriented. "Huh? There was a tiger then..." she looked to see that the tiger was cut in half. "Eh?! D-did we do that?! Wow..."

I looked around to see if some asshole is gonna attack again. Fortunately, not a single asshole can be found. Then I looked up.

...Four schmucks watched the battle unfold from high above the cliffs. Notably is that green-haired bitch. Buncha dicks.

"Hey fuckheads! No thank you!" I shouted, giving them the middle finger in the process.

We'll most likely meet them again. For now, we need to get back to Beacon Cliffs. So we climbed.

Act 4: Enter the MAIDs

[HANE - dai - Umineko no Naku Koro Ni]

"Pan Everest , Ranna Juliet , Gretel Sigrunn Turid , Olivine Munsell. The four of you retrieved the second batch of black rook pieces, from this day forward, you will work together as Team OGRE. Led by... Pan Everest." Ozpin said, congratulating the newfound Team OGRE. They saluted in return.

Me and my future teammates clapped. Not out of respect, but to blend well in the crowd. It's just how it goes, I guess. Then I saw the next team go up the stage. The same chucklefucks who watched us earlier today.

"Natalia Aurelius, Margarethe Lorelei, Alexander Pella, Alizarin Zarruq. The four of you retrieved the white king and queen pieces, from this day forward, you will work together as Team MANA. Led by... Margarethe Lorelei." Ozpin said, naming the pricks on stage. The team leader Ozpin assigned was the green-haired bitch.

I dunno, I just don't like her. She didn't do anything watching us fight. She just stands out like a fucking sore thumb.

Margarethe bowed in return. "I thank you for recognizing my worth, Professor. I will work to do my best!" she replied.

Then came our turn.

"Ivory Dietrich, Maki Kuronami, Dunkelblau Noname, Azalea Giacomo Rappaccini. The four of you retrieved the black rook pieces, from this day forward, you will work together as Team MAID. Led by... Ivory Dietrich."

Laughter burst from across the ampiteather. Likewise, me and Azalea laughed. What the hell, Ozpin? The fuck kinda joke was that?! Hell, even Noname's about to laugh! You're a comedian if you can make her laugh!

"No... Just no..." Ivory muttered.

"Is something bothering you, young man?" Ozpin asked.

Ivory walked away. He was clearly not amused by the joke.

We walked away as well, not because we got pissed, but because it was time for another team to form. Duh. I didn't watch the next team's naming, but I recall it was... BLAM?

And that's how our Initiation went.


I lay down my pen, stretching my back as I finally finished the report. "Ah, thank God! That took like six hours!" I said, finally satisfied at my work.

Azalea looked as she arranged her pots on the window. "Looks good. Wonder if Professor Rudolf would like it?"

I turned to look at her and grinned. "If he doesn't like it I'm gonna trim his beard." I remarked.

She shrugged, bringing back her attention on her mini garden.

Yep. I'm gonna enjoy my time here in Beacon. Let's get this shit started.

-Maki Kuronami

Chapter End

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