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Jade Aurora is an intelligent girl, proving her self a prodigy by designing her own unique weapon at age six. However, a failed assassination attempt on her wealthy parents left her in a coma less then a year later. Now awake about after ten years of being comatose, Jade attends Beacon in hopes of regaining the time she's lost.

She alludes to sleeping beauty. & is the leader of team J.A.Y.D

[[File:Color: Green

Character: Sleeping beauty

Job: Leader and wild card. Jade has the gift of knowing how to work with people and putting together ideas, a valuable skill for any leader. She also is the wild card for the group due to ability to adapt to the situation, and her fragile nature. She is always the last and final attacker.|210px|]]

Name Jade
Alias Flower (Aster)

Moe (Dia)

Symbol Rose
Color Mint Green

Gender Female
Race Human
Age 17
Date of Birth March 26th
Hair Color Light lime green
Eye Color Dark Brown
Handedness Epi Dexterous
Complexion Porcelain
Outfit Lollita
Accessories Chocker
Weapon Shanks
Semblance Dream

Professional Status
Affiliation ACE
Occupation Student
Partner(s) Dia, Aster, and Yaro

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Boris (father), Rose (mother)
Hobbies Engineering, Drawing, Writing, and Danceing
Likes To take things apart, learning, playing tag, and dancing.
Dislikes Lock, Broken things, boys, and Unfairness
Music Theme JAYD


Jade is a petite and slender girl with a frail appearance due to her long hospitalization. She has shoulder length pale lime-green hair that curls at the ends, and bangs that fall in her eyes. She has dark brown eyes, and a pale, but rosy complexion. Jade wears two dark red rose-shaped hair bows with black ribbons in her hair, a black choker, and and a dress with a sweetheart neckline. The lace on her dress is black, as is the corset-like mid section of the dress. The upper part of her dress is white, as are the top parts of the sleeves. Under the skirt, their are two layers, the first has white gauze-like fabric in pleats, with matching sections on her sleeves. Underneath that layer is a layer of pale lime green satin. Her sleeves are also made of this material.


Boris and Rose Aurora seemed to have it all: wealth, fame, fortune, a huge estate and all the delicacies they could eat, but there was something they wanted more then anything; a child. When they got the news that Rose was pregnant... They rejoiced. The day Jade was born, small and frail though she was, was unarguably the single, greatest day of their lives. They valued their darling daughter above all else, and the feeling was mutual.

On Jade's 7th birthday, tragedy struck.

An assassin attempted to kill Jade's parents, using her own birthday party as a cover, poisoning the thorns on the rose bouquets. Jade uncovered the plot out of pure luck, and threw the poisoned flowers into the family's large fireplace, burning them before they reached her parents. However, in her haste, Jade herself had been scraped by the poisoned thorns. Her body fought the poison, and instead of killing her, it put her in a coma. The state at which she remained, fighting the poison within her own body, for ten long years. She has finally, finally won.

Jade spends her days at Beacon training to regain her strength after her ten year sleep, and in order to get used to her more grown-up body. She is clumsy, and tends to trip often because of this. Jade also struggles with insomnia since awaking from her coma.

"I hate this never ending sleep,

The blood red roses that stained me  deep,

The hazy dreams that now surround me

I wish to wake up in my own time,

Please bring an end to this endless night"

- Jade Aurora


Jade is optimistic, and logical. She enjoys making friends, being silly, and the occasional prank (but only when they deserve it!). She prefers to avoid violence unless it is necessary, and see's the good in everyone. However, she can be too trusting and naive at times. Due to her 10 year sleep, Jade tends to talk and act a bit like a seven year old at times... particularly when excited, or angry.

Skills/ Talents:

Jade lacks strength and stamina due to laying in a hospital bed without exercise or proper nutrition while comatose. She is currently training very hard to over come these faults. Jade also tends to forget that she is no longer a tiny seven year old, and tends to make mistakes in combat due to miscalculation. On the other hand, Jade is also quick, agile, and can dodge and quickly turn in mid air, and is able to correct most mistakes by suddenly changing direction mid-air, among other methods.

-Due to lack of stamina, Jade is only able to go through strenuous combat for roughly twenty minutes. She can stretch this limit for an extra five minutes by converting the energy of her Aura into physical energy (she calls it "overdrive") . This also increases her abilities by a large margin. However, Jade                      will only use it in case of emergencies, as after the extra 5 minutes are up, she collapses and becomes unable to defend herself, or move, really, for a long period of time. However, this also seems to be the only way she can get any sleep.


Name: Spindle and Thorn

A set of identical weapons designed by Jade when she was only six years old. They appear to be gauntlets with boomerang shaped blades and handles. A twist of the handles causes the blades to spin, the harder the twist, the faster the spin. If a button on the edge of the handles is pressed, the blades are released from there spinning state, and shot out. While the blades are detached, Spindle and Thorn reshape to become something like a weaker version of Yang's gauntlet-guns. However, the blades are quick to fly back, (like boomerangs) and automatically reattach. Spindle and Thorn then return to their default form.

Semblance- Dream

Jade's semblance allows her to make her speed, strength, dexterity, and balance times by 5 for ten minutes. She also becomes impervious to dust attacks for half the time. However, in the end she will black out.


Battle Song: GREEN like roses (Seen on the J.A.Y.D page)

Her SONG: Bring me to life (Evanescence)


Boris and Rose Aurora: Jade always admired her mother and father. Jade always knew that her parents wanted not only the best for her, but had high hopes for her as well. Her father, Boris, used to call her "Ace" like the playing card. Her mother, Rose, (whom she inherited the majority of her looks from), would say "You are our first and our last, and we are counting on you, Jade.". But even though Jade and her parents were close, some of her memories about them have become hazy.

Aster: Jade completely believes in Aster, and even regards her as a friend. However, they tend to fight about unimportant things that have nothing to do with anything reasonable. Despite this, Jade looks up to Aster, and hopes to become as strong as she is.

Yaro: Jade took a long time warming up to Yaro due to the fact she still has the mind of a 7 year old, and has not quite let go of the "boys have cooties" mindset.She has, however, warmed up to him, and she now not only regards him as a friend, but something of a brother as well.

Dia: Jade finds Dia quite interesting, and even enjoys her child like riddles,trolling, and games. The two have become best friends, and are virtually inseparable.

H.D.L.M: Jade has mixed feelings for every team member in H.D.L.M and isn't sure what to think of them.

Heart the leader of team H.D.L.M  frightens her, often saying cruel words that cause her to doubt that she'll ever regain her strength.

She has attempted to get along with Missy,' 'however, Missy would most likely prefer it if she dropped dead.
Of course there is Denton but he scares the living day lights out of Jade and makes her want to run and hide like a kid afraid of clowns.

...and then there is Lock ... The two can't seem to get along at all, Lock being a women hater, and Jade still deeming boys as full of cooties, yet for some reason, the two keep bumping into one another. Whether their relationship will ever improve or not remains to be seen.

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