Team J.A.Y.D

Everyone knows about the two Alpha teams in the world of RWBY, but not the single Omega team J.A.Y.D, put together by Headmaster Ozpin himself. It is a group of "Troubling" students that have "Problems". The problems causing them to be unable to be members of the other "Normal" teams. Separated from the other students, and given special unique classes that help them over come their "problems". Though ridiculed by most for being the Omega team, J.A.Y.D hungers to be on top and to prove that they're more then just "silhouettes". 



related characters-

  • Professor Toto
  • Chess Smiley 
  • Yuki O' Hare
  • Heart Wonder (Team H.D.L.M)
  • Denton Manson (Team H.D.L.M)
  • Lock Curly (Team H.D.L.M)
  • Missy Muffins (Team H.D.L.M)
  • Venus Lovegood

The J.A.Y.D project makers :)

The Lady- Was the first ever to start project J.A.Y.D she's the leader of the group and does all the art, backgrounds, story lines, and made the character Jade (and professor Toto). She also based Jade on her own personality. After a year on project J.A.Y.D April 10th 2014 The Lady dropped out of project J.A.Y.D to get a head start in her video game making career.

Princess- The second to come in to project J.A.Y.D she is also the second in charge. She came up with the Characters Aster and Yaro, and wrote the song for Aster "Over the moon" she also helped with some of the concept art. In December 2nd 2013 "Princess" dropped out of project J.A.Y.D. 

Nyannico- The last to come on to project J.A.Y.D she came up with the characters for Dia Wonder, Chess Smiley, Heart Wonder, and Yuki O' Hare. also does the plot design, and character design, and yes typing. June 30th 2014 with a blog titled "I'm Sorry... Goodbye :(" Nyannico decided to take a brake until further notice until the J.A.Y.D comic has been released.

Story Behind J.A.Y.D

In the world of RWBY theirs a bigger problem then "Roman Toarchwick" and as far as the participants are concerned, it is a WAR. Even now it is growing and becoming a major issue. Especially because the extremist group, the "White Fang" has finally picked a side...and not a good one. Racial tensions run high between fauna and humans... those who wish to coexist, and those who wish to reclaim their lost world (fauna's who want human's gone), are forever at odds. The War is truly about to begin, and J.A.Y.D is about to be pulled in.


JADE grass blades 

and leaves are stirring

as the world falls into sleep

VIOLET the starlit 

sky flickers like lightning 

storm clouds surround the moon

BLUE and true 

the waves are swirling

with a power as deep as the sea

GREY dust and snow lay

over the ground sparkling

Filling eyes with wonder as they bloom 



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