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Name: Jacob "Jake" Katsuya

Team: JAKE

Colour: Dark Green

Theme: Fading - Decyfer Down

Decyfer Down Fading

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Race: Faunus (Serpent)

Height: 172cm

Weight: 63kg

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Dark Brown/Black

Eyes: Dark Green

Likes: Sugar, Kitties, Quiet, Thinking

Dislikes: Anything Bitter, Most Spiders, Hip-Hop Music, Ignorance


Jake is a young male of average height, weight and a slim build. He has very dark brown hair, dark green eyes and pale skin. His fringe covers his left eye, ears and some of his neck. He wears black chinos, a green shirt, black shoes and a dark grey hoodie. He wears a mask over his face for both practical and aesthetic reasons (covering his fangs). His symbol is a green snake made up of strange geometrical patterns performing Ouroboros.



Jake is the very picture of theoretical thinking. Generally absent-minded, he is often unaware of the feelings of others, despite his incredible knowledge of psychology. He loves the abstract, and is able to see the patterns and decipher certain objects that would break a lesser mind. This cements him as both the (very unwilling) leader and (very willing) tactician of Team JAKE. He tends to remain calm and fights only when necessary, holding the value of human (and faunus) lives as being more important than money, possessions or a mission's success. Despite these traits, he feels no ill murdering an opponent if they pose a threat, or if he believes they deserve it. He has an obsession with cute animals such as kittens and bunnies. However, his view on what is cute seems slightly skewed, as he sees both snakes and tailless whip scorpions as cute. His personality type is INTP (Introvert 100%, iNtuitive 50%, Thinking 100%, Perceiving 11%).


  • Ryokuga: Whilst Jake prefers hand-to-hand combat, he does use a weapon in certain situation. Ryokuga is a Collapsable Shotgun Snake Halberd (CSSH). Jake's main use for the weapon is its adaptability. It is a sword, staff, snake spear, halberd, duel-wield shotguns (with blades), double barrel shotgun (with blades) and they all combine to create possibly the most impractical weapon in existance.

    I imagine it looking something like this.

  • Aura: Jake's Aura is moderatley strong, enough to block attacks or greatly enhance his power. It's colour is a dark green.
  • Semblance: Jake's Semblance is Ouroboros.  Normally deadly blows, or even attacks that could kill instantly can be recovered from after a time. However, this is an automatic process and incredibly draining. Theoretically, enough deadly blows could completely wipe his energy and cause him to die of exhaustion.
  • "6th" Sense: Jake's "6th" Sense is the ability to detect slight seismic waves, such as footsteps and oncoming earthuakes. This makes Jake an incredible infiltration agent, as he can sense the location of any enemies without having them in his line of sight.

Combat Style

Snake Style Fight03:32

Snake Style Fight

Gives a good idea of how Snake Style Martial-Artists move during fights, even if these two seem a bit stiff.


I will be releasing a few chapters of a fanfiction about Team JAKE in a short time, and his history will be explained in those. 


  • Katsuya comes from the Japanese Romanji Katsuyakukin, meaning constrictor.
  • Jake has a long standing addiction to sugar that takes its toll on his health. However, it can come in handy when his Semblance drains his energy.
  • Jake's affection for Abbey is rather ironic, seeing as he tends to act "cat-like" around her.
  • Jake owns a phone, yet hasn't texted anyone in months.
  • Jake can strike at speeds of over 24 feet per second, nearly twice as fast as a Rattlesnake. 

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