I believe there is a hidden truth behind every tragedy in our world. The secrets I pursue and learn could also reveal the truth behind my shattered past.
— Inari
Inari Tsukiakari
Inari Reveal
Age 17
Title Moonlight Fox
Alias Inari
Nickname 'Nari


Status Active
Color Indigo Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 21
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Blue
Semblance Guardian Force
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Tsukiakari Clan

Signal Academy (Formally)

Team Team MLIT
Partner Miyuki Winfield
Occupation Student

Dust Prodigy Heiress

Personal Status
Relatives William Tsukiakari (Grandfather, Desceased)

Katsumi Tsukiakari (Grandmother)

Mamoru Tsukiakari (Father, Missing)

Lilyann Tsukiakari (Mother, Missing)

Leonardo R. Tsukiakari (Older Brother)

Additional Info
Emblem Inari Symbol 2
Likes Moonlit nights, DUST, learning new things, helping others
Dislikes Losing people that she cares about, unnecessary fighting
Special Skills -Dust Specialist

-Tactician/ Strategist

-Close- Mid range Fighter

-Great Memory

Weaknesses -Will do anything to protect the people she cares about

-Can be too hard on herself.

-Uptight/ too serious in situations

-Average strength

Character Theme

Scattered Memories
[[File:Scattered Memories|link=]]
This original character was created by RWBY Ruby Rose. Do not use my ideas, artwork or any other information without asking me first.
Feel free to comment anything on my character in the comment section. Id love to hear what you guys think.

Inari Tsukiakari is an original character created by RWBY Ruby Rose. She is a member of Team MLIT and alludes to Fa Mulan.


Inari is a young woman with medium, dark blue hair that reaches down to a few inches above her waist and has her hair most of the time clipped back into a ponytail with a hair accessory. She also has blue eyes, a fair complexion, and a slim body build. Her height and weight are average for her age.

  • Default Outfit
  • Inari's Second Outfit (Heiress) ((Thanks to Flora))
  • Inari's Pjs (Designed by the amazing Flora~)
  • Formal Wear (Thanks to Flora)
  • Inari's Ceremony Wear ((Thanks to Flora))
  • Inari's Bathing Suit (Thanks to Flora)
Main Outfit

Inari’s combat gear is a mix of Japanese and American clothing and it is considered semi casual. It consists of a blue, non-sleeve kimono top with yellow lining that is decorated with three, pink sakura flower designs which are located on the lower left near her waist, the center of her back and on the right below her breast. She also wears a matching pair of floppy, blue arm sleeves with yellow lining on each end that extend from above her elbow to her wrist. Underneath her kimono top, she wears a green, tucked in, polo shirt with a rounded collar. Inari also wears a pair of tan cargo capris with adjustable cuffs, black slip-on shoes, and a black cross belt. The cross belt is used to carry her weapons with assistance from a couple of black straps on her mid thighs, and to carry a medium sized pouch on the left side to carry dust crystals/vials and a couple small magazines. For her accessories, she wears a pair of gold, three star earrings, a yellow daisy hair accessory, and her emblem is seen as the charm of her white pendent.

Alternate Outfit (Heiress)

Her alternate outfit consists of a yellow dress with lace, three quarter length sleeves that goes up to her collar and there is also matching lace fabric lined on the bottom of her dress. Over her dress, she wears a dark blue overcoat with yellow lining that goes to just above her knees. The overcoat has five sets of yellow buttons that button her coat and she also wears a matching belt to carry her weapons if needed and also wears matching boots. For accessories, she wears her pendent, hair accessory, and earrings along with a fedora that matches her overcoat. Her emblem can be seen as an accessory on the band of her fedora (with circle).


Inari’s nightwear includes a light blue, three quarter length sleeve yukata with yellow lining and her symbol (with circle) on the top part of her back in dark blue. She wears a dark blue obi around her waist. Underneath the yukata, she wears a dark blue spaghetti strap cami with black short shorts.


Inari is a young girl that is reserved, genuine, and smart. Unlike other heirs and heiresses of wealthy families, Inari is a kind person and has respect and empathy for other people, despite their race or their past. She is very smart when it comes to many topics like the history of Remnant and Dust. Also, she tries to discover more about herself while she searches for the uncovered secrets of Dust, Remnant, and her famous clan. She would always be a person that would end an argument and help reach an agreement between the parties involved. Inari likes to either be alone or with her friends and she would be kind and caring to the people that get to know her.

However, she doesn’t trust people as easily as others. She is afraid that they will either disappear like her parents and her brother did when she was younger or she doesn’t want to be betrayed by the people she trusts. When she talks about her past, she could possibly break down in tears when she thinks about the tragedies that she went through. Because of this, she will only talk about it to people that she can trust. When she is really upset with someone (either by stabbing her in the back or lie to her), Inari would get mad and leave the area where it occurred and ignore them until they apologize or confront her. If she does get mad, but not furious, she would end the argument, give a glare and walk away to not make a scene. She wouldn’t break out in tears until after she is alone so nobody would see her. She does have her limits, but as long as you don’t offend her or do anything to get her upset, she’ll leave you alone.

