Let'ssss begin the experiment.
— Iris Phlox
Iris Phlox
Age 17
Title Maniac Mechanic
Status Alive
Color Purple
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Snake
Born February-18
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair White
Eyes Lavender
Semblance Overcharge
Height 4'11
Weight 112 Pounds
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Cody Mel

(Beacon Teammate/Romantic)

Occupation Student




Additional Info
Likes Her Machines

Science and Math



Her Team

Discoveries in Technology

Dislikes Religion



White Fang

People Talking About Her Height

Special Skills Very Tactical

Observant of Her Surroundings

Fluent in Morse Code

Mechanical Prodigy

Skilled With Her Night Vision


Weaknesses Relies on her Battle Armor

Poor Physical Strength

Needs Electricity for her Semblance to Work

Weak Eyesight without her Glasses

Character Theme


Iris Phlox is a first-year Beacon student, and an OC of Maelstrom14. She's a snake Faunus with a high IQ rating and mechanical skills.


Being shunned by most groups, Iris is a reserved individual and introvert, and is often seen keeping to herself or with her 'brother', when not with her team. A genuine bookworm, she is usually seen at the library, looking at engineering machinery, and many other scientific books. She loves all kinds of advanced technology and will give a girly scream whenever she sees a new piece in person. She despises religion with a passion, and often uses logic to reason against it. She also dislikes fairy tales unless there is some good proof to back it up. Despite humans treating her unfairly as child, Cyrus changed her views and allowed her to give humanity another chance.

When she is interacting with people, Iris shows friendliness and respect, with a small bit of sarcastic humor. However, she will try to avoid conversation with strangers, as she's insecure about her Faunus lineage, that being the reason for her being alone, in the past. She treats her friends with immense care, and worries about them to an insane degree if they are depressed or hurt. Iris also hates it when people tell how short she is, even accidentally. Despite her usual calm disposition, Iris is quite emotional, being easily flustered, as well as being somewhat easy to anger when her friends are hurt.


Iris is a short and slender Faunus teenager. Her eyes are a deep lavender but weak, which is why she wears spectacle glasses. Her pupils are slitted, due to her snake nature. Her skin is a palish tone, like that of a ghost vibe. Her hair is long, completely white, and is arranged in either a ponytail, a bun, or is simply left hanging. Around her neck is a purple choker with white highlights around it.

Her casual attire consists of a purple long-sleeved jacket with white strikings around it. Under the jacket is a black t-shirt with a purple snake fang in the center area of her chest. For her bottom-wear, Iris wears black stockings under purple jeans-shorts. Her shoes are a pair of purple boots.

Her Aura color is white.


Iris was born in a large and technological city area in the Atlas region, and lived with her distant, genius scientific-engineer, and human cousin, Cyrus. Because of her Faunus lineage, she was treated as an outcast by her classmates. She then tried making friends with the other Faunus, but they were scared by her snake features. Because of this, she was often lonely and sometimes cried in her room. Soon, Cyrus found out about her distressing situation and brought her to his workshop. When they arrived, Iris was amazed at all the machinery at his laboratory. In response, she made friends with the only thing that could tolerate her: machines. She spent any time she could at Cyrus' workshop, learning how they functioned and their capabilities from her cousin. She mastered the art of machinery with ease and finesse.

Soon she'd designed and constructed her own machine: an electrical battle suit called Cipher. A week later, Cyrus had brought her to his laboratory for her to see his workplace. But that day, White Fang struck the building and released the Grimm held captive in building's storing facilities. Using her Battle Gear to its fullest extent, Iris protected her cousin from certain doom and helped them escape the building. By the time they had escaped into the forest, both barely could stand. Looking back, they saw two Monte Rapida slowly closing in on them. Unable to fight, Cyrus held Iris in his arms, as they waited for death.

But nothing happened. Opening their eyes, they saw the raptors pierced through their hearts by glowing white tendrils. Then, a figure appeared through the darkness, a young boy with blue hair and eyes. Then, suddenly appearing at his side, two heavily-armed Hunters. Bringing the two to the hospital, the Hunters and the child left without saying a word. The identities of her saviors alluded Iris, and drove her to train to her fullest.

A few days later after her recovery, she met those Hunters. They were a unique group, a mixture of humans and Faunus that showed Iris kindness and gave her no discrimination. Thanks to them, she had regained faith in humans, and knew that there were still good people. The human boy who saved Phlox later became her best friend. Having made some kind companions, she decides to leave Atlas and attend Beacon academy, wanting to see more of the world and help those who are alone.


Iris is smart and level-headed individual, able to keep her cool in an intense battle. Like all other Faunus, she has night vision and is immensely skilled at using it. Iris is skilled in the fine arts of machinery and can tell the mechanisms for which they use to work. She also has knowledgeable hand-to-hand fighting experience, and can analyze situations easily. Iris is also artistic, drawing many elaborate designs for Cipher.


