C'mon Scruff, we got machines that need fixin!
— Jaden Hearts
Jaden Hearts
Jaden Hearts
Age 17
Nickname Jade,Jadey, Greasy
Color Brown
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Light
Hair Dark Red
Eyes Light Brown
Semblance X-ray hands
Height 5'7"
Weight 68kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon, Star Crossed Spanners repair shop
Occupation Beacon Student, Mechanic, Engineer
Jobs Mechanic, repairman
Personal Status
Relatives Liam Hearts (cousin)

Thomas Hearts (grandfather)

Additional Info
Likes People, fun, mechanical things
Dislikes Stuff


Jaden's is a medium height woman with a curvy and soft frame, amber colored eyes and long dark red hair. Jaden's hair goes down to just above her waist and she has a large frindge that she usually keeps pushed over to the side of her face. Jaden's skin is relatively pale because of the time she normally spends inside and physically she is relatively skinny, apart from her bust which is unusually large for someone her size. 

Jaden's outfit is rather simplistic and acts as her formal, combat and work wear. She wears a simple camo pattern singlet, long brown pants, a dark red belt and a pair of large high-heeled boots. Over her top she wears a brown button over jacket, and on her hands she wears a pair of fingerless gloves. Jaden can also be seen wearing around a simple brown military cap most of the time. Literered across Jaden's outfit is various love heart iconography, showing her allegiance to the Hearts family. Jaden can also sometimes be seen wearing a welding mask covered with various little drawings, though it only ever tends to happen when she's working on mechanical things. 


Jaden in general is just looking to have a good time. She has a very bubbly and energetic personality, being almost always in a good mood and being very difficult to put out of it. She is an especially curious person as well, and will actively seek out other people to talk to and inspect things. This curiosity is also added to by Jaden's obliviousness and lack of shame, and she will often do embarrassing things or approach dangerous situations with a lack of sense all in the name of sating her curiosity and enjoying herself. She also cares a lot for people who seem upset, and will often become part of the problem as she constantly pesters the person until they cheer up. 

Above all else however, Jaden loves machinery. Ever since first making contact with it Jaden has had a massive amount of curiostiy towards mechanical devices, and she will often seek out and inspect any unusual mechanical objects she comes across, making her especially pestering towards other Beacon students considering the nature of their weapons. She also shares this interest with electronics and coding, though she prefers to keep her obsession in private with them, due to her lack of experience. To compliment these interests, Jaden is also a mad tinkerer, and during her spare time or even during classes or the like she can often be found fidling with some little piece of machinery or something else she's been working on. 


Jaden was born in an...especially unusual household. Her mother was a scientist and an inventor, and the household was always fillled with weird machines and locked doors, filling the young Jaden with the curiosity to explore everything and seek out what she was not allowed to see. As Jaden grew older her mother made less and less contact with her as the experiments became more dangerous, and the inquisitive Jaden was always put into harms way due to her own curiosity and her constant desire to seek out what was hidden behind closed doors. To solve the issue, Jaden's mother put her into the care of an enderly couple down the road who ran a repair shop, the Star Crossed Spanners. 

Even here Jaden caused trouble, and her curiosity led her to mess with the various machines that were there being repaired. The older man however saw how Jaden's curiosity could be put to use, and over time he began to teach her about mechanical devices, how to repair them and how the shop worked. Jaden soaked in all the information eagerly, and during her younger years became a rather decent mechanic, slowly learning how to repair more and more. When Jaden showed an interest in working in the shop, the older couple immediately knew what to do...put her out the front holding an advertising sign until she reached a old enough age to actually work on the things inside the shop properly. While Jaden was annoyed with the turn-out at first, she owned it, and over time became rather skilled at twirling the sign around and bringing people in to the shop every so often. 

However, over time the shop slowly began to fail as a business as people went to more popular alternatives. Jaden feeling worried for the elderly pair who she had worked with for so long made a decision, a stupid childish one but a decision none-the less. She would go to Signal, then to Beacon and become a famous Hunter to advertise the shop where she had worked. After some irking of her mother who only wanted the girl gone, she finally got her wish, and was sent to Signal to begin training. Jaden embraced the use of her sign skills as her weapon while trainng in Signal, and during her off time she would go and continue to work at the shop, now being allowed to work inside and repair proper mechanical things. Eventually she graduated from Signal and very narrowly made it into Beacon, where she began to pester everyone she could to go and visit the store she was there to advertise. 

