Let my heart be poisoned with the venom that poisons us all.
— -Silke

Part 1

The swiping class scratched my eyes. I growled silently, but the Ursa growled louder with a more threatening tone. It then swiped at my head, knocking me from my feet. Pain seared through my eye. I closed my other eye. I couldn't see. I began to hyperventilate, but then I got up. While the Ursa was not looking, I charged away, careful not to make a sound. I knew that was a stupid idea, but I had to get out. I then grew dizzy, tired, and hungry, and my world went black, and blood was trickling down my cheek.

I woke up to the sound of a trotting animal. I got up, groaning loudly.

"Hello," a voice said kindly beside me. I turned my head to look at the figure. It was a male with maroon hair and a ponytail. His green eyes seemed friendly to me, so I forced a smile. He noticed the scratch marks underneath my eye, and how it was icy blue and glassy. I closed my good eye, and I couldn't see out of my bad eye. I came to the conclusion that I was blind in that eye, most definitely blind.

"Hello..." I spoke quietly.

"What happened, back there?" he asked, with a concerned tone. I shook my head.

"Ursa," I groaned, then looked at the cow. It looked up at me, kindly. Hmm....

"Oh. I'm Ferrer Taupe," he breathed, then sighed. He looked up at the sky idly, leading the cow out to a village.

"I-I'm Silke Vermillion," I said calmly, my eyes looking around. Well, just one eye...

"When my dad sees you, he'll make sure you're part of our family. This cow here is named Ash. I named him myself. I see you're a cow Faunus, too. Ash likes Faunus, probably because you guys are related," he smiled wider with innoncence. He couldn't have been any older than ten, my age.

"Oh, that's probably why." I petted the cow's ears lightly, scratching them. I petted its horns, smiling. I sure hoped the cow liked me. 

We soon made it to a blacksmith's at the center of the square of a village. Ferrer took the cow, and put him in the barn. We then went inside.

"Dad, I'm home!" Ferrer shouted. "And I have a friend I found in the forest." Ferrer beamed, waiting for his father to look at us. Sure enough, Ferrer's father turned his head while banging a hammer on an anvil, with an unseen metal.

"Who's your friend? Does she need a home?" the burly man inquired. Ferrer nodded rapidly, his smile growing wider. I stood there, and folded my ears over, and shrugged.

"I shall call you Ringer. You may stay here as long as you like," the man said, turning his head back to the anvil.

Ferrer grabbed my hand happily, then led me outside, then took me over to a group of children. The children looked at my cow features, and blind eye. They burst out laughing.

"Hey, guys. Stop it. This is Ringer," Ferrer snapped.

"How can you be friends with her? She's not even human," one jeered at me. I folded my ears back, hurt. I was still human, no matter what they said. Maybe this is why my parents kept me away from people...

"I am too!" I shouted with a hurt tone.

"No, you're not. You're a stupid cow thing," another retorted. I felt a wet tear drip down my face. I was a Faunus, I was different. I would never be treated like another human being. I would never feel like a human being, because I wasn't human. I was Faunus, and I was made to feel like an animal. I covered my blind eye, then took my scarf off and covered my ears and horns.

"N-Now I'm human." They all burst out laughing at me, even proceeding to throw a rock at me, which hit my shoulder. I turned away and I felt a searing pain explode on my head. Somone threw a rock at my head. I ran to Aaron's hut, crying.

I sat down, letting what they said replay in my mind, crying loudly on Ferrer's bed.  My shoulder was now bruised. I wanted to leave immediately. Cut off my ears, or my horns, do whatever I could.....

To be like them, and less like me.

Part 2

Six years later

After years of being jeered at, I was finally tired and ready to leave. Going to find the black bull I had recently claimed, I made my way to the barn until I felt something hard hit my head, shooting pain up it.

"Ow," I said quietly. I muttered curse words in defiance to the people who had bullied me for so long.