Once she can trust someone, she will begin to show her true self to her close friends. Inari is a strong willed, social and loyal person that will protect her friends and help them when they need it. She would do anything for her friends and family, even if it is against what is right, especially in order to protect them in the midst of a fight. She would also give them good advice if they ask her. Despite not trusting people, she can hold a conversation with others and still manage to become friends with them. She also has a habit of being too serious in certain situations and going outside at night under the moonlit sky.

Biography/ History

Inari Tsukiakari was born into the Tsukiakari Clan. It is a famous and wealthy clan known for mastery over dust and producing it alongside the Schnee Dust Company. She lived in the life of luxury in the Tsukiakari mansion with her older brother, Leonardo Tsukiakari. Between Leonardo and her, she was treated better than her brother when they lived with their parents. While her brother became proficient at sword fighting, she became skilled at dust when she was only 9 years old. As one of the professors observed Inari's blossoming expertise, he believed that she would be a great huntress when she became of age. Her mother and father always taught her new tricks to her abilities. It was a perfect life, but unfortunately, it did not last.
Young inari 2

Young Inari

Then one night, The Tsukiakari Clan was attacked. Before the attackers could find them, her grandmother came in and helped Leonardo and Inari escape their home before they could be caught. She grabbed what she could before she escaped with her brother in their cloaks. As they ran into the snow covered forest, she looked back in horror as she saw most of the Tsukiakari Mansion destroyed. She cried as she assumed that her parents and grandmother died in the flames. As her brother comforted her and consoled her, her grandmother appeared in the forest, wounded. Inari and Leo were happy that she made it out alive as they hugged her. She then asked her if their parents were alright. Her grandmother said that she didn’t know since she didn’t witness the outcome of their fight. Inari was very depressed, but she vowed that she would someday find out about what happened to them and reunite with them if they were alive. 

Her vow came to reality as she saw her grandmother talking to someone two years later. Inari was almost caught until her grandmother stepped in and made him retreat. After he left, her grandmother told her that her parents could be alive. Now that Inari knew that there was a chance that they could be found, she was going to work hard to one day find them and rekindle their famous clan.

While she lived with her grandmother, she decided to attend Signal when she was 12 years old. She had attended Signal Academy to become a better fighter and to start her training of becoming a huntress. When Inari came home one night, she heard that Leo never came back home. From that day on, she knew that she couldn’t trust anyone as she slowly hid her true self from the world. She also learned that she would need to watch her back incase the attackers returned. Since then, Inari has only trusted her grandmother, her brother, her mentor and a few other people.

While she attended Signal Academy, she was also being mentored by Professor Light. He would help her grow her skills as a future huntress like teaching her sword fighting and to also help her master her dust skills. After she graduated from Signal, she gained an invitation to finally join Beacon. She lives alone on the edge of Vale near the upper class district and Forever Fall in a two story flat roof mansion as she trains for her first year at Beacon.

Inari's Preview/Trailer: Moonlight Blossom

In Combat


Inari’s weapons a pair of High Tech Dust Swords (HTDS) that make up Indigo StormCrest. The blue version is named Tidal Crest while the pink-purple version is named Lunar Storm. These blades are a way for Inari to combine her dust expertise with her newfound sword fighting skills with Professor Light. These blades have three different purposes:

Samantha Comm

Indigo StormCrest (By JollyJo)

  • She can use them as two pistols that use regular bullets or dust enhanced bullets though she prefers dust enhanced. She can use this to assist with movement in battle. However, they have special packs that are used. Those hold 20 bullets in total (5 regular and 15 dust enhanced.) in each pack. She mostly uses red, dark blue, and yellow dust for fire, ice, and lightning effects.
  • She can also and usually transforms then into regular swords with their sharp blades in close combat to slash and defend herself (She can concentrate her aura on the blade for more damage.) She alternates her attacks between both transformations.
  • When she taps on of the dust crystal on her sword, the sword's blade is surrounded with the Dust energy and have the capability of improving her attacks and overall speed in battle. They are powered by cut dust or powdered dust. She can either slash and pierce her opponents or send waves of dust energy. Depending on the dust color, she can display different effects.
    • Red- Can send fire based waves/ improve her attack strength
    • Dark Blue – Can create a more powerful wave/ Ice Based waves
    • Yellow – Lightning waves
    • Green - Wind waves/ Improve her speed
    • Purple- Increases the wave’s strength and sword slash
    • Light Blue- (Default wave when she concentrates aura to blade)

She can use both forms to their full potential in battle after practicing under Professor Light when she attended Signal Academy.


Since she trained at Signal Academy and by her parents, she has been trained to fight in multiple situations especially sword fighting and shooting. Her battle style can be described as graceful and accurate.

