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Istafuron is one of the five Janitors, in charge of the second largest continent and is thus designated as Janitor 02. Despite being the second most efficient Janitor, he is the weakest out of all of them, having aged significantly, though he is nonetheless an extremely powerful being, with his ability to manipulate the Flames of Hell and sheer brutal strength backing him up.


As the oldest active Janitor, Istafuron contrasts drastically with the young ones with his ancient appearance, being below average in height, the hair on his short beard that reaches his Adam's apple being completely white and numerous wrinkles across the flakey skin of his long face. His eyes are almost slit-like, with fiery red irises denoting his association with fire and lava, and he is, to his sorrow, very truly bald. His torso, despite his appearance, is extremely muscled when revealed, while the rest of his muscles, once exerted, show themselves to be extremely dense, with visible tendons and veins almost popping as if to burst. His typical attire consist of a baggy black pants held together by white bands, with a large white haori reaching down to his knees acting as his only top.


In the past, Istafuron referred to himself as a flippant man who had little regard for anything around him as a result of his incredible Brute strength and no one being able to stop him from what he wanted. He had a flare of flamboyance then as well, wearing dramatic and expensive clothing and getting caught up in copious amounts of jewelry, a habit that he now calls to be mindless and pathetic, though in his home remnants of his fashion collection can still be found, which Reiner speculated to be due to Istafuron reminiscing better times of youth before the War.

In the present and after his experiences as both a soldier in the Great War and a Hunter, Istafuron has been tempered into a taciturn and serious man, who muses himself as an artifact from a Dark Age, hence he turns his eyes to the new generation to show the way. His self-loathing is not obvious in his conversations, which is usually interspersed with Istafuron lamenting about the flaws of the new generation, though if one knew him well enough, one would realise the flaws he talks about are directly parallel to the same flaws Istafuron percieves in his youth. He has basically given up on correcting himself and that is why his character flaws, though he knows of them, persist as he focuses instead on ensuring the younger generation do not have his flaws.


Shocked Istafuron is shocked.

In decision-making, Istafuron is highly pragmatic, being willing to sacrifice a few for the sake of the many, even though in his heart he has a deep desire to try to save everyone. He is, in Zephyr's words, 'the type of guy who cuts the queue for heroic sacrifices' and has shown himself to be willing to sacrifice limb and life to protect others if that is what is needed. At his job, Istafuron is the embodiment of conviction, being extremely careful at cleaning up the grounds of his continent and as the longest-serving Janitor, he is highly respected by the kingdoms, who are thus more willing to give him a little leeway with regards to the Code, not that he really defies it anyway. Due to years of experience, Istafuron very rarely shows any sign of distress or surprise to the events around him, but when he does, all of the Janitors concede that the event has to be either extremely funny or serious and listen attentively to his advice or knowledge. He views the Janitors, especially the older ones, as an expendable unit, one that is meant to be willing to give their lives to the preservation of the four kingdoms of Vytal.

In his extremely large free time, Istafuron likes to drink down Dante's Inferno or Disco Inferno, juggles ten-ton weights or fix vintage planes as a way to past the time and if he is particularly sentimental, call up the few old friends that still remain in the world for a little chat about the old days. He has recently attempted to substitute these friends with his student Reiner but her inability to really comprehend his past resulted in it seeming like a lecture to her.


In battle, Istafuron wields the RPG-A class of weapon, known as the Rocket-Propelled Great Axe. His particular RPG-A is the most amazing and in turn dangerous of the class. Named 'Storst', it is one of the biggest weapons ever made, easily thrice the height of Istafuron at 6 metres, such that it could easily cleave a house and comprises of two parts when inactive. In its active form Storst has a long handle coloured gray, with a red D-shaped head wider than the handle connecting it to the heavy and sharp moon-shaped blade. The blade itself is 2-metres long and within its edge, it has a chainsaw mechanism made out of diamond-tips, allowing it to cleave even the thickest of materials. The movement of the chainsaw in a bladelock can also disrupt the opponent's balance. Finally, as expected from its class, the head of the axe has four pairs of Dust rocket engines that are able to propel the blade about at amazing speeds. While these were typically used to support the usage of these heavy axes, Istafuron's own strength is enough to easily lift Storst and thus he can easily control the direction of the momentum from the engines, making his attack rate absurbly fast for such a huge weapon. Storst's specific engines are of the highest grade, such that Istafuron can even stand on the head and use the engines to give him rudimentary locomotion and flight capabilities.

To make things even worse for his opponents, Istafuron's natural strength allowed him to wield two Storst, one in each hand, a feat thought impossible due to their gargantuan size and weight. In order to keep up with their size, his body is thus rarely on the ground, flying through the air, spinning the axes about in an oblate sphere of death.


Physical Skill - 'Brute'

Istafuron is one of the few people whose sheer physical skill is so strong to be classified as an ability. In this case, Istafuron's is considered to be Brute. This is not only comes from his incredible strength, but his fighting style as well. Istafuron, as a pragmatist, does not just use his weapon, but his arms and legs are are all considered formidable weapons which he does not hesitate in exploiting, punching and kicking in a direct style, intending to break his opponents apart through brute force no matter the obstacle. All this is supplemented by his aforementioned strength. The mere wake of a swing of his axe is enough to send rushing gales around him and at full power, he was able to create a fissure that bisected the entirety of Beacon Academy into half, while causing the cliffside to become dangerously unstable. His punches and kicks are so powerful that the impact and momentum made it nigh impossible for anyone to quickly recover due to the air pressure. This same strength is also used in acts of speed, with Istafuron able to clear great distances at vanishing speeds.

Flames of Hell

In comparison to the other Janitors, Istafuron's control of Dust was maximised to one thing only: distance. He could control dust from hundreds of kilometers away, but it had one fatal flaw: that he had to be aware of the Dust's initial position, which was impossible at a far distance. He thus readapted his control's unique trait in an ingenius way: directing it deep into the ground, where deep within Vytal's core he knew there was an almost insurmountable amount of Dust. He then forcefully pulls pockets of Dust out and when this happens, plasma, lava and fire from the very outer core of Vytal follow, spouting out from large fissures, sending devastating damage throughout the area. His ability was thus dubbed the Flames of Hell.

Having used this technique over and over again, Istafuron has mastered it to near perfection. He could now release isolated Hell Flames over a small area, redirect the spouts of lava and plasma by mixing Dust within it, shape it into various assortments of weapons and projectiles as well as control the Dust below the ground without pulling it out to shift both the lava and the tectonic plates about, creating earthquakes and inciting eruptions, turning the land into a steaming wasteland. Using it for so long has resulted in him boasting a ridiculously high resistance to heat, enough that he could even wrap the lava around him in a sphere for protection.

However, due to the extreme nature of this ability, Istafuron had been prohibited from using it offensively, as it was capable to turning entire cities to little more than molten slag, counter to the cleaning-up principle of the Janitors. He, however, uses it in small quantities to incinerate all the trash he collects, literally turning Vytal's core into his private incinerating landfill.


  • Had a lot of trouble creating the concept of Istafuron and even then unfortunately in the end he almost became a Yamamoto Genryuusai clone. Thankfully, my concept for Flames of Hell was not Ryujin Jakka or Zanka no Tachi. However, the similarities are close enough that Yamamoto is the face for this character.


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