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To have the power to kill, or not kill?...That is the question..
— Indigo Yozora

Indigo Yozora
Indigo Concept
Age 18
Status Active
Color Midnight Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Blue
Height 5'5
Weight 125 lb
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team YIKE
Partner Yin Yue
Occupation Student
Character Theme

Indigo's Theme - Majikoi


Indigo is a ninja who serves as a knock-out assassin for the underworld of Vytal. Serving ever since the age of 10, she has a slim, athletic build with a healthy skin tone. She has dark, chin-length hair on both sides of her face and a fringe that reaches down to her eyebrows in a hairstyle reminiscent of Lady from Devil May Cry. She is moderately busty, and has more muscle based around her legs than her arms.

Having been inspired by footage of ninjas on the news, and her family's constant stories about them, Indigo could only fashion an outfit based on their appearance and descriptions, lacking the subtle designs that they actually had, such as the shuko that is usually used to make climbing up walls easier or the ashiaro that is used to cover up tracks. She wears Midnight Blue pants and a jacket with sleeves to cover her arms that glow blue on the underside whenever she uses Dust. She constantly walks around barefoot and has a black mask to cover the lower half of her face. She leaves her upper face exposed to make sure she is recognizable when she wants to be. She usually uses this outfit at all times. 

On the occasions that she wants to change into casual attire or does not want to be recognized as her ninja form, Indigo usually wears a white Keikogi and black hakama with a black belt to keep them together. She also uses pink lipstick to help with her visual appeal. If she gets ambushed in this outfit, the amount of room it has allows her to quickly strip off into her ninja appearance. 

She usually wears light chainmail, black chest wrappings, and underwear underneath all outfits. Her arms and feet are wrapped in bandages from various scars that were made by previous missions.


As a child, Indigo was very curious about everything that had to do with ninjas, but as soon as she managed to figure out that the ninjas that were frequently shown in footage did not show many emotions, she started to cut off all of her emotions whenever she wanted to act like one. This would usually interfere with some of her underworld assignments where she needed to socialize as she would only nod or shake her head in response. Otherwise, whenever she was not a ninja, she would be very happy and cheerful, always willing to socialize with others.

After being separated from her parents soon before being invited to Beacon, her personalities combined into her Ninja appearance, and she could talk while being one, although not as much as she used to compared to her cheerful self.

As a Teenage Ninja, she takes pride in not being able to be seen easily. If she is spotted by anybody without using the signals she usually gives in order to be called out, she becomes very grumpy as a result. If she is called out using the signals, she acts very stoic, even though it is obvious that she's happy that she thinks that she wasn't spotted. If she is in her other attire, she is very cheerful and social with everybody. 

The most major part about Indigo's personality is her obsession with killing other people. She has never managed to kill before, only able to knock people out. She became obsessive with the willpower that is needed, trying to associate herself with somebody who could actually kill through that, and not because they liked doing it. This would result in her becoming very attached to Yin because he fit that description perfectly.


As a ninja, Indigo is able to conceal herself and traverse any terrain very easily (excluding leaving footprints behind). She can also scale buildings very easily thanks to her aura. She is strong enough to fight with martial arts, but not as strong as some of her teammates. She mainly relies on knocking out and restraining opponents in order to win her battles, along with her speed. 

Indigo's weapons are the Chained Kunai and Dust Shurikens. 

She uses the Chained Kunai on both of her arms in order to attack from any distance. She utilizes the dust inside to manipulate the chained kunai in any direction. The chains allow her to be attached onto any surface, thus increasing her mobility, and can also be used to restrain multiple enemies. She usually takes upside-down positions similar to Batman or Spiderman when she's hanging from the ceiling. 

There are Dust Markings on Indigo's outfit on her underarms that she can use in order to "throw" Dust Shurikens at her enemies. These are usually used when Indigo has her Chained Kunai out, or she wants to attack from longer distances faster, at the cost of damage or restraints. The markings themselves are used for compactibility, as Indigo does not have room underneath her clothing to throw actual shurikens.


Indigo Yozora was born in a relatively middle class setting, with a happy family. She was just a normal child living a normal life until the age of 9, where she started noticing various pieces of news about people being able to climb up walls and run across rooftops. She was very fascinated by these people, so much that she started to act like them. She was very afraid that her parents would not like the sudden change in her, so she would stay up all night trying to climb up walls, only to fail miserably each time. Eventually, she managed to figure out how to utilize her aura to such a great extent that she was able to conceal herself and cross terrains very easily compared to just her own house, and use Chained Kunai.

