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— Islingr Fiarie
Islingr Fiarie
Age 18
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Where: Mistral
When: ???
Handedness Left
Complexion Light
Hair Gold
Eyes Gold
Semblance Illumination
Height 5'11"
Weight 118 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Haven Academy
Team Team EMIR
Partner Ravelyn Rouge
Occupation Huntress-in-Training
Personal Status
Relatives Father: Rowan Fiarie
Mother: Hvita Fiarie
Y. Sis: Istalrí Fiarie
Additional Info
Emblem IslingrSymbol
Likes Summer, the sun. Being outdoors.
Dislikes Her parents being upset, the dark.
Special Skills Semblance/Aura control.

Islingr Fiarie is a 2nd-year student at Haven Academy, where her parents, Hvita and Rowan Fiarie, also went. She is the third member of Team EMIR, and partner of Ravelyn Rouge, as well as the older sister of Istalrí. (To be updated to encompass the BoB.)


Islingr has golden hair, styled in two french braids, one on either side, and a regular, mid-back length braid down the back. Her eyes are gold, and she has a light complexion. She's a tall girl, at around 5'11".






(To be reworked)

Islingr doesn't really like complicated - it's why her outfits are so simple. Though why her hairstyle's complicated is anyone's guess. In fact, most suspect that not even Islingr knows why she keeps her hair that way.

Islingr will jump at any opportunity to find her sister, making her susceptible to offers of information, not bothering to find out whether they are true or false.

In addition to that, she likes pleasing others, especially her parents, and works hard to do so. It's not that she feels like she's not accepted or anything, it's just the way she is. Islingr is caring of others as well, and doesn't like it when they're upset. That's partly why she wants to find her sister so badly - so she doesn't have to see her parents upset anymore.

That said, Islingr can't stand to see anyone get hurt or be upset. She's one of those people who is very likely to push someone out of the way of a vehicle or an oncoming weapon, and take the hit herself. The same goes for animals, even criminals. She will comfort and encourage anyone who's feeling lonely, depressed, sad, etc. She's always able to look on the positive side, making her the optimist of the team.

Islingr doesn't judge people by how they look, but rather by who they are and the choices they make.

Very calm and patient, Islingr is the only one who can deal with Ember and Metagh's arguments, always being the one to step in and act as a mediator for the two. It's one of her most notable traits.

She's also a very determined, hard-working individual, who always gets her homework done. She focuses on everything with the same, focused attitude she applies to everyday life and the battlefield.

Islingr is a person who loves being outdoors in the sun. If the sun's out, you can bet Islingr will be as well. She doesn't tan, though, and doesn't particularly like it when it's very, very hot either.




Fall of Beacon

Islingr and her teammates were in Vale for the Vytal Festival, and thus were there during the attack on Beacon. They fought together, helping to defend the city. Afterwards, when her partner insisted on staying, Islingr supported her. Currently, Islingr and her teammates help survivors, and assist in killing the Grimm coming into the city.



Islingr's symbol, done by me (on lined paper).

Hvita Fiarie

Her mother.

Rowan Fiarie

Her father.

Istalrí Fiarie

Her sister.

Travan Aline

Sees him a lot, as he's one of her parents teammates.

Hebline Sifa

One of her parents' teammates.

Ember Maerts

(To be redone, probably) Ember, her leader and teammate, is someone Islingr respects. She often compares the tomboy to Hebline, always being the one to step in whenever the tomboy gets into an argument - which is often. It's only thanks to her extreme patience that she hasn't snapped at the argumentative girl yet. Despite that, Islingr has no problem putting her life in her leader's hands.

Metagh Olina

(To be redone, probably) Islingr has become good friends with Metagh over the year they've been teammates, though Islingr never answers the curious girl's questions. That disappears in battle, however, as the two depend on each other heavily. She likes Metagh's studious nature, often studying with her, and admires the girl's optimistic nature, wishing she were that optimistic. Islingr is also the only one who can deal with the girl's arguments with their leader.

Ravelyn Rouge

  • Islingr finds her partner to be the most mysterious of the team. She rarely talks, and can have huge mood swings. (More TBA)



Islingr Fiarie


BBKS (Bladed Boomerang Kite Shield)


Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Shield, Boomerang

Islingr wields a BBKS (Bladed Boomerang Kite Shield) named Sunray. It is a kite-shaped shield, which can compact itself into a boomerang. It has extendable blades.

Shield: A gold, kite-shaped shield, with slits running the length of each side. Usually slung across her back, Islingr can shrug it around to her left arm, which often makes people think she's right-handed. Which then confuses them when she turns her shield into a boomerang and throws it.

Boomerang: A regular, gold boomerang. The slits from the shield appear here, as well.

Blades: Long, iron blades come out of each slit, running parallel to the sides. Islingr can choose which blades come out through the use of pressure switches.

Semblance & Abilities


(May change)

Her Semblance is Illumination, which allows her to create spheres of light or fire in her palms, which can be used to light candles or torches. The bigger the sphere, the more energy is takes. Energy recharge also depends on the size of the sphere. Islingr has a high amount of control over this, being able to keep a huge one (about the size of a regular-sized hairbrush) going for a third of a day. It is unknown exactly how long she can keep a tiny one (about the size of her fingertip) going, but it's assumed to be more than a day. She often uses her Semblance during battle, slinging balls of light at her opponents to blind and distract them.


Islingr is high in speed, and is the fastest out of her teammates. Though not the fastest in the school, she'd still probably rank about/around 6th place. Despite this, her fighting-style isn't very mobile, and she relies on her teammates to deflect or block attacks she herself doesn't see coming or can't block because she's waiting for Sunray to come back to her hand.

As the boomerang doesn't have that much physical power on it's own (it can bruise people badly, but it can't cut through them) Islingr has taken to learning general weak spots in people, which, if hit hard enough, could take someone out of a fight. Employing this in battle, she has a bit of a high critical rate, as well as high precision.

That said, Islingr's eyesight has also improved quite a bit due to the use of this tactic. She has the sharpest eyes among her teammates.

She's also skilled in controlling her Aura, able to activate it to protect herself or enhance her attacks. It is a golden-brown in color.

Islingr's Stats :

Class Tank/Rogue
Job Short-,Mid-range fighter/Defender
Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Dust Use
Semblance Power
Parry/Block Rating
Vitality (Fitness)
Tech Skill
Movement Speed
       ~Adapted from Jollyjo by JayHart
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm


  • Her first name, Islingr, means light-bringer or illuminator, and is pronounced as "iss-ling-er." (iss like it is in hiss)
  • Her last name, Fiarie, comes from the first Fairy Tail opening theme song, Snow Fairy, in which it sounds like the singer sings "fairy" as "fee-are-ee."
  • Islingr doesn't actually allude to anything - I came up with everything here from scratch, with inspiration from various sources.
    • Sunray was inspired by Pyrrha's tactic of throwing her shield, then retrieving it with her Semblance.


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