This original character was created by CardinWinchester. Do not steal the character or info.
Rules are supposed to be a standard, which I will undoubtedly surpass.
— Jack Barrett
Jack F. Barrett
Age 17
Alias Dust Soldier 
Status Active
Color White
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born November 22nd
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark Brown with strands of white
Eyes Pale Blue
Height 6'4"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives The Barrett Family
Additional Info
Emblem Jackemblem
Likes Guns, Training, Literature & Certain Rock
Dislikes Things out of balance, Laziness & Dubstep
Special Skills Marksman & Dust use
Weaknesses Putting himself before others
Character Theme

Jack's Theme


Jack is the leader type of guy. He wants to communicate and make use of everyone’s talent. Often acting as support, he will have others move in and weaken the enemy before finishing them or vice versa.
Jack as a normal guy is rather serious and often focused on his work. He isn’t aware of the stress he puts on himself and rarely relaxes. This can be troubling for friends and allies alike as they become tired of his ways. It’s not hard to tell, since he will stay up till three a.m. Studying new information or books he’s acquired. When he isn’t studying, he is practicing his sharpshooting and combat skills.
Jack’s fear of losing others can be trigger as seeing people in peril will often send in a state of panic. He will act on emotion and save the person. This may be his one fatal flaw. He has never been able to forgive himself for that day and often has nightmares remembering those days. He rarely speaks of the day and often leads to him to getting angry. His bottled up emotions may cause damage not only to himself, but to those that he’s built bonds with.



Jack wears what appears to be a winter camouflage trench coat that sits upon his black shirt and seems to sport two black gloves with a white cross hair outlined by black lining. The male also seems to wear a black leather belt beneath the trench coat and wears winter camo pants with black military style pants. The base of the boots seemed to be line with metal spikes that seem to provide better grip into any hard terrain. The male’s trench coat also seems to have a hoodie that comes over and in certain cases, a metal plate mask may form over Jack’s face with a black line. The metal seems to be painted the winter camo. It also appears to increase aim for long distances.


Jack is a rather tall man compared to most, though his skin a rather fair complexion, while his pale blue eyes and brown hair that seems to have white strands. He does have one notable scar along his favored right arm, though it is large and seems Grimm related. The male’s left eye is also cut which also seems to be his favored eye. In the likely case, he has big feet and rather wide palm with long fingers. He does have notable muscles, but he seems to retain a lean build nonetheless.

Weapon & Abilities

White Enforcer

A Dust Axe Assault Rifle (DAAR) based upon the designs of AUG and a Dane Axe comes White Enforcer. White Enforcer’s white camo was decided upon by Jack after noting the base is easier to overlay if needed. White Enforcer’s AUG design gives it an interchangeable barrel which allows Jack versatility The ammunition however is often of the 5.56x45 mm giving Jack a larger magazine.
His preference for range may be notable, he however will not hesitate to engage if forced. The weapon can be changed to an axe based upon the Dane Axe. Notably, the hand guard will push forward and open to cover the barrel then shut. The butt of White Enforcer pushes out and adjusts. As it does, the but splits opens and draws out an axe blade, then shut locking. The trigger and grip adjust and allow Jack to grip the weapon. Though limited in range, the rounds however when pulled affect the blade itself. Often using white dust to enhance his projectile, White Enforcer when swung has greater damage done to it.


Aura seems to lack any use to Jack as he was not aware of it nor it’s use. However, it is a white color and it has been activated, but Jack has yet to use it. He is inexperienced in it despite being trained in semblance.


What Jack may lack in aura, he makes up in dust. Being exposed to dust very young, he is well experienced in it’s use. Notably, he implements in close and long range most often then not. Given his ammunition uses white dust, which will cause his swing to be launched in the direction he swings while pulling the trigger. Given the large capacity of rounds, he can implement this in succession of swings with his weapon.


Jack’s semblance ‘Tracer’ is a glyph he can plant temporarily on a target from any distance. To most it may just look like an ordinary glyph, however the target can be seen from a distance as the yellow glyph will glow brightly. It often can be used to reveal a target that is hidden to his teammates nearby. It doesn’t strain Jack all too much, but as of yet, it does not have any offensive or defensive capabilities. It's range stops at 100 yards nay further and the target can not be marked.

Combat Style

Jack is mainly a ranged fighter. He prefers acting as a tactician given his semblance. By marking his target, he often reveals it those who cannot see them. Though most may take cover behind a tree or temporary protection, he will not take the chance to unload quite a bit of rounds rendering said protection useless. Given he carries quite a few cartridges and the large magazines, running low isn’t an issue when he often counts each shot he takes.
Close range is thought to be his weakest area, but in truth, it is the lack of range and switching between the two that is his weakness. With no aura, he has to commit to either form unless taking cover and changing the form. If he is caught in close range, he may also change barrels. Changing barrels is also a hinder on his combat, but it can be done in either form, so it comes down to him being aware of his surroundings.


Jack’s strengths lie greatly in tactics. Being raised to work with others and use communications, Jack is indeed a leader. Armed with a semblance that provides team support and using dust allows him him to provide great support. He also will risk himself as he will not make the same mistake as he did when he was younger. With a good memory for key notes and memorizing information, Jack will often take notes of his enemies and try to compile tactics over time in a battle. If in close quarters, his weapon can be used to disarm and deliver powerful strikes making use of the rounds in White Enforcer.