Weapons and Abilities


Jaden's weapon is a large metal pointed sign, nearly as long as she is tall, which she uses in combat. The sign itself is dark red in color and covered in various little love hearts and drawings on one side, and the address, name and logo of the Star Crossed Spanners on the other. The edges of the sign are sharpened heavily, and are more than capable of cutting through Grimm hides and armor, and Jaden relies mostly on slicing damage more than heavy cleaving attacks due to her sign not being very heavy. The 2 corners and the one point at the end of the sign also have small amounts of wind infused into them that are used to keep the sign spinning in a circular motion once Jaden gives it enough momentum, putting it into a "stand-by mode", meaning she doesnt have to constantly keep paying attention to keeping it moving in combat when she isnt attacking, and they can also be used to send out small blasts of air when spun up enough to send opponents back. When not in use, Jaden tends to keep the sign under her arm, and she prefers not to bring it around most places due to the hassle of carrying it. 


Scruff is a robot that was gifted to Jaden by her mother and Grandfather. It is small, the size of a medium sized dog, and looks like an olden style wooden mannequin except made out of metal, though few people know this as Scruff is almost always completely covered by a large, over-encompassing dark red robe that covers almost all of his body as well as a large droopy wizard hat of the same coloring which keeps his face obscured. Scruff himself is a simple butler robot with limited AI and a very basic personality program, and even more limited abilities. He is relatively weak due to his size and has trouble moving places do to their height and other obstacles as well as his default slow speed, and he tends to just do basic manual tasks for Jaden such as carrying books, writing things down, fetching things when Jaden is too lazy to move, etc. Scruff is also a subject of Jaden's mad tinkerings, and has been modified and toyed with greatly since his gifting to her, his very basic personality program being a result of that. Scruff will generally tend to stick near Jaden unless told to do otherwise and will go off to do tasks when told to, sometimes responding with beeping noises though it is a rare occurence, and if in a combat situation he will attempt to run away and climb/hide out of harms way, or in dire circumstances act as a distraction to buy Jaden time. 

Jaden's aura is light brown in color. Her semblance is what she likes to call "X-RAY HAAAAANDS!!". When activated, a small invisible field roughly 30cm by 30cm across will form out of the palms of Jaden's hands, and anything that goes through the field will immediately be converted to an incredibly detailed 3D x-ray image inside Jaden's mind. Jaden can use her semblance on anything, though she avoids using it on animals or people due to the insides of them looking gross and the fact she has no idea how the internal workings of creatures work. The image itself is incredibly detailed, but lacks color, appealing only as black and white lines, so Jaden will be unable to see what color the object is and will have trouble seeing anything that is written on it. The full image will remain in Jaden's head while it remains in the field and while Jaden has her semblance active, but as soon as one of the two conditions go away Jaden will have to rely on memory to remember the 3D image...which is rather difficult because Jaden has a habit of forgetting things quickly. The downside of Jaden's semblance is that while she is using it, her thought process is heavily muddled and she finds it very difficult to concentrate, as well as also loosing the ability to invision things in her mind, only being able to see the 3D image she has created, so Jaden tends to void using her semblance constantly. 

Jaden's skills are rather varied overall. While it may seem otherwise, Jaden is far from stupid, and she is an incredibly skilled mechanic and repairman, able to fix a very wide number of mechanical devices and is quick to learn how new ones she is introduced to function. She also has decent skills with electronics and coding, her trial and error tinkering with Scruff teaching her a decent amount over the years. She has a remarkable reaction time, but isnt especially fast and Jaden relies heavily on her ability to move her sign quickly instead of dodging out of the way of attacks. She is also a slow runner, and overall isnt the quickest of people. Strength wise it is much of the same, and while Jaden is capable of blocking powerful or heavy blows, it doesnt take her long to whither under the strength of the attack, especially if the weight in maintained. Jaden's most noticeable talents are the ones involving her sign, and she is a incredibly skilled sign flipper both outside and in combat to the extent where she can block bullets and incoming explosives that are shot at her while she is twirling her sign around, as well as being able to deflect powerful blows from Grimm or opponents off her sign away from her, as well as being able to increase her speed by 'surfing' on her sign along the ground. 

In combat Jaden is a very stationary and basic fighter. She acts as a blender unit, heading into the thick of the action, waiting for her enemies to come to her and shredding anything that is stupid enough to walk into her spinning sign. If no-one heads towards her, Jaden will make a slow advance towards any enemies that may be nearby or if none are around, sit around and not really do anything. If presented with dangerous ranged enemies, Jaden will often hold her ground, spinning her sign and blocking any bullets that do come her way, though she will show more care and attempt to fall back to safer positions if being presented with explosives, or charge forward to negate the advantage. For a ranged attack, Jaden will sometimes send her sign flying at enemies as a rather brutal flying arrow with a throw or a kick, though she prefers not to do this because of the potential risk of losing her glorious sign. 


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