Hey, look! It's the Wilhelm Scream!
— Yeira making fun of Javor's scream
Please don't ask me to fix anything because there's a high chance I'll break it

Javor Wilhelm is the leader of Team JYNX and the twin brother of Yeira Wilhelm. His Jinx is his unfortunate trait of being able to break almost everything he uses/touches, and he is based on Jack from 'Jack and Jill'.

Javor Wilhelm



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September 21st








148 Pounds

Hair Color

A Burnt Orange Color

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Professional Status

Beacon Academy


1st Year Student




Yeira Wilhelm

Personal Status



Yeira Wilhelm (Sister) Jackson Wilhelm (Father) Evelyn Wilhelm (Deceased Mother)


Javor has burnt orange colored hair that always seems to look scruffy and mangled no matter how many times he brushes it. His left eye is a crisp autumn brown while his right one is a white color, as it's blind.

Javor wears a somewhat militaristic like outfit. He has a what is known as 'shell' jacket, which is a military inspired jacket that goes down to his waist. The jacket is a dark orange color that opens up from the top to the bottom.Brass buttons decorate both sides of the jacket's opening and have orange strips connecting across to each button. Underneath this, Javor wears a light orange shirt with several brown belts going across his torso. His cargo pants are a light brown color, with burnt orange pockets and buckles every which way. His boots are sepia and have orange laces going across.


Javor is a mix between totally annoying or just really misunderstood. He is kind, considerate, and cares about his team, but at times his overly ambitious and determined attitude cause them to turn away. Javor feels no need to prove himself, especially to his father, but rather, he tries so hard because he feels like he needs to make up his years of neglect to Yeira. He holds a large amount of guilt for what happened to her, and although she puts him down more times than he can count, he still tries because he knows there's nothing else he can do. His team finds him too persistent and eager to do things just to prove himself to his sister, and Neel and Xiu-Mei has warned him that Yeira doesn't care about him. However, it's Javor's unfailing heart that's starting to fix Yeira's broken one, despite her protests that he's just another flaw in her life. His ability to break things so easily could be described as egregious. Javor has displayed a remarkable amount of intelligence, and if it weren't because of his accident-prone nature, he would probably be the most skilled in fighting. He often shows frustration at his lack of ability to do things right and is a bit OCD when it comes down to, well, almost everything. This often brings out his somewhat irking nature, and the rest of his team tries to stay out of his way when he's tidying the dorm up.


Javor was born to a group of wealthy parents along with his twin sister, Yeira, and the two grew up more like friends than actual siblings. Their mother died at the age of 5, devastating Yeira and causing his father to go a bit insane. His dad started to become obsessed with training Javor to be like him in the ways of fighting, and completely ignored his daughter while doing so. Javor, however, had an unfortunate attribute, which was his accident-prone nature and would often cause things to break or go awry. But, despite this, he was able to learn to be an adapt fighter. During this time, Javor tried to reconnect with his sister, but his hard training and father's pushy attitude kept him from being able to. For the next five years, Yeira grew distanced from her family, causing an even bigger rift between her and Javor. However, the final straw came from when Javor accidentally broke his father's prized crown he one from a hunting competition, and Yeira took the blame. His father ended up kicking Yeira out to to the streets, with Javor chasing after her. He found her on top of their favorite childhood playing area, a lush hill, and the two got into an argument. Yeira, fed up with her brother, pushed Javor down. On a usual occasion, it wouldn't have caused any damage, bu Javor ended up hitting his head on a rock, blinding him in his right eye. He promptly blacked out, not seeing his sister run away in fear of being caught. Afterwards, his father took him home and continued to train his son to become a Hunter, but Javor could only think about Yeira and how he failed to make it up to her. His guilt followed him until he was accepted into Beacon and was reunited with Yeira.


Fall's Wrath: Or F.W, Javor's main weapons, they are a pair of burnt orange and brown colored gauntlets that use wind and earth dust crystals. The two weapons go from a little bit under his elbows to covering his entire hands, including fingertips. The gauntlets are made up of sturdy metal that only helps Javor's increased power and strength when fighting his enemies.

When using wind and earth crystals, the gauntlets glow either brown, white, or orange, depending on the dust and his aura amount. On Javor's weapons, located on the middle of each of his finger's, presumably where his knuckles are, are holes that allows dust to come out, so when he hits or attacks an enemy, they are affected by the dust and are more damaged.

F.W has two parts. The first, which is a dark orange color and outlined in light brown, is basically the base layer. This part contains the overall formation and shape of F.W. The second part is a more lighter shade of orange, and contains the wind and earth dust. When put over the first part, it automatically links itself and becomes extremely hard to separate. This second part has the holes of where the dust come out, which is located in the vials of dust attached to the lower part of F.W. The vials are covered by a brown covering, making them somewhat protected, and Javor can refuel his weapons by just unlatching the first part of F.D.W and taking the vials out from there.

F. W, however, has its weaknesses. The vials are considerably small, and Javor cannot replace the dust very quickly. F.W is also a pure melee weapon, and this renders Javor useless in ranged fighting.

Besides Fall's Wrath, Javor also carries an assortment of military weaponry, but none that really count as a secondary weapon. His father, being a very pushy man and one that values using traditional military weapons, sends his son things like small gas and bomb grenades, which Javor attaches to his waist belts to use in battle. However, because of his egregious ability to break things, his allies usually just try to keep these objects away from his hands.


Javor is a very attentive person, enabling him to study his surroundings with ease. Javor has shown remarkable skill in using his weapons, and is able to proficiently wield them. However, the grenades his father sends are another story, and lets just say his teammates usually try and stop the package from reaching Javor in time for him to properly store them in his belts.

Besides battle abilities, however, Javor is somewhat limited in doing extracurricular activities, but retains a high-level of knowledge in world-news and culture, with a mind open to learning new things and subjects. He's not the strongest out his team, and ranks third in strength out his of group, his intellect comes in handy when creating battle strategies and tactics.
Javor Wilhelm's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

As shown by the stats chart, Javor's main strengths are his weapon and dust attacks. F.D.W, his weapons, are probably the most powerful out of his team in terms of power, but only in terms of dust, not raw strength. Javor relies on his weapons too much in battle. He's a bit slow on the battlefield, but makes up for it using F.W.


Javor's semblance is called 'Nature's Calling' and he barely managed to unlock it before attending Beacon. The semblance is fairly new, and he uses it as a last resort. When activated, Javor can summon two foot long glyphs out of the ground that are the colour of his aura: Orange. Out of the glyphs sharp and jagged roots pop out and can ensnare enemies close by. The roots can usually reach up to five feet (ten at the most) and Javor is working on extending them further. Depending on the type of dust he is using, the roots are either orange, brown, or a light green. They can hook onto Grimm or other opponents with ease and wrap around the body long enough for Javor to get a solid strike. However, Javor can only summon the glyph to up to twenty seconds, and the roots and glyphs immediately disappear once he either A. Passes out, or B. Deactivates his semblance. And in the beginning, it was mainly A that happened. The glyphs only come out of the ground, however, not thin air.


  • Javor means maple tree in South Slavic.
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