"You know what, you little childish people. You spend most of your time bullying someone who has the same capabilities as you, and you choose to call them degrading things and try to hurt them. You know, I wouldn't be any better than you if I threw a rock at your head. The opression you cause the Faunus is unacceptable, and I hope you all are happy," I snapped, near yelling.

One of the teenagers jeered," I would like to see a filthy animal like you become a Huntress. I highly doubt you would ever make it."

My face contorted in obvious pain. My heart sank, and I balled my fists, anger suddenly swelling up inside of me.

"I would like to see you do the same! Just because you are human does not mean you could make it! I could make it, too!" I yelled, fuming. I rarely lost my temper. That day was the day I vowed I would never lose my temper again.

"Just because I am Faunus, because I am different from you in only physical traits, does not mean I could not make it. I am just as capable as you, you little-" I felt someone pull me away, before I struck the teenage boy.

"Most of you humans show no compassion, and for that, I would just love to brutally kick your-" A hand clamped against my mouth, oddly cold. I tried fighting the person, but I heard a familiar soothing voice.

"Hey, Silke, it's not worth it. Please don't. You'll only be kicked out if you do." I felt my body slowly relax to the sound of my brother's voice. I nodded in agreement, and signaled him to let me go. I sighed, and I felt a knot in my throat, as if I were about to cry. I wouldn't cry, in front of them. I'd look weak. Ferrer unclamped his hand against my mouth.

"You all," I choked," Are miserable people who feed off the pain of others." I decided I would leave, soon. I had to leave. They wouldn't leave me alone otherwise. I think Ferrer secretly knew that, too. I walked back to our house, and I told Ferrer of my plans to leave.

"Ferrer," I began.


"I'm going to leave...Tomorrow. I can't stand this constant bullying. I need to live somewhere else. I'm going to prove to them I can be a Huntress. I will prove them wrong."

"Let me go with you. I need to make sure you're safe, Silke."

"No...Your father would be lonely and miserable without you."


"I've already made my decision. I'm going, and no one will stop me, not even you."

"Fine..." Ferrer's face contorted into a hurt expression. He gently pushed me aside and walked up to his room. He had to know I was going to do this sooner or later.

The next day, I woke up bright and early. I had all my things packed, so I walked to the barn to get Ash. I climbed on his back, and he groggily looked up at me and grunted. We set on our way.

The air was awfully chilly; it felt as though a thousand knives were stabbing at my skin. I put my shawl over my shirt as we rode. We were approaching a city, it seemed. As soon as we reached the streets, I climbed off of Ash.

"You remember the way home right, Ash?" Ash grunted in agreement, then went back up the trail. I carried my bag down the street, until I came upon an empty alley. It seemed appropriate to rest in. I dozed off, leaning up against my bag for support.

I woke up to a voice and someone poking me.

"Hello, miss? Are you lost...?" the figure asked.

"Oh...Um, no, I think I'm fine..."

"Are you sure? I can give you a place to stay, if you'd like."

"Are you a Huntsman, by any chance?" He nodded, smiling sadly.

"Do you think you could train me, sir?" He looked surprised.

"Well. If you really want to get to know the real me. I'm not a very pretty person, I'll assure you."

"I wouldn't mind. I like all sorts of people," I swallowed nervously.

"Don't say I didn't warn you. My name is Viridian Brisbane. Since I'll be teaching you, you may call me Kyoshi. I will refer to you as Kouhai."

"Alright..My name is Silke Vermilion." I slowly got up, then I reached down to grab my bag. I followed the man down the street, until we reached an apartment building.

"Oh, you live in this building?"

"Yes, yes. Up in the penthouse." I followed him inside, and we walked up the stairs, until we reached the penthouse. He instructed me to follow him to the spare bedroom, which I did. I set my bag down in the bedroom.

"Well...I have to run some errands. I will be back soon. Do not steal anything, or I will not hesitate to track you down."


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