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Irowin "Greyheart" Glacion
Age 17
Title Greyheart
Status Active
Color Gray
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 30th
Handedness Left
Complexion Olive
Hair Raven
Eyes Blue
Semblance Frigid Blast
Height 5'5
Weight 119 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Nevaeh Navojo
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mother (Deceased)

Father (Abandoned)

Additional Info
Emblem IrowinSymbol
Likes Books, Silence, Darts, Women, and Writing
Dislikes Loud Noises, Overly Affectionate People, Beaches, Disrespect
Special Skills Near Perfect Marksmanship, Hand to Hand Combat, Strategic Mind
Weaknesses Any mention of her Mother

Irowin symbol by maryritai-d7b4s86


Irowin was born as Irowin Glacion to a maid in the Kingdom of Vale. She grew up helping her mother clean the insides and outsides of just about every rich person's home in the kingdom. One day, she was cleaning outside and found a bow and a quiver that had been discarded a long time ago.She began to play with the bow, taking a mild interest in it.

One day, she came home from school. When she arrived at her home her mother wasn't there. She waited and waited, but her mother never walked through the door. Instead a few hours later a policeman came by saying that her mother had been mugged and killed on her way home from work.

After that day, Irowin was never the same. She fell into a pit of depression and was branded by her nieghbors as "Greyheart" giving her a new surname. The only thing that Irowin had after the incedent was her bow.

She began to practice everyday, keeping her mind on one thing: revenge. She enter tournements, killed monsters, and did everything she could to earn money to upgrade her equipment so that she would be able to kill the man who had ruined her life.

After a few years, she sought out training at Sanctum Academy. Using her winnings from a recent tournement, she entered and became one of the best pupils possible.

She has now began her first year at Beacon Academy after graduating from Sanctum a straight A student.


Irowin wears a white longsleeve shirt over a blue tanktop with black pants and leather boots. Over her shirt she wears a leather breastplate and leather shoulder pads. Her bow is slung over her shoulder with her quiver full of arrows.

She has black hair and blue eyes. She has a small nose and large eyes. A small splash of freckles goes over her nose. Irowin has small hands and tiny feet.

Irowin carries a satchel full of her food and medical supplies. The bag that she carries has her symbol stamped on the flap.


Irowin is not very loud and outspeaking of her thoughts, though she will not accept any form of disrespect or sarcasm. She has a strong will and holds her friends in regard above all others. After her mother's death she does not allow any mistreatment of a fellow female and will happily punish all who break that rule.

Any and all moral code goes out the window when people she cares about are threatened. Torture and killing are allowed if circumstances permit it.

Irowin works well with others. She can take orders and give them. She doesn't necessarily want to be a leader but can take the mantle if needed. She can hold her own in a fight. 

She is secretly bisexual and lives in the fear of her team finding out.

Powers and Abilities

Primary Weapon: Deskrasoton

Deskrasoton, meaning Straight Shot, is a bow that can split into two dust infused daggers. It uses both traditional and dust tipped arrows. She carries a verity of dust arrows, such as Ice, Burn, and Lightning dust. As an archer, Irowin primarily engages enemies in long range combat, sniping from over 200 yards away.

When forced to fight at close range, Deskrasoton's two limbs can split into two Dust Absorbing Daggers. A Dust crystal can be fed into the hilt to power up the blade. For example, Ice Dust has the blade emit a dim blue light and on contact, the blades cover any material they touch in a layer of ice. Burn Dust has the blades glow red hot burn materials that come into contact with it.

Aura is a blue light enough to be mistaken for gray.

Semblance: Frigid Blast

Irowin uses dust and glyphs to flash freeze an area or object depending on where she directs her power. She uses it to freeze her enemies into place to more easily hit them
Irowin's Stats's Stats :

Primary Role Archer
Secondary Role Support
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Relationships w/ Team RIBN

Regda (Cap) - Irowin sometimes finds that he is an idiot and would like to slap him over the head, but mostly respects him as a good leader. He is a strong fighter and good stratagist.

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