Mmmmm. I never knew it was that hard... I was talking about the sword.
— Ivy Lynx

Ivy Lynx
Ivy Linx
Age 17
Title Domina, Mistress, Madame
Nickname Sexy, Good-Looking, Sweetie, Darling
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Cat
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Dark Green
Height 1.68 m(5ft 6in)
Weight 56.7 kg(120 lb)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Selina Pisică
Job Types Infiltration, Info gatherer
Additional Info
Likes Sex, S&M, BDSM, D/s, Seduction, Manipulation
Dislikes Rapists, Being outsmarted
Weaknesses Beautiful people
This original character was created by DestinyZxs00. Do not steal any information off of this. Similar dress styles do not apply.


Ivy Lynx is what some people call a sex fiend or a whore or a slut or a... nevermind. She wears a black tank top, black short shorts, and black latex boots with rubber soles. It may be a simple style but it reveals her many curves, being a DD, and it's also the easiest to take off when needed. She has white hair that also determine the color of her cat-ears and tail because she is a Faunus. Her eyes are a dark, forest green color that actually compliment her hair well. She always wears her clawed gloves, Fureur de Bastet, in case anyone wants to do a quickie S&M session. She has holsters for her two pistols, Spray and Prey, on her back. She can be seen carrying around a flower or two or a bouquet because of her many lovers. Many men lust after her because they know about her high sex-drive but that's only if she wants to do them. She does appeal to men that aren't looking for sex also.


As stated before she loves sex. She needs as much as one needs to take a shower. Her body urges her to do it to the point that she can't control herself if she doesn't. It has been her life and one of her few sources of excitement. She loves to play with her prey as some say. She'll manipulate them into giving information or items of interest using either seduction or sex if it comes to it. Her childhood turned her into a sex fiend and taught her many different types of positions and styles. She gained the mindset of a Dominatrix and now has a longing for S&M. Her hypersexuality is also what gets her up and running in the mornings.

When she's not trying to make people have sex with her she's actually a nice person. Being a cat faunus she likes to be alone, if not with anyone, and sleep. She likes to insert a few jokes here and there, mainly sexual or perverted, and can easily get people to like her. She's always had many friends growing up because she was able to make them love her or long for her. She loves to play around with people as in tickle fights and pranks. She's never found romance with anyone so everyone is technically in the friend's with benefits zone.

Equipment/ Skills

  • Nightvision: All Faunus are born with nightvision and being a cat faunus it must be very good nightvision too.
  • Cat-like Agility: The agility and reflexes she was naturally born with that allow her to have an advantage over her opponents.
  • Dust: She may coat her claws in Dust to further increase their damaging capabilities or for added pain during S&M.
  • Aura: She also uses this to increase the speed of her swing or as a little boost when canceling aerial maneuvers.
  • Fureur de Bastet: These are her clawed gloves that she wears with her almost everywhere. They are made out of latex and feature sharpened titanium claws and knuckle embedments. She uses them in a slashing and clawing fashion or she punch people with the metal knuckle embedments. She also uses the claws during S&M if they want to be cut, that is.
  • Spray and Prey: 2 automatic pistols with an extremely high fire rate. They include extended clips, which hold 24 rounds each, and muzzle breaks to reduce the recoil. She keeps these hidden behind her back in holsters that allow her easy access to them.

(She keeps her weapons seperate because she doesn't want to be wearing bulky gloves that will get in the way during sex.)


Ivy was born into a cat faunus family and because they were faunus they didn't have very much money. Her mom worked and her dad was a binge drinker. He used almost all of the money on liquor and whatever they were left with was barely enough to buy food with. Her mom got cut at work one day and all that they did was patch it up. That cut caused her to develop a disease and of course, they didn't have the money to cure it. Her mother died a few weeks later and her dad spent whatever money they had left on liqour. This left Ivy to work as a waitress in one of the restaurants near her house. She stopped going to school but was able to pick up on tactic's involving persuasion and bargaining. She got into arguments with her dad about the drinking problems and she ended up getting beat by her dad. Unfortunately one of the arguments got out of hand and her dad raped her that night. He had wanted sex for a long time and his wife was dead so the easiest option was, of course, his daughter. It hurt her physically and psychologically; she stopped going to work for several weeks and that left her and her father starving. Eventually she ran away and got caught up in the prostitution ring.

She was sold and had sex but realized that the money she made was more than she ever received as a waitress. She decided that it was a fitting job and it didn't hurt as much as when her dad did it. She was able to get both money and pleasure and was introduced to other forms of sex including S&M and BDSM. She didn't mind getting hurt because she had built up resistance through all the years her dad hurt her. She took up the job of a Dominatrix and was happy to punish and/or pleasure her consumers. She was only 16 and had been at it for 2 years when she started to get sick of all the sex with men twice to thrice her age. She eventually started to beat up anyone that got near her. Ivy donned some claws and auto-pistols and wanted to go to a school where she could do people her age no matter the gender. So she joined Signal Academy for her final year and was an above-average, borderline student. She was satisfied with both the combat and the people so she decided to stay. Anyone that bullied her would get cut and if anyone needed some persuasion she would seduce them and get what she wanted. These grades still allowed her to go to Beacon though and that's exactly what she did.

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