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Ignis Ho
Ignis Ho

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Ignis Ho is an original character created by Hyper Zergling for the RWBY universe.



Ignis is a young-to-middle-aged man with buzzed white hair and orange eyes. He wears a brown t-shirt with a purple collar, a pair of brown baggy pants, a pair of white gloves, and a pair of gold-colored, armored boots. Over his t-shirt, he wears a short-sleeved orange jacket. Ignis also wears a holster for his pistol.

As a faunus, Ignis possesses a white fox tail.


Ignis is a calm and collected individual, and is therefore, almost never seen angry. He is also somewhat laid back and never appears to be worried about any situation. According to himself, however, he was a reckless individual when he was younger, and often got into a lot of trouble. His claimed former aggression is present in how he defeats his enemies, actively throwing attacks at them at almost every part of a fight. Ever since the start of becoming a hunter, Ignis has made a mental note of almost every mistake/successful action executed by himself, building upon his own fighting style battle after battle. As a result, he is able to make use of his offensive capabilities at optimal opportunities, whereas a mindless aggressive fighter could be much more easily defeated through predictability.

Abilities & Powers

Ignis is notorious for possessing blinding speed, which is surpassed only by Ruby Rose's when her semblance of raw speed is active. To nearly all who watch him fight, Ignis appears to shift instantaneously from location to location and seems to defeat many of his opponents without hitting them at all, when in actuality, he would have already landed countless number of strikes all over the opponent's body. Ignis is able to achieve his speed with the assistance of his semblance, which enables him to temporarily reduce the friction between himself and the air around him, minimizing the loss of momentum caused by air resistance. Using his aura, Ignis can, of course, increase the power of his attacks and generate protective fields.

As the mentor of Perry, Ignis uses a very similar weapon set, consisting of a selective fire pistol and a pair of armored jet-boots. In its primary fire mode, the pistol semi-automatically fires weak bolts of energy as quickly as Ignis can pull its trigger. These bolts do not directly deal any noticeable damage, but instead increase the target's sensitivity to pain. Each following shot continuously decreases the target's pain tolerance. In its secondary mode, the pistol releases a just-above-one-meter-radius electromagnetic burst around Ignis' body. This shockwave stuns and laterally pushes away any adjacent opponent, leaving him/her/it open for Ignis to pursue with another attack. The jet-boots, with their integrated thrusters, propel Ignis further into the air in the form of bursts. The thrusters, however, must undergo a few seconds of recharge after two bursts in quick succession. As Ignis possesses no handheld melee weapon, these boots act as leg versions of metallic gauntlets, reinforcing the power of his kicks.


As he is a faunus, Ignis inevitably experienced discrimination throughout his life. He worked his way to become a hunter and graduated at the top of his class. As a very successful hunter, Ignis soon achieved a bit of a legendary status. In his earlier years since his rise to relative fame, he was faced with a mission of rescuing victims of a Grimm attack. During the mission, a raging thunderstorm was present. After almost all of the civilians were evacuated, Ignis witnessed the young Iris Spark redirect a nearby lightning bolt that would have struck her. Deciding to not worry about what he had just observed, he grabbed the girl and left the area. Unfortunately, Iris' parents were not among those who were rescued, prompting Ignis to adopt the girl. Remembering Iris' apparent control over lightning, Ignis trained her to become a huntress.

During a family visit, Ignis met the young Perry Tuono, who was a close friend of his niece, Chorong. Perry told Ignis that he wanted to be a hunter when he grew up, and had heard of Ignis' accomplishments from Chorong. Seeing his younger self in the bird faunus, Ignis agreed to take the boy into training. When Perry was able to fight with an adequate degree of skill, Ignis would have Iris and Perry spar. However, Iris would always continue to inflict pain on Perry, even when it was clear that he was no longer able to fight back. Although Ignis reprimanded Iris for her actions, she displayed no indication of remorse. The tension between master and apprentice would eventually prompt Iris to leave her mentor. Perry, however, continued to train under Ignis, mastering many of his mentor's techniques, and was subsequently accepted into Beacon Academy.



Perry Tuono

Ho Chorong

Iris Spark

Jay Phoenix

Battles and Events


  • If he was to stand in the height chart, Ignis would be shown to be 5'10" instead of his actual height of 5'8". This is because Hypervelocity makes Ignis stand two inches taller than he really is.


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