Whatcha talkin bout, I just came to play my ass off and I play to win
— Huile explaining what will happen if anyone fights him

Irving Huile is a Team Member of Team NILA, Wild and willing to destroy anything, Irving may seem more like an animal but when it comes down to it he can give anyone a fight for their lives.

Irving Huile
Age 18
Title The Battle Obsessed Cybrid
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Born December 22nd
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Tan
Hair Platinum Blonde
Eyes Green/Bright Green
Height 6'9"
Weight 230 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team NILA
Partner Nigel
Occupation Team Member
Additional Info
Likes Treating fights as a game, playing to win, His sister, bragging, Female Faunus
Dislikes Anyone telling him what is right and wrong, anyone trying to harm his sister
Special Skills Muay Thai, Strength, Fighting, Speed
Weaknesses Can be angered, can be tricked


Irivng is a short, muscled, and often claimed to be rugged and scarred.

He is shown to have slightly slicked back blonde hair and green eyes (Although the right eye has been replaced giving that eye a glowing green shine). He also scarred around the right side of his face

He usually wears long, two-tailed green coat with a pronounced buckled collar and a black chest plate of sorts, along with green cargo pants and boots. His right leg has been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic.


He is shown to have a highly-competitive and boastful mindset often to the point of sadism. He will often show that he delights in winning any "game" not caring how it went for the opponent. He is shown to be one to rub it in when he wins often with rude jokes and laughter.

Despite all of his negative traits he has let the rest of his team know that he is very loyal and will listen to Nigel's orders without complaint. He shows pride in his skills and respect for those that can last in a fight against him. He also shows signs of having a deeper wisdom that shows when a person really needs some sort of help though it is rare.


Irving's Family was always in the Construction business, they never had time for hunting or fighting as they felt the family business always came first. That was until Irving's father accidently made an explosive mistake while rebuilding a neighbors home and Irving was caught in the blast.

Though they had to spend every Lein that they have, they bought cybernetic replacements for the parts Irving lost in the blast. This put the family in deep debt. Irving decided to weaponize on of his leg and along side his sister Olivia Huile train to become hunters to find a way to pay back the various companies that gave them the Tech in the first place.

Once got into a battle with Nigel and that was how he met him. Through the battle that lasted for days they became best friends and he has often agreed to the missions set up by Lloyd so that he can earn money by working for Bad Wolf.

Weapons & Combat

He fights with a Right Leg Revolver "Ignited Midori" A large eight chamber revolver-equipped right leg prosthetic, which often means that he usually fights primarily with kicks, only using his mechanical right arm to reload the giant revolver built into his leg. The only time he actually punches is when he grapples a downed opponent.


The weapon on his right leg gives him range, explosive charge, and an impressive strength to his kicks. His slightly unstable personality also makes him unpredictable and he uses it to anger his opponents just to mess with them.


The problem is often that his weapon is only truly useful up to a certain range meaning that he can be picked off from far away. His weapon also only has a eight rounds meaning he will often have to reload after a few shots. He is also very easily angered and can be goaded into attacking first and thinking later.


Irving which means Green Water in Scottish, Huile Is Italian for Oil.