Isamu Radke.

Isamu Radke

Gender - Male

Age - 18

Weight - 192 pounds

Hair - Messy Brown Hair

Eye Color - Pink-ish

Nicknake - Em


Head - Black and Purple goggles

Torso - Black T-Shirt with open Purple jacket w/ Pink trim

Legs - Black Pants with Purple trim

Feet - Black and Pink shoes


Isamu is very brave. He seems to always be the one that breaks up the fights instead of being involved. He loves being the center of attention, and likes to show off his fighting skills. He's exceptionally smart and loves to study weapons and how they work. 


When Isamu was a child, his parents pushed him to learn about things he was not interested in. He learned more than he interacted with friends, and it frustrated him that his parents wouldn't let him go outside. When he was 12, he found materials in his basement and forged a sword that he called Unumgladia. (Unumgladia comes from the two latin words 'Unum' and 'Galdius'. Which transalates to English as "One Sword"). He trained himself in his basement every day when his parents where at work and at night when they were asleep. creating new sword fighting techniques and making himself stronger. At age 17, he grew tired of his parents keeping him inside and forcing him to learn things that he had no interest in knowing about. He ran away from home and fled to Beacon Academy, where he applied and was accepted.

Weapons and Abilities

Isamu carries a simple sword that he forged himself out of materials he found in his basement. It has a one edged blade with a black handle. It is put away into a sheath that he carries on his belt. He taught himself how to use the sword in his basement at age 12 and became extremely skilled with it.


Isamu's sword.

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