What Jack lacks is pretty simple mid-range and time. His aura does raise concern, but being a ranged marksman with a short-range fighter, it comes down to his lack of mid-range and to even make White Enforcer match this, this requires a barrel change, which must done without being interrupted. If it is, he will either being stuck with the same barrel or be left with short range. If his is disarmed however, he will have to fight bare-handed and not entirely that trained for one on one combat beyond grapples, he is in danger if disarmed by another person.


In Vale, a family is known throughout law enforcement, the Barrett family. It is said that it’s hard avoiding meeting one member at some point. From cops to detectives to lawyers and so on, the Barrett family is spread throughout Vale. Notably, one Police Chief is known for his ‘bulldog’ like nature. It wasn’t until he had his third son, Jack that he lighten up.
Jack was raised like the others, but his path had one difference: Grimm. It is unknown how a Grimm got into Vale undetected, but one had. One day, jack had taken his father’s safe, which had been heavily armed with only a pass code to get in. How did Jack get by it? He watched his father every day and learned to memorize a hand. It seems that jack would of been a good detective.
So, Jack kept it hidden, until the day had passed and he went to the park with his friends. There he showed off his father’s revolver: one would notice it wasn’t a policeman’s firearm. Jack showed it to his friends who looked in awe and lucky Jack hadn’t pulled the trigger... yet.
As he showed it off, a small beowulf came out from the bushes and lunged at the biggest boy. Jack, at the age of seven watched in horror. The beast didn’t take long with the first and by the seventh child, the beast focused on the scared Jack. As it leaped at him, he pulled the trigger and went flying off his feet as a bullet pierced the beast’s head. It had been killed and Jack injured.
Nearby adults took him to the hospital and it was not long before the funerals were held. Jack attended and many argued, but Jack’s father stood firm. As Jack mourned his friends’ deaths, his father finally told Jack that he was once a hunter and the revolver was a memento of his time, until he met his mother. Hearing this, jack asked about becoming a hunter: a no was given.
He couldn’t become a hunter his family said, but Jack was clever and used this to train himself via by continuing to become a policeman. His family obliged and his Uncle, a firearms expert and retired detective taught Jack. Uncle Bill as he was known figured out Jack’s plan, but unlike his father, Bill supported Jack’s choice. So Bill taught him about dust and semblance. Bill had limited time, but Bill did what he could. At the age of thirteen, Jack was a marksman trained in dust and even more so had developed a semblance that favored him. A tactical semblance that could aid others.
Though, Jack hadn’t attended a combat school, Jack decided to try his luck by seeking other methods and ironically, his grandfather was a retired hunter like their father, but father like son, the old man shared the same path. Jack braved up and asked for his grandfather’s help. The old man remembered his childhood and knew Jack would not stop at nothing to get back at Grimm for what they did. So, the old man got together with his old friends and sure enough, one was still connected to Beacon Academy. Though Jack had to promise once he had his fill and found a lucky gal, he’d join the family. Jack obliged willingly. His father was enraged, but the old man shushed him as it was revealed that jack’s father had gone behind his back when he Jack’s father was younger.



  • When his plan works “Now that’s why I’m the man who makes the plans around here.”
  • When his plan goes wrong “Crap, we have to change to the next plan! Plan B go!”
  • When a team member messes a job up “Why didn’t you follow the plan!?”
  • When asked about family “Father like son I suppose works."


  • Though not mentioned, his middle name is 'Firn'
    • His full initials 'J.F.B' which is found on multiple areas
      • His clothing 
      • White Enforcer has this located in various places
        • The barrels
        • The cartridges
        • The blade
  • Jack has a deep voice
    • This may be indicated by his large Adam's apple
  • Jack seems to own a large collection of razor's blades
    • Jack seems to shave every two days without cream as it's a waste.
  • Jack seems to have Dust shipped from his family
    • Though it seems he pays for the Dust that would usually be covered by his family
    • Jack has some holds in some businesses
  • Jack seems to prefer red heads
    • This is noted how he'll blush when he sees a red head girl
    • It's also one of the only times Jack blushes


  • Barrett is the name of a Firearms Manufacturer
    • Notably snipers
      • influencing Jack being long range mostly
  • Jack is a nickname for John
    • John Browning was a famous gun designer, most notably the Colt M1911
    • John F. Kennedy was known to be called Jack
      • John F. Kennedy also could be linked to his personality
        • JFK was known for saving his crew and be awarded for it.
    • His birthday is the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated
    • His symbol of a white cross hair is a reference to most marksman
      • It also references the scope on a sniper
      • The cross-heir can be made in a handful of modern first-person shooters
  • Firn has multiple tie ins
    • Firn is a term for layers of snow
      • Snow often being the color of white
    • Another reference to J.F.K
  • The White Enforcer's name has some influences
    • The 'White' from the White Death
      • White Death having the most confirmed kills and a sniper
    • The 'Enforcer' may reference Judge Dredd
      • The 'Lawgiver' implies 'enforcing the law'
  • The Concept of Jack's family being in law enforcement was inspired by the show Blue Bloods.
    • Notably Danny's character
  • His personality was inspired by Ultra Magnus of Transformers Prime
    • By the books personality and both accel in strategy.

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