Oh, I'm were using that? 'Cause it sure didn't look like it.
— Jacen Aquilla


Name: Jacen Albastru Aquilla

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Mistral

Nickname(s): The Eagle, Jace

Alias: Black Phoenix 

Emblem 3

Jacen's Symbol

Height: 1.84 m (6' 0")

Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs, not including gear)

Character Theme: (Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell)
Two Steps from Hell Heart of Courage
Entrance Theme: (Main Theme from Pacific Rim OST)
Pacific Rim Original Score 01 Main Theme by Ramin
Battle Theme: (Polar Shift by Mark Petrie)
World 39 s Greatest Battle OSTs Ever Polar Shift


Jacen was never a big guy to begin with, nor was he all that tall. At a mere 6 feet, he's comparably short to some of the taller guys at Beacon. His clothing doesn't set him apart from the crowd. He wears a light grey t-shirt, with a dark blue leather vest that covers it. He wears also wears a worn pair of black pants with a grey belt, and a custom pair of cut-down grey combat boots. He also wears a pair of fingerless light blue gloves, and wears a pair of small, hard grey leather arm guards that go up to near his elbows. He also wears light, articulated, metal plate armor on his legs. His light blue eyes are often hid by his mid-length silver hair, and his clothing hides his somewhat pale complexion. 

On his back, he has a large pair of one handed axes that pack an explosive punch and can cleave through flesh and bone with terrifying ease. On his wirsts, he has a pair of deployable metor hammers that deploy from a launcher in the gauntlet part, which double as a claw weapon. On the left side of his belt, he has holsters for multiple throwing knives that he can throw with terrifying accuracy. A terrifing half mask now covers his face, and his right hand has lost its former humanity. 


Because of his size, he's built a reputation for having a scrappy attitude in a fight, sometimes taking on opponents that are more than twice his size at near point blank range; more often than not, he only notices the pain till later. But, much to one's surprise, he is actually quite intelligent and perceptive. Sometimes, he can be seen playing chess or reading a book in his spare time when he is not sparring or practicing his martial arts. 

When you talk to him, he can be quite genial, and that can also be surprising; given his rough looks and somewhat dark sense of humor. That, and he has a history of being a skirt chaser. Other than that, you don't want to mess with him in a fight. And now that he's turned to go down a much darker path, you best be wary of him, cause the bad parts of his personality have only gotten worse. 


Jacen's weapons reflect his scrappy attitude in a fight, and how he likes to approach combat. These are not to be taken lightly by any means: 

  • Head Hunters: A pair of Double Barreled Shotgun Doloires (DBSD) that he dual wields while in combat. Easy enough to be wielded in each hand. The shotgun shell is enough to blow an opponent's head clean off their shoulders. 
  • Eagle's Talons: Gauntlet mounted Metor Claw Hammers (GM/MCH) that double as both a bludgoning metor hammer and a claw weapon that snaps out from the ball end of each each hammer. Lauched from a gauntlet mounted on each of his wrists, he can use one wrist or the other, while still being able to wield a secondary weapon. 

As far as his Aura is concerned, his aura glows a dark blue color when it is active. Nothing else is known thus far.  

Battle Style

Jacen is the type to first attacking an opponent at range. He'll use the shotgun mode of Head Hunters to keep an opponent out of melee range at first, planning out his next move as he batters you with the shotgun blasts. And if that doesn't work for mid-range combat, he'll use Eagle's talons to batter at his opponents defenses. 

Sometimes, he'll use a combination of shotgun and meteor hammer to wear his opponents down. And when he has finally has his opponents worn down his opponents, he'll use Head Hunters axe heads to finish them off. 


Jacen was born with a pretty easy life, and very little worries early on. However, when it came to his career choices, he often clashed with his folks on what he wanted to do, mainly his father. His mother, however, had no objections. This clashing between the two continued off and on for many years, and didn't lead to healthy personality. And as he got older, his father got increasingly frustraited with his skirt chasing antics, despite Jacen's incredible intelligence. The other thing Jacen found a bit of comfort from his father was chess games every now and then, sometimes beating adults that were twice as old as he was. 

At thirteen, he willingly went to Signal, excelling in his classes. Even so, his womanizing didn't stop while he was there, and it had gotten him into trouble twice. Still, he managed to excell away from the leash of his parents. And at 17, he happly applied to Beacon, feeling that he would excell while he was there. That, and he hoped he could score a few chicks while he was there. He was kicked out, having been caught in the act of unleashing his darker side. 

Having fled the academy, he took up the path of a villain, and replacing the had that he had lost because of his actions. Jacen then took up the alias Black Phoenix, his newly masked visage becoming a menace for both civilian and policeman alike. He is still wanted for the extenuating crimes he committed at Beacon, and has been hard to track down. 

Author's Notes

  • Last name comes from the Spanish word for 'eagle'
  • Weapons ideas courtesy of Firefunbro (thank you again)
  • Personality is of my own creation.

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