She shows great skill and evasion when she fights close to mid-range with her swords. As a dust caster, she can also use dust attacks either with one of her weapons or when they are both sheathed to cast by hand. She can be durable to being hit and could fight hand to hand if needed until her teammates arrive or when she can grab one of her swords. She was taught close combat while she trained with Professor Light and has average hand to hand skills. Her gun shooting accuracy is also average but can miss if she is not focused. Also, she has a high amount of aura which she uses to cover her swords and above average stamina along with its other uses, making her an all around dust combatant.

Her biggest weakness would be her average strength. Even though she is one of the faster people of her team, her strength can be an issue at times when trying to battle a stronger opponent. This would be arguemented by her speed and endurance when it comes to close combat battles to help her work around that weakness (which she is trying to improve on in Beacon).

In every mission, she has only a limited amount of Dust and a backup magazine with her so she would only use them if it was extremely necessary. While she is in combat with others, she can assist her allies with creating strategies to give her team an advantage on the enemy, making her a strategist to her team along with dust specialist. Also as the Dust specialist, she does try to create different kinds of Dust for different effects to assist her and her allies on the battlefield when not in combat.

Aura: She is surrounded by light blue Aura. It provides protection, slight healing and sharpened senses. She also uses it to increase the damage she deals with her swords.

Semblance: Guardian Force

Inari is able to influence the magnetic poles of something which she has touched before. However, the strength at which she is able to influence depends on her familiarity as well as how long she's touched the object. For things like her swords, Inari is able to recall them back to her hands from great distances, as well as influence their movement via turning them into north and south poles easily. This is due to her familiarity with her own weapon. However, if she gets a hold of someone else's weapon for a few moments by either trapping it before disarming the individual, or merely touching it, then she is able to influence the object slightly. At first the opponent may not even know that their weapon is being tampered with, however, after around 15 seconds of holding something, she's able to influence it better, not enough to disarm the opponent, but enough to move it a bit to disorient them. The more Inari fights a person, the more effective this semblance becomes on said person.

Later on, she discovers a side effect of her semblance which is a blue electrical discharge which becomes stored in her hands (and her body if there is a large amount from a longer fight) during the time when she's influencing the poles. The more she uses her semblance, the stronger the discharge becomes. She can conduct the discharge through metal, her own weapons, or if she feels like it, direct contact with a person/Grimm and she can unleash a potentially devestating shock to the individual.

The inspiration was from the scene from Fa Mulan disarming Shanyu.


  • Inari's Symbol (Normal)
  • Inari's Symbol (With Circle)

Miyuki: She is her closest friend and partner that is like a sister she never had. She cares for her and tries to help her with anything she needs whether be homework or strategies in combat. They usually hang around with each other. Inari still keeps quite a bit to herself, but she hopes that she can truly be herself and open up around her and everyone else. In combat, she would assist her in any tight spot.

Leonardo: He is her older brother and almost the only family she has left since their parents went missing. She does love him as a sister though she still has a little mistrust in him. As they catch up and hang out with each other more, the bond and trust she had with him is repairing and strengthening. She’ll be there for him and she’ll help him with anything he needs in combat or in class.

Taison: Inari finds Taison to be a very comical and easygoing friend that will go out of his way to make a good situation out of a terrible one. She feels that she could trust him a little though his mischievous side can bother her once in a while. When Taison goes “off the handle”, Inari will be there to calm him down easily. However, she would assist him in providing him with new kinds of dust for his weapon.


  • Her full name is Inari Kitsune Tsukiakari. When you translate her name, you get Moonlight Lake Fox since Tsukiakari in Japanese is translated to 'Moonlight', Kitsune in Japanese translate to 'Fox' while Inari translates to 'Lake' in Finnish. This works with Monty's rule since moonlight can be seen as a color (Yellow-White) and how a lake can be seen as a shade of blue depending on the sky's reflection.
  • Her alias came from her swift and cunning battle style that is similar to a foxes and also how she was named after a well-known Japanese spirit of foxes, Inari Okami (2). ((This is how I first mistaken her name meaning.))
  • Inari does know how to drive since her grandmother taught her when she was 16.
  • Can use technology to her advantage. (Especially computer hacking)
  • She is so graceful because of dancing and ballet practice she had when she was younger.
  • She is alluded to Disney's Fa Mulan since she mostly uses her swords in combat and how she deeply cares for others along with her clothing inspiration. Another reason is how she hides her true self until people get to know her and to also bring honor back to the Tsukiakari name after her parents disappear.
    • She is also alluded to the sister in Grimm Fairytale's "Little Brother, Little Sister" because of how her and Leo reunite at Beacon and how they care for each other.
    • Her personality and can also be alluded from Sharon Reinsworth from Pandora Hearts.
  • Her color, Indigo Blue, is more formally called Indigo Dye or Dark Imperial Blue which is close to the color Midnight Blue. That color is a darker shade of Indigo and similar to Navy so her color is simply a darker blue. ((More info here))
  • For more pictures of Inari, go here.

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