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Some call it a gift. Some call it a curse. Some'd die to remember. I'd die to forget.
— Iona Angelo

Iona Angelo is the close quarters combatant of Team ACID.  She was orphaned as a baby, her parents abandoning her.  Iona lived in an orphanage in Vale, when one day, her new parents came to adopt her.  They were a hunter couple.  From day one, they taught her how to wield weapons, fight, and be a part of a team.  Iona wields a custom-made weapon, Divine Intervention - gauntlets with elbow blades that can detach as daggers.  She is a secluded person.

Iona Angelo
Age 18
Alias Dark Jewel
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Brown Fox
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Copper/Brown
Eyes Green
Height 5' 6"
Weight 125 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team ACID
Partner Aero Reedus
Character Theme

Memphis May Fire - Beneath The Skin
Battle Theme

Escape The Fate - Ungrateful


Iona is a smaller, slimmer girl with a nasty scar that runs from her chin to her right eye, and scars or her inner thighs and wrists.  Her green eyes looked visibly haunted, distant, and broken.  She has long, copper/brown hair, and likes to part one side behind her ears or put it in a ponytail.  Iona has freckles scattered across her face.

Iona wears a white/cream jacket with a purple-dyed fur lined collar, decorated with purple seams and details.  Around her neck is a neckalce with her emblem on it, always exposed.  Underneath the jacket is a black shirt accented with white tribal designs.  Iona wears acid-washed denim short-shorts and black leggings.  On her feet, she wears brown combat boots. 


When Iona was still a baby, her parents placed her in an orphanage.  For years, Iona grew up alone, discriminated, ridiculed, and excluded - not knowing why, but not knowing anything different.  One day, a young couple came to the orphanage.  Seeing Iona all alone, they took pity on her.  That day, she found a new home - one that would raise a huntress.  From day one her new parents taught her how to become a huntress, giving her tonfa as weapons.  She knew nothing else but how to fight, adapt, and survive.

One day, when Iona was of age, they shipped her off to Signal.  There, she went through the pain of being hated again.  She was again exluded and shunned, treated like an animal - and she still did not know why.  Stemming off from her training, she made Divine Intervention.  Shortly after, she got into a fight - one where she found her semblance.

While home one day, she opened up to her parents.  Iona told them about being harrased all the time, thie fight, her weapon, and everything that was wrong with her.  She felt like giving up on Signal, giving up on combat, and giving up on herself.  Iona's parents comforted her, saying that she needed to stay strong.  And stay strong she did.  Iona began to ace every class she was in, pushing aside the emotions.  She applied for Beacon, and was accepted.

Iona spends her spare time in her dorm drawing, listening to music, or finding ways to take her mind off of her anxiety and suicidal tendencies.


Iona's personality is emotionally dark.  She suffers from social anxiety, rarely speaks, stays away from people as much as possible, and is suicidal.  She's only ever tried to end it a small number of times.  However, she battles the urge daily.  Iona longs to forget her past.

She has a keen sense of memory.  She rembers practically everything about her past.  Hence, it still shakes her to this day.  She's easy to forgive but doesn't forget.

Iona is very shy.  But if you get to know her, she's not as she seems.  She's talkative, peacefull, and caring.  She finds that talking helps her suppress the anxiety, though she doesn;t have many friends nor actively seeks them out.

Abilities & Powers

Iona's Semblance is stacked speed.  What is meant by this is Iona, when she strikes a target, can build speed with each hit, thusforth stacking the speed of each strike.  She must, however, directly strike for this semblance to take effect.  She uses her Aura as a defensive shield, offensive amplifier, and to heighten her perception.

Fighting Style & Weapon

Iona is a close quaters fighter.  She is naturally swift, agile, and smart.  She's a good tactician - better than some, but most certainly not the best.  Iona can hit hard without the aid of aura, but cannot take a big hit.  Hence, if she can't make contact effectively, she will back off and re-think her fighting.  Otherwise, she has no qualms about using her weapon to its fullest extent, and will hammer down on an opponent if need be.

Her weapon, Divine Intervention, is a dual-purpose studded gauntlet/elbow blades that uses dust to achieve elemental properties.  The dust magazines load from the underside of the gauntlets, and the blades can detach to be used as daggers. In addition, Divine Intervention can release dust kunai, so to speak.  When Iona presses a small pad in her wrist, a ball of the corresponding dust flies from a chamber underneath the wrist.



  • Iona is italian for 'purple jewel'

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