I can't help it if I have more than just a sweet tooth

Jack Townley
Age 17
Alias James Callus
Nickname Sweet-tooth
Status Alive - Active
Color Orange
Gender Male
Race White
Species Human
Born January 2nd
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown/Auburn mix
Eyes Dark green
Height 5'9
Weight 140 lb
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team TBA
Partner TBA
Occupation Student/Thief
Personal Status
Relatives Alice Townley - unknown

John Townley - dead Farkas Jones - uncle, brother of Alice and ex-guardian of Jack

Additional Info
Emblem 50px
Likes Sweets (immensely) and his friends
Dislikes Bugs
Special Skills Infiltration & lock-picking
Weaknesses Dust-based attacks


The beginning

Jack is an ex-thief living in Vale but is currently a student at Beacon. He has a great liking of sweets thus his nickname.

He was born in a 'higher-up' area of the city of Vale. His mother and father were both scientists and had the appearance of being in their late-20s, they met while working on a mutual project and they quickly became very fond of each other, promising to care for each other and any children they may have and all was well for the two. When both had to be away from the home they would either take the young Jack to their work-place which gave the young child a sense of excitement or they would leave him with his uncle, Farkas, who upon first glance appears to be somebody in his mid-20s with short, black hair and is the type of person you wouldn't usually suspect of any sort of heinous crime no matter what it is but looks can be deceiving and that is exactly the case here for he is a thief of great skill, some even go out on a stretch and call him the best Vale's seen although he's has recently started to take it a bit on the easy side with having to babysit Jack but he can comfortably play the role of a family man knowing that his past-time can wait for him.

At the age of five his mother disappeared without a trace and nobody could find a trail and so his father soon fell into depression. Two years later his father had become a heavy drinker and one night he drunkenly stumbled out of a bar and was hit by a car and he died on impact, the killer fled from the scene of the crime and presumably the city too. His uncle brought him under his care and trained him from agile fighting tactics, infilatration and forging documents so he could earn the title of Vale's greatest thief.

The heist

After eight years of training Farkus had decided that he is ready for his first heist; a robbery of an SDC cargo train. Farkas had provided him with a pair of scimitars that are capable of being combined by the sides of the handle (Will be explained how this works in the weapon section) for the robbery. The plan was to get onboard via the roof and then jump inside the train via a hatch or such, fight off any onboard security that may be inside while searching for the Dust, acquire said Dust, flee the train and resell the Dust at a later date.

The two approached some hillside train tracks as the train had left the SDC production facilities (For a lack of a better term) both wearing their own personnel gear: The two were wearing a leather chestpiece and a black cloak although Jack was wearing a headband in his thick auburn hair. On top of their gear they had large duffel bags wrapped around their torso with six suitcases with foam emplacements inside them in order for them to be carried around inside the case without Jack or Farkus having to worry about them being damaged by the cases themselves. 

They managed to jump aboard the train with much ease and then dropped inside a boxcar that was littered with crates marked with the SDC's insignia. "We hit the motherload on this one uncle" Jack remarked, obviously proud about the heist going well so far until Farkus pointed out the idle AK-130s that were standing in front of one the train car's walls, the two hid behind a row of crates as several of them activated in response to the detection of activity they then returned to an idle state after being unable to find the source of the detected activity. The two were now quietly debating between taking them out or just going for the dust in the crates they were hiding behind. "This Dust is going to be no good to us if we're dead Farky" Jack sighed annoyed "Alright kid, I know that you know what you're doing, get these crates open." Farkus replied. He looked over at the Androids as Jack had begun to try and slice open the first crate with one of his scimitars "Open up!" and as he spoke the wood he was cutting away at fell off and he lowered it to the floor, he then placed the scimitar back into its sheathe. He then looked inside to find suitcases neatly stacked and lined within the crate "Oh man". He smiled to himself as he pulled one out and opened it to find that it was full of Dust crystals and so he switched the empty suitcases for the full ones, he then put the empty ones into the crate and the full ones into the bags. "I've got the bags, now we need to get out of here" Farkus nodded in response and the two ran for the hatch, Farkus gave Jack a boost up to the top and Jack helped Farkus up just before he was noticed by the now reactive AKs. Jack was sitting up panting "Next time you're pulling me up, but first we need to jump from this damn train". Farkus nodded acknowledging that and he took one of the duffel bags, the two looked towards the ground, they then walked backwards towards the opposite side of the train, they ran towards the side of the train they had planned to jump from and did just that, they landed against the ground and stood up, watching the train as it carried on its journey. The two then turned around and made their way back to the city proud of their accomplishment

Initiation to Beacon

Two years had passed since the train heist and the two had been clashing for some time. Jack had quit his thieving while he was ahead, Farkas understood why Jack did so but he continued his thieving ways much to Jack's dismay, Jack claimed that he's going to slip up and end up in jail but Farkus shot down this claim every time stating that Jack talked total nonsense. Jack wanted to support his uncle but he knew that what his uncle was doing is wrong just like how the train robbery and his other acts of thievery were wrong. He left the house one day as Farkas was sleeping and went on a walk of the city in order to try and clear his head and then Beacon Academy crossed his mind. He believed that his skills could be used in order to help people rather than take from them, feeling somewhat inspired by his thoughts he sent an application form off to Beacon wanting to be accepted but he had an underlying feeling of doubt. Three days had passed since he had sent away his application and he had received a response that was chock-full of text but to put it bluntly, he had been accepted and he decided that his uncle deserved to know. He approached his uncle with the acceptance letter in his hands "Uncle I'm leaving-" "To Beacon academy, right?" Farkas interrupted "Yes but how did you know?" Jack asked curiously "A great thief has many ears but this conversation is not about me, it's about you. I've trained you well and I knew that at some point you were going to leave and I fully support your decision, now go and do your family name justice" Farkas proclaimed "You're going soft old man. Like I said a few days ago, you're going to slip up and end up in jail" Jack kidded before running off to the Skyport to catch an airship to Beacon Academy

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