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I'm not obsessed, I have a healthy fascination. It's perfectly healthy...I'm not insane, so shut your mouth before I shut it for you.
— Irvyn

Irvyn Nuada
Irvyn Headshot
Age 26
Title Lord Nuada
Nickname Young Master, Sire, Lord, Earl
Status Active
Color Ivory
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Snow Wolf
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Pearly White
Hair Silver Grey
Eyes Midnight Blue/Powder Blue
Height 6'1"
Weight 159 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation Nobleman / Underground Dealer
Personal Status
Relatives Damian Nuada, adoptive father

Chel Nuada, adoptive mother Coral Glass, birth mother

Iden Glass, half sister

Additional Info
Emblem Irvyn Emblem
Likes control, manipulating others, showing his power, taking advantage of people, sweets
Dislikes unplanned distractions, interruptions, cocky people, fire
Special Skills tactical, quick witted, persuasive, broad-sword expert
Weaknesses narrow-minded, quick to anger, easily provoked, reckless when angered
Character Theme

Lights Out by Breaking Benjamin

His name is pronounced:

  • Irvyn - 'er-ving'
  • Nuada - 'n-u-ah-dah'


Irvyn is a young man with a tall yet slim figure, however retaining a muscular body from extensive training. He has straight silver grey hair that is cut to his shoulders and looking slightly untidy around his face. He has Heterochromia, have two different eye colors, the right being powder blue and the left a dark blue.

His skin being pearly white, he has a look of being almost like fresh snow. As well as being a Faunus, he has the ears of a wolf atop his head. He was often told he looked like a woman at some angles, all of which he ended quickly, nipping them all in the bud with gaining a muscular figure.

His attire consisted of a grey, long sleeve shirt that is split down the front from the neck to mid-chest. A white and light grey chest-plate that goes all around his lower half and to his neck, has an intricate design all over it and forms his emblem upon his back. The chest plate is held into place by three intricate buckles on his front. Black gloves upon his hands with white arm/hand guards with claw-like fingers and goes all the way up to his elbow.

White pants that are loose but held up around his waist by a black belt.The legs of the pants are tucked into black boots that have a thick sole as well as buckles upon the ankles. He also wears a black high-collared cape that is secured with large white shoulder guards and the cape reaches to just above his ankles. 


He is calm yet also very menacing at the same time. Even though he never knew his real father, he felt closer to the one he called 'father', so he looked up to him. He became a noble yet harsh man under his father's eye and thus became the ideal heir to the Nuada.

He does not express his emotions much and wears an emotional mask, never expressing what he might be truly be feeling. However, when he feels an emotion strong enough, it does show and is expressed. But these don't happen often and he seems to be in complete control of his emotions.

However, he does have a twisted humor and finds pain for others to be a humorous sight. He also enjoys seeing other in such twisted emotional states, ones that would cause the most pain to them and waits for the day he can see such a face upon his 'little sister'.


Irvyn had actually never had a name for he was an orphan from birth, left to die in a forest somewhere for being a Faunus. His mother, who had fallen in love with a wolf Faunus like herself, had him, a Faunus baby. However, before he was born, his Faunus father had abandoned his mother. And his mother, not wanting to remember the man, left him in the forest, for he resembled much of his father, even as a baby. However, a young woman had found him and brought him to a large mansion that belongs to a rich and noble family, whom the woman worked for. But, try as she might, she could not hide the child from her master and mistress. When he was found out, the mistress fell in love with the white child with tiny wolf ears. And so, with much pushing from the mistress, the master finally gave in and adopted the wolf child. It is then he was given the name Irvyn and became a part of the Nuada family. 

As he grew up, his family taught him much about aristocratic life, he also found out his family's hidden secret. His father, without his mother's knowledge, was working with the dark side of society. It turned out that a lot of the big time crime lords worked alongside the Nuada family, making them as rich as they were. But, even though Irvyn found out about this, he was not scared away. He actually was intrigued by the aspect and on one occasion, had sneaked into his father's office before a meeting with such men when he was 11. However, he was easily found out and even though he was to be punished, he somehow talked his father into teaching him about this side of their family's work. And so, he began learning about the dark things his father had worked with to put the family where it was. 

Not long after, he figured out that the people who he called mother and father were not his real parents, for he was a Faunus and they were not. So, when he had been 13, he began to search records to try and find out who his mother could have been. When Irvyn finally reached the age of 16, he figured out how to do much of his father's work, much to his father's approval. And not only did he learn that he also was taught how to fight and he taught himself how to construct his own weapons. He was pleased with himself when he finally became as strong a man as his father. It is also around this time that he also found out who his mother was, he could not find out who his father was, thought never understood why the man appeared to be in hiding. However, since he found out who his mother was, he went about trying to pinpoint where she was. 

