Every truth is a chest waiting to open, and I am the key to expose them.
— Ivory Dietrich

Ivory Dietrich
Ivory (Bust)
Age 17
Title Truth Seeker
Nickname Smartass
Status Active
Color White
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Semblance Memorization
Height 177.8 cm
Weight 74.5 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Azalea Rappaccini
Occupation Student
Jobs Detective
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Jet Dietrich (Father)
  • Mother (Unnamed)
Additional Info
Emblem Ivory Symbol
Special Skills
  • Above-average analysis skills
  • Skilled strategist
  • Natural Leader
  • Little to no combat training
  • Ineffective against stronger foes alone
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Ivory Dietrich is a young detective attending Beacon and the third member of Team MAID. Unskilled in the field of combat, his true weapon is his intellect to guide his teammates. He prefers to use his weapon for utility instead of battle.

Current Revision: 3.00a


He has the build of a regular person, being average in height and weight. He's not very athletic.

He has a couple of ribbons tying one of his bangs, and wears a bronze circlet.

His emblem is a lock with a clock motif.

He wears a short black cape with blue designs on the edges. Underneath, he wears a white shirt with a large zipper, with the slider being his emblem. He also has a brace in his right hand.

He wears white loose pants and black formal shoes. There's also a pocket watch attached on the left side of his pants.


Ivory has a strong sense of responsibility, being raised to be a man who radiates authority. He also has a strong sense of justice often bordering on recklessness.

He has respectable leadership skills, which he developed while solving crimes alongside his father.

Due to his sense of responsibility, he appears to be cold and calculative, being logical in what action to take and handling any situation with care. He knows how to have fun, it's just that he's far too busy to do so.

He also prefers to outwit his foes rather than face them in battle, being a skilled tactician due to his intellectual pursuits.

Thanks to his upbringing, he can come off as rude or arrogant when speaking, though he means no harm.

Weapons and Abilities

White Darkness

White Darkness. Purple, Red, and Yellow.

Ivory has ten hidden daggers underneath his cape, known as Wide-Range Aerial Daggers (WRADs), collectively called White Darkness, after their obsidian blades. They're Dust-propelled daggers with magnetic properties connected to the brace he wears in his right hand. He prefers throwing them from a distance instead of using them in close quarters.

He has three different variants of White Darkness based on the Dust Crystal on the hilt of the blade.

  • A purple Dust Crystal can be redirected or home into a target. He has five of them.
  • A red Dust Crystal is combustible on contact, causing explosions if it hits someone. He has three of them.
  • A yellow Dust Crystal can paralyze on contact, but the blade is made from pure silver to easily conduct the electricity, making it less sharper than the others. He has two of them.

Using them in a certain way, he learned a few tricks in climbing with the red one; he can stomp on them to release an explosion that can propel him to the air, or to cushion his fall in advance.

However, his true abilities aren't in combat, but in deduction. Due to his intellectual pursuits, he has a proficient analytical prowess that allows him to come to conclusions and solve some crimes easily. As a bonus, his logical reasoning allows him to negotiate, interrogate or even trick others easily.

Unfortunately, that is also his weakness. He's been used to doing this for so long that he unconsciously talks like this not just to someone he wants to interrogate, but to everyone. This further decreases his socializing skills, sounding like he's always talking to a criminal.

And he's not even aware of it.

He's knowledgeable in the mystery genre and uses it to his advantage by pointing out common scenarios in mystery novels, quickly deducing a situation before anyone else would notice.

Thanks to that, he also looks out for signs that a crime will occur, which quickly gets on the nerves of everyone he's with.

His Aura is silver, and he has a few amount of it, lacking the proper training to utilize it properly.

His Semblance is memorization, allowing him to notice things that are 'off' in a scene if something changed. In theory, it's very similar to a hyper-awareness. A visual effect of him using it is his eyes turning pale blue.

A combat application of his Semblance is being able to memorize the enemy's movements. Using the same tricks against him twice will not work well, since he can easily counter moves that he's seen before.


Born in Vale from an infamous private investigator, Ivory was raised to be a detective like his father, Detective Jet Dietrich, known for hating Faunus-related cases.

In an early age, he viewed this as stupid, since other kids his age are busy idolizing the Huntsmen from Beacon Academy. So he made it his dream to become a great Huntsman to escape his father's footsteps.

He tried enrolling in a combat school, but after a little accident involving the creation of his weapon, he was discharged and was deemed too reckless to be a Huntsman. Crushing his plans entirely.

Thanks to that, he had no choice but to try and see if being a detective was worth it. He started joining his father in his investigations and trying to help out. He was still inexperienced though so he never really was any help for the first few months.

Due to this, his mother began buying detective novels and several other books of similar style for Ivory to read. As the months go by, he began to develop a large interest in the mystery genre and had embarked on an intellectual journey, and hopefully match his father in skill. He developed a sense of justice along the way.

By the time he was 15, he was beginning to solve most of the cases sent to his father faster, easily deducing the 'who dunnit', the culprit, and the 'how dunnit', the method used to commit the crime.

The main problem is that his father can deduce the 'why dunnit', the motive of the crime, which he can't, having several problems figuring it out.