Cipher is a battle suit that converted electricity into flowing purple electrical currents that traveled along the user's body. Like armor, it absorbs hits for Iris, but can take only a few before dissipating. Cipher took three forms: Deconstructer (Melee), Dissolver (Ranged), and Defender (Support). In Deconstructer mode, Iris used the currents to improve her body's performance, giving her bursts of immense strength and speed. To attack, the currents flow around her arms and legs, giving her enhanced strength and speed. Whenever she makes contact with an attack, a shockwave dealing heavy damage lands on the target. Dissolver mode sends the electrical currents around Iris' hands. Once formed, she can fire electrical shots from her hands. The projectiles range from small static bullets, to full ion beams. Defender mode is the formation of an electron shield or wall in front of Iris. The wall's size can be modified based on Iris' preference, and are extremely durable. She can also form a small dome around herself and anyone close to her.


Iris Phlox


Battle Armor


Melee; Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Deconstructer; Dissolver; Defender

Despite the armor's power, there holds a big weakness. The armor is fueled by a self-regenerating electrical energy source, and Iris is left defenseless when it runs out. In order to avert this outcome, she has a program to monitor her armor level. When her armor is at low capacity, she activates her Overcharge Semblance.


Iris' Semblance, Overcharge, is an electricity related drain-and-release power. By draining electricity from sources around her (Lights; Phones; Computers; Machines; etc), she overloads Cipher with the found energy, using the accessed energy until the armor goes to shut down and recharge. Overloaded, the machines are powered-up to the fullest, each mode giving a powerful new function. An overloaded Deconstructer mode gives Iris incredibly enhanced speed, and harder punches. An overloaded Dissolver mode gives her projectiles the ability to seek out her targets. Defender mode gives the walls and domes static touch, brutal shocking any attackers in melee range.

The main problem with her Semblance is that she has to be near electricity for it to work. Another smaller problem is that she left defenseless when she is gathering electricity.
Iris Phlox's Stats :

Primary Role Assault
Secondary Role Mechanical Support
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Fighting Style

Iris is the brawler and jack-of-all-trades of her team, being able to hit hard in all ranges. While she has lower-than-average speed compared to others, it is made for with her high precision and damage. Her skill with Aura usage also gives her some more offense and defense, as well. Phlox's intelligence and tactical mind also play a large role in her fighting style. With her weapon's versatility, she can adapt to different types of battle rather quickly. Cipher's Deconstructor mode allows her to fight melee battles with electron-covered fists and feet, aided by her knowledge of multiple hand-to-hand combat styles. While she may not be the biggest dodger, her armor and Aura allows her to take some hits. In mid to long range battles, Dissolver mode gives Iris a large variety of projectiles to use, such as her ion beams or electron bombs.



  • Cody Mel- Iris' partner and boyfriend. Ever since they met, Cody treated Iris with kindness, unlike most people, so she grew to like him very quickly. Before she knew it, she had fallen in love with him. When he revealed his feelings to her, Iris couldn't be any happier. Ever since they started dating, Iris has gotten over her speech impediment and has a general happier demeanor. Now, the couple have grown extremely close and intimate, with them being able to tell each other anything, whether past or present.
  • Rowan McArach-
  • Jadyn Foster-


  • Hitori Kazami- Iris' best friend and the one who saved her from the Grimm. The two have known each other for many years, and usually Iris is usually seen around him, when not with her team or at the library. While the two are opposites in many aspects, such as personalities, they have an extremely platonic relationship and hold a protective brother/sister relationship. While Iris is quick to check her 'brother' if his temper is getting out of hand, Hitori physically protects Iris, willing to beat down any person stupid enough to mess with her. The friends also love to spar together.


  • Iris is part of the scientific name for a type of purple flower, referencing her attire, and weapon's energy currents.
  • Her last name, Phlox, is a genus of flowers, often having dark colors, such as blue or purple.
  • The name of her weapon, Cipher, is defined as a hidden message or encryption, referencing how Iris personally encoded and created her weapon.


  • During her time living with Cyrus, she was taught Morse code, quick and wise conflict-analysis, and was schooled in tactical battles by his colleagues.
  • Iris got the title of the Maniac Mechanic when she punched a Creep's head so hard with Cipher's Deconstructer mode that it blew up, and splattered blood across the classroom and her classmates. When she looked upon the carnage, she laughed manically.
  • Iris has a speech impediment that makes her accidentally extend her s's in words, a stereotype to snake or snake-like characters. She used to hate her speech problem, before Cody assured her that it was .
  • Iris is partially inspired by the Elsword RPG game character, Add, a mentally unstable genius, who created destructive machines called Dynamos out of broken robot parts.

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