And he couldn't find out until he reached 19, however, what he did find, made his blood boil. He found his mother but married to a human and with human children. She seemed to have completely forgotten about him. Filled with rage, he went to the home she lived in when the children and her husband were out. He glared at her with his multi-colored eyes, she already realizing who he was. She told him she was sorry for leaving him but she felt so much pain at seeing his small face when she had given birth to him. However, Irvyn would not hear of it and killed her, but her husband had come back after she was dead, having forgotten something and was too killed by Irvyn before he had set the home on fire. He had wanted to take out the whole family but he somehow could not harm the little girl, for she looked like him. And so, he decided to let her live, for now, and would bide his time before he would take his full revenge upon the family that had taken the place of him.  


Fantoma is a buster-sword which has a gun handle as the hilt.

  • It reaches up to 4 feet length and 2 inches width, the hilt adding another foot, making it 5 feet and a half long.
  • The blade is sharp and curves to a point with white/yellow spiral designs trailing up the middle of the blade, which is made entirely of dust. The guard is grey, the hilt being large and circular that is dark grey and a yellow dust crystal that acts as a pummel.
    Irvyn Weapon

Ceata is the Mares Laig (which is an 1887 Winchester lever-action rifle with a shortened stock and barrel) that is the handle to the buster sword.

  •  The gun has a grey barrel with a redwood handle and silver lever below it.
  •  Ceata itself is loaded with ice dust bullets as default but he can also use other dust bullet types if he loads it.

Fighting Style

Irvyn fights solely with his sword, with big swings and heavy slams into the ground. Often times he will fight with his sword in a sweeping motion, aiming for the legs of his opponent. He can also switch hands with his sword so as to give a full swinging attack, however, he cannot fully fight left handed, often switching back to his right as quickly as possible. By pumping the lever that is near his handle which doubles as the trigger when in it's gun form, he can channel ice dust into his sword and fight with ice, often time only using this to stab into the ground which causes a stream of ice to shot from the blade along the ground ahead of him.

By stabbing the blade into the ground, he is able to pull free the gun handle out of the sword and it quickly transforms into a Mares Laig. But pushing the rounded lever below the gun, it loads a bullet into the barrel and with the pull of the trigger, it shoots out the dust infused bullet. Upon impact with his target, a reaction is produced within the bullet and explodes upon the target, freezing that portion it had hit. He prefers to shoot below for the legs of his target, that way when they are unable to move, he puts the gun back into the sword and rushes them with a swing of the blade.

Strengths and Weaknesses

✔ He is a quick thinker and very tactful, being able to think up battle plans and effective tactics to use against and with certain parties.

✘ However, as a result of his quick thinking, he sometimes misses the larger details that could possibly ruin a certain battle plan, an example being a very power individual who is set on fighting till they win.

✔ He also has a quick wit, able to banter with others, often able to turn the argument around in his favor.

✘As a result, when he is not bantering with others, he does not feel the need to interact with them and thus this causes him to not know much about the people that he may want on his side.

✘ Often, his quick wit makes him more enemies than allies.


His semblance allows him to become empowered, his strength growing, his sense heightening and his mind clearing. This allows him to strike quicker, react faster. His body is pretty much going on overdrive, a massive adrenaline rush that makes him nearly unstoppable. With this ability, he can turn an otherwise losing fight into something he can dominate.

However, it has its limits, he can only maintain this state of superhuman nature for a total of 3 minutes. Never over. And then he has to rest for 3 hours after, for it completely drains him. He will appear to the point of looking sickly, like he’s about to drop right there. This is merely an outward appearance, for he nowhere close to death.

Because of this, he rarely will use this ability more than a minute or so, never wanting to risk his enemy find him in such a state. He has only ever had to go the full 3 minutes twice, once while training out in the woods and the second when he had to teach someone a lesson. Even without his super strength, he has strength enough to wield his buster sword with ease.



  • Damian Nuada : - He is his foster father and the man who Irvyn looked up to, eventually taking care of him when he had grown ill and took over the family.
  • Chel Nuada : - She is his foster mother and is the woman who had found him in the woods. As a result, he is deeply indebted to her and very affection towards her.


  • Argent Lycos : - He is his biological father, however, Irvyn does not know the man, know of him and does not care for the man. He feels that this man cared little for the son he was to have but he could also care little about this man who was supposed to be his father.
  • Coral (Stella) Glass :- She is his birth mother, but he never knew her much during his life. However, he did feel a bit of a rage towards her, for she had abandoned him when he was just born. As the results, he began to hate the woman who had given birth to him and eventually took out his hate on her.
  • Iden Glass :- She is his half-sister and as a result, for having a life that was happy, he decided to change that, killing her parents and plotting to do much more than that in the future.


  • Irvyn Nuada is based off the Romanian Folklore of wolves/werewolves/ghost wolves, the Pricolici.
  • The name Irvyn means in Celtic, 'White'.
  • The name Nuada means in Irish mythology, often spelled as Nuada or Naudha, it is known by the epithet Airgetlam, meaning 'silver hand/arm'. This eludes to his color as well as his representation, as it's a ghost wolf.

Irvyn Nuada's Stats :

Primary Role Swordsman
Secondary Role Gunman
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


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