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Jade resilience cuts through walls with vicious might
Amethyst is faceted by the force of stronger wills
Desert scatters constantly, wavering on where to stand
Electric cyan storms through all to bring chaos
JADE 2015

JadeColor.jpg Jade
AmethystColor.jpg Amethyst
DesertColor.jpg Desert
ElectriccyanColor.jpg Electric cyan

Professional Status




Previous Affiliation

Signal Academy

JADE is a team that consists of Jade Everett, Amethyst Leventis, Desert Karim and Erek Kyanos. They are third year students attending Beacon Academy to become Huntsmen and Huntresses.


Jade Everett, aka "Jade" or "The Jade Dragon", is the leader of JADE and a third year student at Beacon Academy. Originally born in Mistral, Jade and her mother moved to Vale where she began attending Signal. Growing up, Jade was deeply troubled by the fact that she never knew her father. Seeing how much the abandonment of her father hurt her mother, Jade developed the need to control every aspect of her life in order to keep herself from ever feeling vulnerable again. While attending Signal, Jade met another student, Erek, whom she discovered was her half-brother. The two quickly bonded and vowed to always be there for each other and search for their father together. Upon entering Beacon, Jade developed a student-mentor relationship with Glynda. Thanks to Glynda's influence, Jade learned to be less controlling towards others and become more open hearted. While Jade can come off as serious and tough, she cares deeply for her friends and the well-being of others. She is the leader of team JADE and her partner is Erek. Her weapon is a Collapsible Dust Empowered Sword (CDES) with removeable Dust blades called The Gentleman and her Semblance is Telekinesis.

Amethyst "Amy" Leventis, aka "Amethyst", is a member of JADE and a third year student Beacon Academy. Amy was raised in a large family in Atlas where her achievements were often overshadowed by older, more talented siblings. She attended combat school in Atlas, but upon hearing the strict, military structure of Atlas Academy, chose to apply to Beacon instead, much to the disapproval of her parents. Amy is cheerful, kind hearted and very supportive of her friends, but suffers from lack of self-confidence, largely stemming from the fact that she is the weakest member of the team. This motivates her to become stronger so she does not become a hindrance to her teammates, but rather a valuable member of JADE. Her partner is Desert. Her weapon are Dual Wind and Fire Wheels (DWAF) called February Silica. Each blade is imbued with fire and air Dust respectively and her semblance is Clairvoyance, which allows her to see through other people's eyes and gain insight from touch.

Desert Karim, aka  "Desert", is a member of team JADE and a third year student Beacon Academy. Little is known of Desert Karim's life before Beacon, except that he originally hails from Vacuo. He barely speaks, but still functions well as a member of his team. He rarely has to voice anything to his team for them to know what he means or wants and he is always there for them. His partner is Amy. His weapons are Dual Extending Katar Blades (DEKB) called Scorpion Sting and his Semblance is Desert, which allows him to manipulate sand.

Erek Kyanos aka "Electric cyan" or "The Thunder Beast", is a member of team JADE and a third year student Beacon Academy. Born and raised in Vale, Erek was a difficult child, always causing trouble and mayhem wherever he went. Much of this turmoil largely stemmed from not knowing his father and his neighbours considering him a problem child with no future. Upon seeing how much his behavior upset his mother, he decided to enroll in combat school to make something of himself and prove his neighbours wrong as well as get out of his mother's hair. There, he met Jade Everett, whom he discovered was his half-sister. Erek quickly bonded and felt a strong kinship with her and the two continued on to Beacon and became partners. In battle, Erek is known for his ruthless and tremendous power as well as his reckless attitude. Many times, he only comes to his senses at the urging of his sister, whom he is very protective of. Erek is cocky, arrogant and tough but ultimately a fun-hearted guy who wants everyone to have a good time. He has a friendly rivalry with Caelan Roth of CRLN. His weapons are a Spark Mace and Holo Shield (SMHS) called Force and Spice and his Semblance is Spark, allowing him to generate and conduct electricity.



  • Like Team CRLN, JADE has two members who's names begin with A and D.
    • There is also a female character with a purple theme on both teams, both of whom also have nicknames.
    • Both teams also share similar color schemes: purple, orange and green.

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