Indigo soon thought that she should go fight against other people, so she started looking around for links to the Underworld. She thought that the tasks that the underworld would have would match the night time style that the Ninja Indigo would be accustomed with, and she was first. They had her do minor tasks such as stealing from people at night time, but then they got into assassination. Indigo never really thought it was right to kill other people to begin with, so she naturally had a rough time trying to complete these assignments. She eventually had to lie to her clients by knocking out their targets long enough that they would be dead, and she would run away as soon as she got her money. 

Every time Indigo went out on these assignments, she had to make sure they would take place in the same city she lived in and make sure that she would be able to get back by the time her parents woke up. She was successful over the years, and they never suspected a thing. Or so she thought.

One fateful day, a day before her 18th Birthday, Indigo was out buying food for her party in her casual attire, she bumped into some of the Mobsters in the alleyway, who turned out to be hired by some of her former clients that she had lied to. She changed into her ninja attire and was about to beat them up when suddenly a butler came in out of nowhere and beat them up himself. He called himself Yin and that he was over on one of his missions to prepare for a banquet. He soon left after noting that her outfit was rather unfamiliar, and she started becoming interested in who he was. However, she had already lost him by the time she got out of her thoughts. She went back to her house, waited as her parents prepared for her birthday party tomorrow, then when they fell asleep, she went out to prepare for another attempt at that one mission she never could finish: assassination. If she could succeed in this mission, then she could consider herself to have grown up. If she couldn't...she did not want to think about the consequences. She met her client, who assigned her a target: "Sonia Harakiri, Heiress to the Harakiri Dust Corporation". She was having a banquet tonight in celebration of her wedding, so Indigo had to rush out in order to get settled.

As Indigo rushed throughout the city in order to get to the Corporation, she had thoughts about that butler who saved her and hoped that she would meet him again. As soon as she saw some guards out at the front gate, she jumped onto the gate and went onto the battlements, knocking out some guards along the way before jumping up to the top of the tower, already finding a sniper rifle there set up. While wondering why there was already a sniper rifle there, she started to get into position as she found Sonia standing by the window. She was going to fire but then noticed that butler standing right behind Sonia. "I need to do this...I absolutely need to do this" she constantly said to herself, trying to hold the rifle steady...but then gave up and was about to leave when she got attacked by an unknown assailant. She managed to escape without seeing the attacker though, and went back to her client.

Indigo decided to try to fool her client like all of her other ones, and grabbed the Dust she was going to get as a reward. Her client truly thought that she had assassinated Sonia, but then Mobsters appeared to surround them, as her client was going to backstab her and take back the dust. Indigo took down everybody, and knocked her client against the wall. "Are you going to kill me? Come on and do it. If you don't do it will end up regretting it later." he said as Indigo kept her kunai against his neck. "No, I know for sure I lack the power...I won't find it here. I need to look somewhere else" she replied in return as she rushed out of the meeting place.

As Indigo rushed out, she thought of that butler and immediately went straight there as the sun started to rise. She ran past some butlers fighting each other all over the town as she started to search everywhere, and then eventually stopped on one of the rooftops as she saw him shoot and kill another butler, and she became immediately thrilled. "I was really right, that butler was truly strong enough in order to kill!" she thought ecstatically, and immediately ran away as she saw legions of butlers surround the body. She thought he looked right back at her, but she realized that she had to get back to her parents before they woke up.

As Indigo jumped back into her suspiciously empty bedroom, then went into the living room with all the party decorations set up, as she saw her parents sitting on the couch waiting for her. However, contrary to her expectations her parents were congratulating her, not just for her birthday, but for her rate of progress as a ninja. They told her that she was part of a lineage of ninjas, and that they intentionally showed her video clips of news reports from the past that every single Yozora ninja was shown beforehand. They noticed all those years that she was doing those assignments, but decided not to interfere cause they knew that she would be strong enough to succeed. While she was confused about what they said, they heard some knocking on the doors, and saw a bunch of mobsters moving about outside. Her parents told her that they sent a letter to Beacon, knowing this was going to happen, and that her stuff was all moved over there beforehand. She bid them a teary farewell as they told her to let them handle the Mobsters, and then left for Beacon out the back door as she saw the huge crowd of mobsters gathering. Indigo has not seen them since then.

"Thank you Mom...Dad....I know that someday, I will extend the Yozora Lineage, and I WILL find out what it truly means to be strong!"


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