I'm offering my services in making emblems to anyone who can garner my attention long enough. I am willing to offer the following services:

  • I will draw an emblem based on a description
  • I will trace something off another picture

Upon completion I will offer you the emblem at any size you want. I can also offer a .svg file containing your emblem as a vector image.

I do not levy a cost. I will accept jobs as they come and as they are convenient.

In addition you may see free emblems pop up every once in a while. Notify me if you want to claim one at which point I will label it as yours.

The Process

I use Inkscape to create my vector images. That they are vector images means that I have very precise control over what they look like, and I can scale them to any size I want. I also use Geometer's Sketchpad when I need to be precise in my geometry. This program is a gem for number crunchers and facilitates the creation of intricate geometries.

Original Emblems

These emblems are my original ideas. All emblems marked "Free" are public domain, meaning that nobody may claim ownership over them. If the emblem has has "(in use)" written after it, it means that I think someone is using them emblem.

Commissioned Emblems

These emblems were commissioned by someone. The art itself is public domain unless otherwise stated but the true owner may claim ownership over the idea. Please refer to the owner of the linked character for information on use.

Other Emblems

This is relevant art to pad out my portfolio and samples my skills. Please refer to me on a case by case basis for questions of ownership.

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