"your grade? fine, but it'll cost you" -iona too a student at sanctum


Name: iona winter

Age: 17

Gender: female

Race: human

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 112 lbs

Hair: burnette

eyes: hazel


iona wears a brown t-shirt and light bone plated armour protecting her shoulders, chest, stomach, and thighs. her hair is held back into a ponytail and she wears glasses that act as a mobile computer activated by eye movements.her pants are jeans that cut off a little higher than the ankles. she wears sneakers as foot wear.


iona is a very critical person and likes to evaluate others by looks and actions. although she is called a "nerd" alot she prefers geek and can be a usefull teammate to someone like linda who needs info for plans. iona will talk to a random stranger for no reason other then to make conversation. she will drop anything just to get a look at new and interesting tech,this one reason why she came to beacon. she is also a very impulsive person.

Weapons and Abilities

iona uses a knife that can extend to a short sword at 35 inches. the hilt contains a USB drive to download files and help her hack. she also has a set of explosive charges attached to her belt. along with these she has her glasses that act as a computer to  analyse enemys and track all sorts of imformation.


iona was a child born to a family known for their programing skills, iona grew up normal enough but when she got bored with day to day life she started to take hacking jobs with other kids at her academy,sanctum. eventually she was caught by her parents and was told "either stop or leave" she took the latter and moved into a small apartment while still going to sanctum. once the school caught on to her she was kicked out and started taking freelance work. after a while of thisher parents noticed her record at sanctum (not the part on hacking) and asked her to attend becon. after refusing she then went and continued her work for another year. her work was diminishing and she wasn't getting enough money for rent, this is when her parents came back and offered her again this time she couldn't refuse. "a hacker? yes that sounds like something i matter"

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