He didn't let that hinder him though, since oftentimes, the motive isn't really needed to find the culprit. There won't be a problem, it's the police's job to find out the motive.

When he reached age 17, he decided to learn a few combat-based skills in case he was ever attacked during an investigation. According to her mother, his maternal grandfather was a former Hunter who used "telekinetic abilities to control swords". Ivory then decided to pay a visit to him.

A bit grumpy but still kicking, his grandfather agreed to teach him a thing or two, but did not give him weapons. He had to forge his own, so Ivory had no choice but to try create his own weapon again.

This time basing it on his grandfather's weapon, he managed to create several sets of daggers. Having done this, Ivory's grandfather gave him the brace he wore in his right hand, allowing Ivory to also use his daggers the same way as his grandfather.

In a span of several weeks, he succeeded in learning the basics, but along the way, his grandfather's health was deteriorating, so he no longer asked for any help, saying he'll learn the rest on his own. Though lacking in skill, it was enough for him to match low-level Grimm creatures. Unlike his grandfather though, he still can't defeat larger ones.

Coming back to Vale, he found out that Professor Ozpin noticed their family's investigating skills and wanted Ivory to study in Beacon "in order to prepare him for the real world".

Though a bit reluctant, his father gave Ivory the approval to study in Beacon to hone his skills further, leaving behind the words: "Learning doesn't end in home, school, nor workplace. It's time for you to face the real world."

With that, he found himself in the Beacon Initiation, and his first real test that his intellect can't resolve will start: finding a proper partner.

...Which didn't prove difficult, as within the first few minutes, he came across Azalea Rappaccini. Through his quick-thinking, they were able to outsmart and defeat a Narasimha. In the end, they were paired up with Maki Kuronami and Dunkelblau Noname to form Team MAID.

Something that Ivory is clearly not amused in, as he spends half of his time in Beacon defending himself from ridicule in the name of their team.

From some insistence by Maki, the MAIDs would come to be caught in a series of incidents involving the Astraea faction. As such, Ivory spent a lot of time gathering intel on their movements and actions.

During the Vytal Festival, Ivory was the last one to remain during the battle against Team MANA, against Margarethe Lorelei. Through usage of the biome provided, he managed to win the battle through the skin of his teeth. Unfortunately, the team would lose against Team FLME of Shade Academy next round. Before the Fall of Beacon, Team MAID was last seen in the evacuation. Unfortunately, along the way, Noname took off on her own, getting separated from the rest of the team.

In present time, the rest of the MAIDs are in Vale, helping with the recovery as well as looking for their lost teammate.

While helping out with Vale's recovery, Ivory had began gathering intel on Noname and later discovers that she's currently with Usha Goldstein, who left Vale during the Fall of Beacon.

Additional Information

Weapon: White Darkness (Wide-Range Aerial Daggers)

  • A set of daggers based on the more superior All-Range Aerial Blades (ARABs), Scarlet Phantom, his grandfather's weapon of choice. The blades vary in length and are controlled by magnetism from his brace. He hides them underneath his cloak, making him good in stealth operations.

Accessories: Bronze Circlet, Pocket Watch, Magnetic Brace

  • A circlet he wears on his head. It allows him to concentrate... or so he says.
  • His father's pocket watch, which he inherited when he arrived in Beacon. It's time setting isn't set for the timezone in Vale for some strange reason.
  • The brace he uses to control his weapon. It has a 6 meter range limit.

Alignment: Lawful Good

  • He upholds a great sense of justice and will go out of his way to help people. This is both his virtue and weakness.

Likes: Detective Novels, Cherry, Cookies

  • His past time is reading, having spent approximately a total of, according to himself, 24,840 hours (Roughly 3 years) doing such.
  • He likes cherry since her mother planted a lot of them in their mini garden.
  • His mother's past time is baking and her cookies have been known as legendary that Signal Academy students sometimes buy from her. In fact, a travelling doctor once bought a bunch of them.

Dislikes: Liars, War freaks, Combat School

  • He has a natural dislike for liars, being a detective and all.
  • He hates those who enjoy fighting. Though to be specific, he hates those who outright gains pleasure in fighting.
  • Something he has never grown out of is his dislike for that particular combat school for discharging him. He has simmered down over the years though.

Character Theme:

  • CIRCLE (Rengoku Teien)

Battle Theme:

White Requiem
  • White Requiem (Blazblue)
Ivory Chart

Credit goes to Jollyjo.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Strategist
  • Strength: D
  • Defense: C-
  • Dust Usage: D+
  • Aura Usage: C-
  • Semblance Usage: A
  • Dust Resistance: B
  • Speed: B
  • Evasion: A
  • Luck: B+

Secondary Information


  • His general backstory is a take on how a Genius Detective archetype becomes a genius.
  • Dietrich is German for 'lockpick'. His name literally means Ivory Lockpick, which refers to his nature as a seeker of justice and the hidden.
  • His father's name, Jet, refers to the black mineraloid of the same name, not a plane.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Ivory's name, obviously refers to the white material often found in teeth and tusks of animals.
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